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Steve Pieczenik Doubles Down: Trump’s Sting Operation Against Deep State Going Well

Steve Pieczenik joins Alex Jones and doubles down on his previous claim that this election was the biggest sting operation in US history and that each legitimate ballot bore a watermark and was tokenized on the QFS blockchain.

He says all the machines were being monitored and they were fully expecting everything that has since taken place. Furthermore, he says that he received this information directly from US Cyber Command, which is in the very capable hands of Four-Star General Paul Nakasone.

Steve says, “The game has already been played. The truth is, Trump anticipated most of this…the intelligence community really picked you [Alex Jones] as the source for which I was to announce what they wanted me to announce…and you were chosen as the mainstream media, as opposed to the New York Times or The Washington Post

“The military has been deployed all over the United States. We’re quiet about it. And at the same time, I will guarantee you, Biden will not become President of the United States…

“You’re going to see the Electoral Colleges go back to Trump. Basically, he will remain in power…You have Special Forces now underneath Secretary of Defense Miller…

“The CIA and Obama, Clinton and the Bushes have to be held accountable. This is what you’re watching…

“We already know which servers have been compromised, we know exactly what has been happening. There’s a reason why military intelligence and not civilian intelligence was brought in…

“This is the payback from all of those of us who served in the military – and particularly, military intelligence – for the 9/11 false flags created by the Bushes, the concepts and irregularities created by the Clintons, the total nonsense narratives created by Brennan and Obama, who was nothing more than a Manchurian Candidate.

“This is all the payback for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that we didn’t have to go to. You have to understand this on the level of those who who have to go overseas to fight wars that were created by the CIA.

“And let me go back to the greatest president that we had, Eisenhower, who once said in the 1950s, that the CIA has created a legacy of ashes unknown in the history of this country. That’s 1950! So you imagine what’s been happening for the next 50 years that was created by the CIA. The Clintons, the Obamas and so forth and so on.

“So, this has been going on for 40 or 50 years and we were fortunate – or God sent us a man who was a businessman who decided to help us out.”

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