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    In this video, George Webb cements Buttigieg’s status as a covert operator who was directly involved in the Deep State’s rape and pillage of the Middle East during the Obama Administration, combining his own research efforts with those of Harry “The Greek” at The latter has been reporting that Pete Buttigieg is the CIA’s pick for next President of the US and he documents his links to the Afghanistan heroin network.

    It is confirmed in Pete Buttigieg’s military record that he was deployed from 2009 to 2017 as a “counterintelligence” spy in the Navy Reserve and CIA.

    While Deep State Pete admits to serving 7 months of 2014 in Afghanistan during his tenure as Mayor of South Bend, Indiana (January 1, 2012 – January 1, 2020), the Navy has confirmed he served an additional 36 months, plus he was deployed “in Africa and former Yugoslavia” from February 1st, 2010 to May 31st, 2010.

    Buttigieg worked in a NATO unit called the Afghanistan Threat Force Cell (ATFC). The ATFC is a “joint Treasury, State and Defense Department initiative to identify and help disrupt the material and financial funding streams that were supporting the Taliban and other terrorist organizations”.

    Buttigieg was involved in tracking drug money to and from Afghanistan, which grows 90% of the world’s poppies used for heroin.

    Kirk Meyer was former Director of the Afghanistan Threat Finance Cell (ATFC), which he called a massive “money laundering operation”.

    According to Meyer, Hillary Clinton and the State Department were responsible for the graft. A typical payoff was 20% of every development project. Another 25% of every project went to the Taliban.

    The Inspector General’s report from two weeks ago on Afghanistan cited these examples. Since 2002:

    -$776 billion went for “the war”

    -$137 billion went for “reconstruction”.

    – $10 billion was left over.

    – What was Pelosi’s share? She made an unannounced trip to Afghanistan last October to meet with President Ashraf Ghani to find out.

    (How much will end up in Deep State Pete’s Campaign for President?)


    George Webb claims that, owing to his superior Farsi language skills, Buttigieg likely helped in the negotiation of the Obama Administration’s Iran nuclear deal, alongside Peter Strzok, with whom he spent 42 months, partly in the Somaliland-Kenya area.

    Webb asks, “Why is [Buttigieg] so being pushed forward as a presidential candidate? Because he got the gold star, he got the coin…he did a good job for Libya, that was very successful. Syria, of course failed. Sudan was successful. Yemen, sort-of quasi-successful.

    “The other person this maps to, as far as [digital telecom] footprints go is Cofer Black. Again, you take the weapons from one theater of action, which is Afghanistan – this is where Peter Buttigieg is supposed to be but he’s over there, in the Horn of Africa.

    “You take the other person, who’s supposed to be in Iraq, with the reconstruction of Iraq, which is the Vindmans and Paul Wellen and they’re also seemingly sending and diverting weapons to Africa.

    “You put the two together and you have the story of Libya, Syria and all the weapons diversion; the NATO weapons from both the Iraq theater of war, as well as the AfPak theater of war.

    “Pete Buttigieg – again, the [cellphone] metadata it’s gonna say that the diversion of weapons, the diversion of money happened in this AfPak Center of Excellence from MacDill Air Force Base. That $100 million that was created by David Petraeus, that’s what got diverted to Africa.

    “That’s those phones; those Imran Awan phones or Haqqani network phones – whatever you want to call them – Teneo phones…Burisma phones – those are the phones [that are undetectable by NSA] that are gonna be used to negotiate all these things like the Iran nuclear deal.

    “And again, where is the precedent that this happened? Well, all these same programs used to be overt programs, they were just made covert. Atoms for Peace Program – again, based in Fort Belvoir. The only thing they did was they hid it from the President, basically squirreled the files away and then kept running all those programs as a covert action.

    “Who was the key recipient, who was the first country, really to be a part of the of this Atoms for Peace? None other than Iran. The legacy here is long, with Atoms for Peace, all the way from the first days with Iran.”

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