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    We are in the throes of an all-out information war, the likes of which we have never seen and my disinfo filter is set so high that I didn’t even mention yesterday that Lt Gen Thomas McInerney said 5 people were killed during the Special Operations raid at the CIA-run server farm at the US Consulate in Frankfurt, because he said this report was “unconfirmed”.

    Today, I’ll throw caution to the wind and share some of the woolier claims and high-octane speculation that that are out there and which may not be quite fit to print but which satisfy our deepest cravings, like deep-fried food.


    Many are now reporting of casualties during the Frankfurt raid, previously reported to have been (relatively) peaceful, like Creative Destruction’s rendering of McInerney’s interview:

    “5 soldiers were killed in the ensuing firefight, as well as one CIA paramilitary; the CIA personnel were allegedly flown in from Afghanistan for security, according to related news reports.

    “Subsequent review of the secured servers yielded proof that China, Iran, and Russia were involved in the attempted coup against President Donald Trump, who will be shown to have won an overwhelming victory for the American people, McInerney revealed.”


    In his November 29th podcast, English Eccentric, former Labour politician for Whitby, Simon Parkes, whose parents both served in British intelligence and who claims to have intelligence sources says:

    “What I can confirm is that 5 United States Military soldiers were killed in action inside the building in a fight and that a senior member of the CIA who was there was wounded in the fight. This is a bad guy and was arrested…

    “You will remember that I said to you that the heads of the FBI and the heads of the CIA will probably be looking for a new job…and I would suggest to you that one of those positions…has already been vacated and a new appointment will be made at some point fairly soon. One of those appointments was actually in Germany at the time that it was raided and that is why that person is no longer head of that organization, at the moment…

    “So, I can tell you that a number of people associated with the Dominion servers – and not just that, but the attempt to overthrow the United States Government through a fraudulent election – have actually been arrested and in the process of being arrested and in the process of being taken off the mainland to Cuba…

    “I think I can tell you that the key names associated with a certain laptop [i.e. Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell”] are having indictments drawn up against them…there is a very real prospect of indictments for that group that family being in that position doesn’t appear to have protected them from trying to overthrow the whole fabric of the United States of America.

    “In other words, we should, in the days ahead hear some news which will make every believer in truth and every believer in the true word of democracy the true meaning of it sit up and take notice…

    “The information that I have received is very clear that there is no intention to let the United States of America be hijacked; to let the election system be defrauded and to have the President removed illegally.

    “There is a very strong possibility that the seriousness of what has occurred, the very threat to the whole nation of the United States, to the Constitution that everything that you guys in America and those of us in other countries look at and understand and accept, the threat to that is so great that it is not improbable that President Trump may do an historic third term.

    “In other words, the shake-up from what is unfolding now may be so great and the fear that the United States was on the verge of being taken over by a…Communist conspiracy, that there’s going to need to be a considerable period of time to kick out all of those conspirators, to get to grips with how the media has been, to get to grips with those individuals who have supported sedition and that may take a long time.

    “Now, I’m not saying definitely that President Trump could do three terms, I’m saying that from the information I’ve received, it’s not unlikely that he could be in the position to take a third term if that’s what he wanted to do, simply because the disaster – that only the surface is being scratched but is apparent to those people in the know but is not apparent to ordinary people – the impending disaster is so great and the need for stability is so strong that that may be happening.”


    Social media is currently rife with rumors that one of those killed in Frankfurt was none other than the CIA Director, herself, Gina Haspel. One source of this is a November 22nd SilverDoctors podcast with Jim Willie, financial consultant and publisher of the Hat Trick newsletter and

    “Remember, the raid? It was Frankfurt, Germany and Barcelona, Spain. I left out something…but I’m going to mention it here, because it’s relevant toward the tribunal pathway that’s not civil procedure anymore.

    “I was told by a very sharp client who’s got some connections and I’m looking for confirmation…but what I heard was that there was a German military joint exercise in Frankfurt to capture the Dominion systems but there was another one on the Ramstein Air Force Base, which is US soil and it was strictly by the US commandos, Special Forces and I’m told that some high-level Langley types were either wounded or killed.

    “They call it ‘casualty’. When you hear the word ‘casualty’, it means wounded or killed and it’s not specific and I thought, ‘Whoa, I sure would like to know more about that!’ Then, I got a second person come along and say, I heard it was Gina Haspel, the CIA Director and I said, ‘What’s the nature of the casualty?’ and he said to me, ‘I heard she was killed. I heard she stepped in front to try to prevent a movement of three advancing soldiers armed with automatic weapons. They warned. They warned. They shot.’

