This is one of the freakier agglomerations of new finds that I’ve seen in a while:

  • A new large statue of Ramses II, with an extremely elongated head.
  • A tiny humanoid resembling “Ati” from Dr. Steven Greer’s film, ‘Sirius’.
  • A 2-mile-high tower visible on the trans-Neptunian dwarf planet, Ceres.
  • Strange bright white spots on the surface of Ceres’ surface.
  • These spots have been changing in shape.
  • A huge rod-shaped object captured by NASA’s new Horizons probe.

…just some of the high strangeness to be found here…

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  • This made me chuckle. It is like the Illuminati-controlled NASA is reporting to the sleeping mainstream media; holding back on longer known facts and inching out little bits and pieces to avoid full disclosure. The unearthed Ramses II statue was great to see. Thanks

  • The Ramses statue looks like a hat not a skull deformity. It head formation has none of the qualities that Akhenaten’s and Nefertiti’s statues and drawings. There is only one perspective in the photos but it still appears to be a hat–artificial. His face is also still the same as if he has a blunt skull. I’d say it looks more like the Popes’ skull-do hat attempting to show lineage via artificial means.

    • There are those who say that the Pharaoh’s headdresses and the Popes’ miters were designed to either imitate or obscure the non-human “Paracas”-type skulls of humanity’s ancient alleged overlords, whom Karen Hudes has referred to as “Homo capensis”. A Google search of “Homo capensis” brings up this Wikipedia article about “Boskop Man”, a little-known relative of Homo sapiens: Further investigation takes us to this crazy page!

      I have no idea if Boskop Man is the same as the Paracas people, who were (or are, according to Hudes, who says they are still around) significantly different from us.

      • Yes. I’m fairly educated in the Capensis and Boskop skull anomalies and the various finds. Spent some time studying the info in 2012. In 2013 I met with a CA neurologist who had also been pursuing the same study from a medical/brain size, attempting to project the ability of the wearer. I forget his name now, sorry. Been a while. We communicated about the skull info for a while until I felt I’d been around that tree and there was nothing more to learn unless new information came to light. Foerster was finally able to fund and release his DNA studies. Those were very revealing as you know. I believe you ran the information on this site. As always, a pleasure.


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