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“Understanding how Soros operates is actually key to understanding the world that we live in, particularly the world of Fake News,” says investigative reporter, Lee Stranahan. “So much of what you see on TV is literally being funded, at every point by Soros and Open Society, that it creates the illusion of consensus, which is the goal…

Stranahan started this thread in response to Dilbert cartoonist, Scott Adams, who calls the tendency for people to suspect Soros behind everything foul that happens as ‘Soros Derangement Syndrome,’ which Stranahan finds is either ignorant or insincere.

He explains, “One of the real dangers of Soros right now is that he funds groups on the Left but he also funds the Atlantic Council…

“There is no organized anti-war movement in this country right now and that’s due to George Soros, because of his funding of the Atlantic Council, in addition to funding groups, like the ACLU and the NAACP. He has neutered them on issues that he cares about…

“[Soros] helped overthrow the Ukrainian government, working with the Obama State Department under Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. He helped overthrow the government of the Ukraine that was democratically-elected, replaced it with somebody who was picked by Victoria Nuland…

“Do you have a counter-example, of where the Koch brothers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars overseas to overthrow a government? do you have a counter example, where people have broken the Bank of England, for example?…it’s not like Soros is the only person who’s done certain of these things but he’s the only person who has done ALL of them to the extent he has…

“The world as it exists right now is massive propaganda that is pushed by people like Soros who fund groups all over the place and then what you see on TV is experts funded by him talking about events funded by him, populated by people funded by him and that is unusual in the history of propaganda.

“Just as one simple example, I went down the list of every group that was at the Women’s March, I quit after the first 15. they were all funded by Soros, so Soros was funding all the groups the day after the inauguration at the Women’s March. I was there. A million people in the street…he’s funding a major amount of them whose goal is to impeach [Trump].”

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