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    In 2003, I first ran across this 1998 paper by Dr. Alexey Dmitriev about how the Solar System is currently traversing a highly-charged, plasmic area of space that was causing changes to the previous data recorded about the Sun and the planets of the Solar System.

    At the time, I didn’t realize that Dmitriev was the same scientist referenced by Dr. Olga Kharitidi, in her excellent book, ‘Entering the Circle’, which I read in the late 1990s. In it, she charts her experience as a psychiatrist working in a mental institution in Novosibirsk during the post-Soviet Union era of the early 1990s. In that book, she described her studies of shamans in the Altai Mountains and how she used their healing practices with success on some of her patients at her mental hospital.

    In the book, Kharitidi also described her fleeting involvement with a “Dr. Dmitriev” in secret government experiments in Siberia relating to parallel timelines. Kharitidi was cagey about the details of these experiments in her book but she reported that recently-discovered mummies in Western Siberia at the time were claimed by “Dr. Dmitriev” to have been a result of his time travel experiments (!)

    Later, in 2008, when I was researching for this book, I learned that officialdom was publishing stories about these unprecedented measurements of highly-charged particles in Outer Space and what these might portend for the future of our Solar System and planet and for those of us who live here. Clif High, creator of and the Web Bots Project is one of the rare individuals who you will hear regularly discussing this topic.

    I was surprised, just now to find that in 2010, a Huffington Post writer had made it all the way to that very facility where the self-same Dr. Dmitriev worked, in Akademgorodok, a clandestine scientific research city outside of Novosibirsk, Siberia.

    This video is about Dmitriev’s views, corroborated by NASA and others that the Solar System has entered a neighborhood of space that is highly plasmic. Opinions differ as to its effects on the Solar System’s star and planets. Dmitriev suggested that we’d see increased vulcanism and hurricanes, whereas Clif High and others suggest a tamping down of the energy fields of the celestial bodies, as seen in the Sun’s Maunder Minimum these days.

    I have always thought that the true World Age Doctrine might more accurately be attributed to the location of the Solar System in its orbit around the Galactic Center and how the different environments in the space along the way might affect the way that matter is expressed, rather than any effects due to the great rotational wobble of the Earth that results in our nighttime view of the slowly shifting Precession of the Equinoxes, as surface dwellers on this orb. The US scientists don’t know when we’ll be emerging from from this galactic cloud but Dr. Dmitriev estimates that this period will last around 3,000 years.

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    • Very informative, that neatly shows that global warming is fact, but not man made, and we can do nothing to stop it. But the BS from our governments will continue, to keep us distracted from the truth that we could be the last, or not. I wonder how many times this marble has been blasted, because, this has happened before, I, feel it.

    • As a believer in the testimony of Jesus of the English Bible, I love clips like this that give depth and perspective to the Genesis account of creation and the penal colony called Earth.

      6000 years of known history is but a blip in time and the planet we live on is hardly a speck of dust in space.

      Six thousand years of rebellion in which mankind has not learned to live in peace, and two thousand years in which mankind has largely, though not completely, rejected the express written commandments of the Peacemaker.

      Thus the whole earth remains under indictment for rebellion against the kingdom of God while attempting to access those kingdom benefits illegitimately. For those who find the right way into the kingdom await glories in the galaxies beyond the limitations of the flesh.


      • There are a few major flaws in making the Bible your basis of understanding cosmic happenings in the Universe…
        First of all, the so-called “English bible” was translated at least thirteen times from language to language to language! It is no longer the original document people think it is.! (If one Really wants to read the Bible in it’s original form, you need to read George Lamsa’s bible translated directly from Aramaic into English, Aramaic being the language Jesus spoke and that is still spoken in that area where he was living.)
        Second of all, in the third century after Jesus died, the then Pope literally decided which parts of that book would stay and which would go. Whole sections were taken out and it therefore cannot be considered the original whole work!
        There is a place where it says… “Wherefore is it not written in the Book of Jasher?” And there is No Book of Jasper in the Bible!! And these are only a few of the problems of making the bible your reference point when discussing historical events and scientific happenings.
        There is also ample proof of the ‘universe’ being WAY older than 6,000 years old!! To think of your so-called God being limited to that time constraint is utterly absurd.! Let us all not fall into the religious deception the priests have been peddling down the centuries! God, or the One, the Universe or whatever you want to call It, is Way more unconstrained and limitless than our puny minds can conceive of… which is of course the reason why the wise Sages down the centuries have all said, just as Jesus has said, to quote him, “the Kingdom of Heaven is within”; look for him there..!!! Truth existed long before Jesus or the bible and was sought after by seekers from all walks of life from all corners of this Earth.
        Alexandria’s library is said to have contained knowledge that was more than we know today! (And it was burned to the ground by a fanatic Mohammadan!)
        If the Universe is going to be changed or transformed in some way on a large scale, we can do nothing to stop it.! All we can do is to bring more awareness & consciousness to how we live this life! That is what Jesus was trying to convey, after all. Too much clinging to padantic & fanatical viewpoints have created nothing but suffering and misery for mankind. It’s time We the People of Earth join together and create a New Man not constrained by the past, so We can start fresh! The Bible AND the Quran BOTH need to be thrown! Only then can We not be held back by the stupid past that enslaved the People of Earth..! Let’s not let the cobwebs of the past keep us from being in the Now, the only moment there is..!!

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