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    A kangaroo court is a court that ignores law and justice.

    They are held to give the appearance of a fair trial, while the verdict has been decided from the start.

    On Friday, January 25th, 2019, the FBI arrested Roger Stone in his home. CNN showed up moments before to capture it all, in its drama.

    This was important, because Roger Stone did nothing wrong. The allegation was that he was seeking stolen emails from WikiLeaks that could damage Trump’s opponents – and even if this were true, it is no crime.

    So, they make the arrest look like he was Al Capone, because the lie is all they have left.

    We know the judge assigned to the case has a political motivation to prosecute Roger Stone. With all of the corporate Mockingbird media against him, Judge Amy Berman Jackson imposed a gag order on Roger Stone, banning him from discussing his case in public, including on social media.

    And if that wasn’t clear enough, Judge Berman Jackson made it absolutely clear during jury selection.

    “Her judgments have been transparently political. Yesterday, for example during jury selection, one of the prospective jurors turned out to be a former press secretary in the Obama Administration, who admitted that she despises Donald Trump and has friends in the Federal Prosecutor’s office, which is trying the case.

    “Her husband meanwhile works at the Justice Department which is prosecuting Roger Stone. The woman claims she had followed the Muller investigation closely but somehow had never quote ‘read or heard anything’ about Roger Stone’s case and didn’t have a strong opinion about it.

    “No sober person could take that claim seriously but Amy Berman Jackson did. She acted like it was all completely fine and on the level. When Roger Stone’s lawyers asked that that woman be removed from the jury pool, Jackson refused. Personal conflicts, she said were, quote not ‘automatically disqualifying.'”

    Even the jury felt compelled to reveal itself as anti-Trump. Activists. Juror, Seth Cousins wrote an article for The Washington Post, exposing himself as an anti-Trump activist.

    And now juror, Tomeka Hart has revealed herself, as well.

    After CNN exposed her identity, journalist Mike Cernovich pointed out her clear political bias on social media – before she could delete it.

    Kangaroo court.

    The Russian collusion fell apart months ago and somehow, Roger Stone’s made-up crimes still stand? One would think that President Trump would have already pardoned him by now…

    Never leave a man behind. We cannot leave behind Roger Stone and we cannot leave behind General Michael Thomas Flynn – and we cannot leave behind Julian Assange.

    These men did nothing wrong and their continued persecution is only proof of a corrupt system.

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    • you hopeless trash of baboons!!! the demrats are no more demrats than you are….

      bye bye… this is just another shit hole.

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