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Steve Pieczenik joins Owen Shroyer to share information that he was not allowed to before last night, which is that this election was the biggest sting operation in US history.

Each legitimate ballot bore a watermark and it was tokenized like a unit of cryptocurrency on the QFS blockchain. The ballots are also GPS tracked, “So they can tell not only which ones are real or fake but exactly where they are and if any got thrown away,” Steve said.

“We know pretty well where every ballot is, where it went and who has it. So, this is not a stolen election. On the contrary, we reversed the entire game of war along the lines of Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’…

“In the ‘Art of War’, you pull back and allow your enemy to make all the mistakes they’re making, manipulate the situation and expose them and then, come in for the final killing. And that’s what’s happening now. None of this was unexpected, all of this was expected, all of this is part of the sting operation we’re running.”

He says, “Thousands and thousands of National Guard [troops]” have been sent to 12 states right now, to assist in securing the legitimate ballots and throwing out the fake ballots printed up by Democrats as part of their fraud operation…

“So, now, you have to reconsider what this is really about. The genius of Trump is that he is able to pull back at any point and manipulate the opponent without the opponent ever realizing it.

“This has been a set-up by Trump for a long, long time,” he says. “This is our counter-coup against the Bidens. And it’s exactly what we expected – the corruption in the mail, the corruption at USPS, corruption with the Democrats…there was no surprise, here…

“Arrests are not only coming, they’re being implemented. What you saw Corey Lewandowski and Pam Bondi saying, when they were in Clay County and as well, in Philadelphia, that was not just a threat, that was exactly what’s going to happen.

“People will be arrested as of tonight, tomorrow and it will go on for quite a while…This is the biggest sting operation probably, in our country that we’ve ever had.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • So, who is brainwashed enough to believe the blockhead Joe Biden, who TWICE announced on national TV that he was running for the US Senate, claimed on national TV that he was running against “Bush” until his wife had to whispered “Trump Trump” out of the side of her mouth before he remember what year it is, not to mention he repeatedly forgot WHERE he was, claimed more than 150 million Americans have died from COVID, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get enough supporters to fill a roadside breakfast diner to show up at any of his rallies, somehow received more votes than ANY presidential candidate in the entire history of US elections? Oh, and it was against the man who consistently had tens of thousands show up at EVERY SINGLE ONE of HIS rallies, and according to the count, received the second most votes in US election history. Anyone brainwashed enough to believe Biden actually won?

  • i could not vote for either of the candidates. they are both corrupt. this is the dog and pony show that’s meant to keep us all distracted while the mass surveillance system is being set up with all the satellites, 5G and the vaccine to mark us. the hidden hand is pulling the strings.

  • I have just been updated with assurance that whilst Biden will claim he has won, it is necessary for it to be clear to the masses just how corrupt the situation is.

    I have to assume that the previous advice that P. Trump will be re-elected stands?

  • It’s a little strange that when you google steve pieczenik all the information about him is only 7 hours old or less. We have been Waiting for so long for an arrest, just one arrest of a high profile DC criminal and crickets. All the the information they have on Biden and they won’t touch him. Not on a single charge. The same With all of them. Here We are 4 years later and a neW drama and noW the arrest are going to happen tonight says a man Who is a “former” from Way back in the dark ages Who has no current connection to his former job, as he said so him self, and he comes out With this. As We have been for the last 4 years, We Will Wait again and see if anyone just one single DC criminal is arrested or just more excuses.

    • I sadly do not see arrests happening anytime soon. The level of corruption within society is HUGE!

      I do not believe that P. Trump, whilst determined, has the right advisors by his side. He needs people with real determination and ‘balls’! Even Rudy allowed himself to be compromised by a ‘sting’!

      I truly despair!

      • christopher maybe you should have voted for bidden!! This is a spiritual war Good vs. evil ….. do you believe in GOD? or the d-evil GOD is GOD satan was just a evil angel cast out of GOD’s presence. Think who is the more powerful of these two …… Be patient for GOD knows what the devil/satan/globalists do BUT THEY DO NOT AND CAN NOT KNOW WHAT GOD WILL DO. GOD will reveal the swamp rats at every turn in HIS Time not your wishful hopeful time frame and thats why you despair ….. grow a pair of Heavenly nuts man walk in faith not by sight ” God does not pick the perfect man …. HE picks the perfect man for the job!” Trust in GOD’S Plan which GOD will reveal at the perfect time by the perfect man for the job. When you get this in your brain and your heart you will understand whats going on and you will see things happen in GOD’S order Not yours or mine or anyone elses. Watch the shit show unfurl watch how GOD works and the evil ones fail even when they think and the fake media tells us they are willing …… GOD has your back if you know it or not. Thank GOD instead of wallowing in your fearful despair. Its simple buddy PRAY or be prey ….. give some thanks to GOD for once thank Him for Trump thank Him for having a Plan to defeat the evil in the world not just the usa Trump is loved world wide and these people don’t despair they are hopeful this insanity will end. GOD will play HIS TRUMP Card maybe not till the very end but HE will …… enjoy this real live movie the Good Guy’s always win. Fear not that’s what the evil ones want they want us to be fearful of them thats where they get their power and control from.

  • As much as I admire Alexandra Bruce, I cannot but help think this announcement is in itself a ‘sting’!

  • This is so bogus.
    Where are the sources?
    This is all over the internet, with varying details, none of which hold up, and no sources in any of them.
    Where was the q code put? On the ballot? On the envelope?
    How can you gps track a printed code? They are all in the same location, the signals would get confused, assuming the ballot had a transmitter on it.
    A satellite can’t see through roofs and boxes, it can’t be reading the code, it presumably would be receiving a transmission. From thousands of ballots all in the same location? And since when can you print a QR code that transmits? or print anything that transmits and that no one would notice?

