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  • Dear Clif,
    I have a great deal of respect and appreciation for your sharing of your knowledge, which I have listened to for many years. I have one comment, however, that I must share. I am an intelligent and strong mother, politically active for about 45 years. The trendy expression of contempt, “mother-fucker”, makes me feel like someone just punched me in the gut. Taken literally, it states that mothers are powerless and moral-less and a pawn of dominate sons. Please, please stop insulting me, I know unintentionally, with that hateful expression.
    Thanks, Clif,
    Vera Porter

    • Ms. Porter we have very BIG problems and if that twist you guts up maybe you should go watch Seame Street and avoid this vital information.. Clif is a man and has integrity so take it or leave it! I personally don’t want to hear whining while we’re in a fxcking WAR for our lives.,,

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