    “That’s what I heard. So, I’ve got just the original, plus…This means we’ve got a hot war, let’s just call it between the NSA – I’m assuming the NSA is predominantly White Hat. The big Utah data center is predominantly used for good purposes…but I believe this is NSA versus Langley in a civil war…

    “Now, let’s see if in the next week, we hear that she resigned or for health reasons, she is declared a cancer case. If they say it’s pancreatic cancer, I know she’s killed because that’s the type of cancer where you’re dead the quickest: pancreas…

    “Anyway, let’s look to see if there’s a resignation and the double appears and some people raise questions, like ‘Well, gosh, that’s a a different chin that Gina Haspel has now!’ Okay? You know, things like that; the little indications.

    “Anyway, back to the main issue, that I believe where we have a war going on. I believe Langley was in charge of the Dominion software. Langley had the Ramstein Air Force base and they thought were safe there, because that’s our ground and they might have thought for different reasons were safe in Frankfurt, because they’ll need the German army. They’ll need Angela Hitler – I’m sorry – Angela Merkel’s approval of that and that’ll be hard to get.

    “They got them both. What does that tell you? The military is solidly behind Donald Trump, okay? This has got a long way to go, but I believe the wild card is going to play out like this – and really, nothing is certain – this is mixed with a the dash of hope but a lot of logic: The people who recruited Trump are going to make sure that the full extent of the US Law, both civil and military martial law will be brought to bear. So, I believe what they’re going to do is release the Kraken…”


    Paul Furber, a South African journalist who shares the tips he receives from intelligence sources on 4Chan posted screenshots of same, in which an alleged CIA source, dubbed “CIA Fren”, because he is the friend of Furber’s self-described FBI source, known as “BigDickAnon” (this is standard 4Chan ridiculousness).

    CIA Fren says the following (language warning and misspellings preserved):

    CIA Fren: Boys we got caught and how deep this rabbit hole goes is going to be galactic. Seems the Biden Campaign and Hillary Clinton and her folks are right in the middle of this. Wait for the President`s national address before the electoral college convenes.

    Once this is out even Democrats will be screaming to hang Biden.

    Anon: Was Ezra in charge? [i.e., Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the new Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence].

    CIA Fren: Yep he was in charge. They knew in advance the location of the farm and monitored us for longer than we knew and of course all the n tier trash shit that happened in Atlanta and Detroit…Added to the criminal thugs in Philadelphia just blew the whole shit sky high.

    Keep in mind Biden has been a criminal thug his whole life and was probably in the know on this but separated himself somewhat the way he handled Hunter.

    Anon: VP Pence met caskets at Dover. Servers or soldiers?

    CIA Fren: Don’t know about that other than the dead from both side are being handled secretly. Probably is though given how this sort of thing has been handled in the past.

    Anon: Where is Coomer? [The Dominion executive who was recorded in an Antifa Zoom chat saying that “took care of” preventing Trump’s re-election].

    CIA Fren: Coomer is the shit for brains Antifa moron who was bragging about f***ing Trump with his Antifa buddies. Everyone is looking for this bastard. Spoke with some one last night who said he was whacked and is sleeping with the fishes.

    Who knows maybe the military is cutting off fingers as I write this. Do know he has or did have ties with China, Iran and that pos secretary of state in Georgia and was responsible for depositing 10 million in a bank in Hong Kong for that Georgia traitor.

    Anon: Is Raffensperger’s 10m traceable? [referring to Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger’s $10 million bribe].

    CIA Fren: Yes it is. And I hope that piece of shit in Georgia hangs for it. The idiots placed the money in a family members name and a search in any reliable financial system will ferret it out.

    Hell they may have already found it and are sharpening the knives to cut his nuts off and stuff them down his throat…

    I can’t decide if the most stupid mother f***ers in the world inhabit this shit hole or is it run entirely by the CIA, The Chinese Communist Party, the deep state and tranny Democrats. How many times do they have to shove it up your ass before you wake up.

    First the Chinese poison the whole f***ing world with the Chinese virus, and now the Chinese and the Iranians, and the Cubans with their f*** buddies the CIA and Deep state and all the Democrat swine and f***ing n’s steal the election.

    And now no problem will pedophile Joe [be] going to the Whitehouse with Hunter f***ing kids in the Oval office while making deals to sell out the Country. Shit the U.S. is not worth saving. What a f*** house.


    Members of the Chinese Whistleblower Movement are posting to Twitter and YouTube that Joe Biden went to Mitch McConnell and asked him to broker a deal in which he would concede the race to Trump, as long as he and his family are pardoned. This includes Hunter and all the crimes revealed on the “Hard Drive from Hell”.

    Many in the Twitterverse are taking Biden’s recent hospitalization for a “sprained ankle” as a signal of his concession…


    My American Media Periscope colleague, US Army Major Jeffrey Prather recently shared in a November 27th interview with Mike Adams that President Trump, the DoD and Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller were going to defeat Deep State traitors.

