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    The highly prolific LA Marzulli has just released his latest film about UFOs, the alien abduction phenomenon and the super-weirdness of hybrids in our midst. You will not find these stories anywhere else.

    If you are an avid UFO and abduction researcher, this new film produced by LA Marzulli truly delivers, while lending more granularity to our understanding of these fascinating phenomena.

    Download the VOD here:

    The physical DVD can be purchased HERE.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • For those of us who align more with the Archon, Reptilian hidden overlay system. Religion, any religion, is little more than a control aspect of the overlay. Observing the lip service that is being paid to the Christian Religion in the interview and on the DVD, is more than a bit disturbing. It seems those of “The Watchmen Chronicles” that supposedly are attempting to look deeply into ‘the alien situation’… are instead actually attempting to wrangle it back within the confines of what is acceptable, preserving/maintaining religions hold on humanity, as a primary conditioning aspect within the controllers overlay. I am extremely disappointed. My personal opinion is that such betrayal or ignorance, is not unlike a modern day rallying of support for the belief that Columbus discovered the new world.

    • Herd mentality. Yep. True dat. I, too, have seen a number of anomalous craft in different geographic areas of the US over my lifetime. The strangest one… I once drove my car directly under a craft that was sitting just outside downtown Dallas above a building. I noticed the lights from about a mile away as I was making my way home from a night class in 1992-93. I thought, why are they working at this time of night on the old Sears building (which was closed)? Are they refurbishing it, tearing it down? As I approached I couldn’t make sense of these high, round lights (colored and white) so I turned into the parking lot (very small and dark) which put me directly under it. I opened the car door and looked up. It was a silver, round, lighted craft. I closed the door and opened it again in disbelief as well as to confirm I was not experiencing an hallucination. The thing just sat there as if no one could see it. I began to look up at it through the windshield trying to think it through. Maybe no one else could see it. No one was stopping. There were a number of cars traversing the intersection. Why could I see it? Actually, I don’t remember how it left. I remember backing up to get out of the parking lot and heading home. Looking back, I think it was one of ours.

      The next day I told someone about the experience. They asked if I’d called anyone. I said who would I call? MUFON was the response. I didn’t know what MUFON was, at that time. I’ve come a long way since then.

      (Your sound is good, Alex. His mic is just awful, loud and sounds as if he’s yelling at us making it necessary to constantly work the volume. Even that doesn’t make his sound much better.)

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