    And if they were able to do that, how can you get 150 million ballots read, scanned, de-encrypted, collated, and assessed in a matter of hours? If they were arresting people Thursday night, they would have had to process millions of ballots, had analysts go through the massive data, analyze it, send it to prosecutors who would have had to do the paperwork, and set up the process for arrests, all in a matter of hours. No way, Jose!

    Various other websites have made their own variation of the story, all with details as ridiculous and nebulous as this.

    This is so bogus.

    [This is a second posting – I don’t see the first one I posted. I don’t know if it’s because it’s being held for review, or if you didn’t get it]

  • Love our Presidente, and the Patriots . I only wish you wouldn’t cut off when hewas starting to say the good things Trump has done all over the years. There needs to be a documentary about all those thingshehas done, especially while nobody was watching.

  • The big question with the MSM stifling the real news, is how will the public find out?

    By the way it is now 18:00 in the UK and the Daily Telegraph has just stated:

    “A declaration seems to be imminent. Democratic nominee Joe Biden has taken the lead in both Pennsylvania and Georgia, two key states vital in the final push to win the US presidential election. Winning Pennsylvania would push Mr Biden beyond the 270 electoral votes needed in the race for the White House.”

    This battle is far from over it would seem!

  • Dear Alexandra,

    You will know that i was told by ACIO that P. Trump would win this election.

    What we have all seen happening was so blatant, that we had to pinch ourselves to believe that the Globalist’s Obama, Clinton, Biden corruption could be so flagrant as to openly flaunt it before the world’s eyes.

    Even as I write this, the corrupt Globalist, Pro-EU BBC are still reporting that Biden is only a few votes away from winning.

    God knows what the MSM will do, once there is no option but to report the truth, namely that for decades they have been lying to the people of this world.

    I think they should all be thrown in jail for treason!

  • Lots of problems with this. One, does the feds really print all the mail in ballets? Pretty sure that is BS. The tech involved would be a major undertaking if it even exist, and it would depend heavily on the tech giants that are involved in the coup. As well it would be so huge, it would have so many leaks it would sink an aircraft carrier, just to name a few. I think it is designed just like the qnon (or whatever it is) BS to stand down the right, in that everything is fine, trust that it is being taken care of.
    Truthfully what that water mark looked like they showed was just a regular stamp watermark. Been doing that for centuries likely, all over the world. Just proves again how suspect Pieczenik is.

  • When a person or group of people operate out of their lizard brains, they never think someone is sneaking up on them from behind.
    I am so relieved to hear that one world leader has the ability to use common sense reasoning.
    I just wish Canada had one.
    Many non-Americans are depending on the US to stop the communist takeover of our world. Thank you!

  • This seems like pure fiction to me. Ballots are printed State by State. not by the Federal government and watermarks are not detectable remotely, which would require special paper with embedded electromagnetic elements. Like paper money, which is printed by the Federal government. Whoever wins, America loses anyway.

    • Charlie is correct that each state hires their own printing companies. However, if you you find and watch the presentation by the guy who owns the patents on the QR Code invention – His presentation was at one of the state legislature hearings I watched (maybe the Georgia one) – He presents the comprehensive forensic analysis things that can be done to the actual ballots to easily find the truth. Ink from the same type of pen has a DNA so to speak – easy to fin out if thousands if ballots mail in ballots were all filled in with the same pen, if paper is ever folded it leaves a permanent record in the paper, were bubbles filled in by auto-pen by a printing machine, is the paper the same as it should be when ballots were all printed by the same company in a state or county … The paper ballot is an archaeologic record that does not lie. THAT is why all of the dirty officials in the swing state counties have fought tooth and nail to NEVER allow the ballots to be examined.

  • I keep praying that this is true because i’m hearing it more and more, it’s only what they deserve but when are we going to find out if it is in fact true?
    If we’ve found this out then so have the Dems, how will they cover their tracks?

  • Great idea. But in actuality, states print their own ballots. So is this in Philadelphia?? Or where? Who distributed these ballots??

  • What great news. How Brilliant is Trump. Best President ever, who loves the American people and has a great love for Justice and AMERICA. President Trump has saved America from Communism. Thank you Forbidden Knowledge.💖💖

  • Most likely disinformation.

    Elections are managed by States and more precisely Counties.

    Counties print up their ballots as they are all different.
    I find it highly unlikely that Trump was able to control all those printing purchase orders to arrange for “watermarked” and “traceable” ballots.

    AND if he did, doesn’t that also violate our rights – traceable ballots?

    This may be more “hope porn”.

    • How can traceable ballots hurt the voters’ rights? The ballots don’t have their names or addresses on them. They’re only traceable via encrypted water marks.

  • I’m highly skeptical regarding this guy…..Until Trump talks about this and people are arrested regarding these water marks-I remain skeptical.

  • Also, I hate to contradict Dr. P, but the Schweitzer book came out before the last election, exposing the criminality & corruption of Biden, Kerry, etc.

  • More hope porn in my opinion. Why anybody would trust Dr. P is beyond me. Everyone is blaming Barr for sitting there like a toad. Well, Trump put him there, Trump could have taken him out and put someone in who would do something. Trump is adding to the problem. Big Trojan Horse for the bankers.

  • Father in Heaven please hear our prayer.
    Please help us save the United States of America from those who are committing crimes and who would commit treason against the people who have spoken with their votes.

    Please give our leaders continued wisdom and Christ consciousness to sort all of this out. Amen.

  • Thank you, Alexandra!
    God, let this be true!
    Next, I’ll see if I can share this. LOL There is no censorship either.

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