    Prather confirmed multiple raids on Dominion servers in three countries, he confirmed that the NSA has hard evidence on treasonous actors and that Trump can use the NDAA, combined with the September 12, 2018 Executive Order, to declare domestic treasonous actors as “enemy combatants”.

    He says Trump will be sworn-in on January 20th and he warns that the Left Wing backlash against Trump’s victory will result in “bloodshed that cannot be avoided”.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Trump is one of them.He could have ended it all while in office.He played his part,he got the right to out themselves,now all they have is targets on their backs.Well done Donald.

    • At least you got the rumors and high-octane speculation part right in the title. It’s time to stop chasing these false leads and begin to create a movement that makes this entire, disgusting and illegitimate system OBSOLETE!!! The PTB wouldn’t have bothered to steal the election if they really wanted Trump to continue as Commander in Chief. Biden will be sworn in on January 20, 2021, despite the massive amount of evidence that he lost in a landslide. We live in a world where no one cares about the truth anymore. I mean, look at the millions of mindless minions in face diapers walking around like Dawn of the Dead. America has fallen. Anyone wanna save her or should we just continue with the mental masturbation?

    • Dear Alexandra,

      I am certain that many of your followers will recognise that MI6 is like the CIA, a rogue institution acting on behalf of the Globalists and therefore contra to the interests of the United Kingdom.

      But it was only this evening after listening to this fascinating video has my HS confirmed that the despicable Joe Biden’s extremely ‘Evil’ running mate Kamala Harris is an MI6 agent also acting on behalf of the Globalists.

      • I think if we look at the founding of MI6 and CIA, we will find they were created by, of, and for the Rothschilds to protect their financial interests, which today include every central bank and major commercial bank and major corporation. They were never about serving their respective countries.

    • Many of the happening of today stem from the JFK Assassination.
      Since then we have been controlled by the CIA/FBI cabal…….of which the Bush Dynasty were a major part………and then of course we ended up with Obama………the culmination of the ‘grand conspiracy’ and proof of which is how he has remained as the driving force, ensconced in Washington, no less, to get rid of President Trump. But Trump is streetwise enough to see through this entire treasonous plan…….and, thank goodness, has the arrogance to believe he can defeat their ‘grand conspiracy’. He is indeed a true American…..unlike Obama who as a fake in the first degree, and in a conspiracy with the CIA/FBI traitors, has planted the Muslim Fifth Columnists within the US Government, with GAY abandon.
      America is in the next six months in a war of survival…..if it indeed does come to a head? Stand by for EVERY true American to take up arms – and, by opposing the conspirators, will prevail.
      God Bless America.
      I am English, so I understand America better than most ‘New Americans’ ever will.
      God-speed to President Trump!

      • You will be aware that although Obama and Michelle masqueraded as a heterosexual couple, Michell is a transvestite and the two girls acquired somehow from friends.

        There is also a public record of Obama spending some $65k on hot dogs which, in the paedophile world is a pseudonym for child male prostitutes. Despite claims to the contrary currently on Google!

        I mention the above only as an example of the falseness of the man!

    • Message to Jim, where did you hear about birds attacking cell towers? Because I got this info in my dream state. I was told the animal kingdom will be our secret ally, probably not only the birds.

      Secondly, what you tell about cell towers hitting our alveoles (lungsacks), I can only confirm because I also am targeted here in Belgium because of being a truth seeker and am living close to a cell tower. I can feel it come into my lungs. I also had confirmation of that in my dream state.

      I consider you telling this in the interview above is a confirmation of that.

      Thx !!!!! Spread the message !!!!!!

      • I have had to protect the families of colleagues similarly attacked with weapons-grade microwave energy beamed from local mobile phone stations. Each of the families rapidly developed aggressive cancers from which they were each able to self-heal in typically one week.

        If you are prepared to allow Alexandra to pass on your contact details, I will willingly afford you similar protection. A selfie and approximate location would enable to help you most easily.

    • This is the rabbit hole I am currently going down. The “cia fren” called the assassination of the top Iranian guy. Waiting to see if the Eric Coomer info is correct. Whispers of Trump going after a nuclear reactor next, which would only start WW3. Prather resonates somehow…..Trump is not acting like he is going anywhere anytime soon. But let’s be honest…it ain’t real until HEADS ROLL.

    • Jim Willie , wuold turn me off with his accusational and judgemental write of of people he doesn`t agree with . His manner would immediately turn me off from listening to anything he says . It appeared to be a monologue as I didn`t see any input from teh interviewer . Not the kind of intelligent conversation necessary to spread one`s ideas ….just a format for a fanatical rant.

      • Frankly, I found it somewhat refreshing not to have a presenter more interested in the sound of his own voice!

        Apart from his unfortunate name, I found the significant tit-bits of information JW provided, well worth one listening, even if one thought it was a bit of a rant!

        As for being judgemental, he seemed to direct this mainly at the scumbags of this world.

        You are not a Globalist by chance?

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