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    John Coleman is an award-winning meteorologist, Founder of the Weather Channel nearing his 80s who has come forward to thoughtfully debunk what he sees as the fraud of Global Warming, the bad science being funded to the tune of over $4.2 billion in US Tax Dollars per year, carbon trading (“cap and trade”), etc.

    He says, “I love this planet Earth. I’ve been a citizen of this planet Earth now for darn near 80 years and it’s all I’ve got! If I thought that we, mankind were damaging this beautiful little sphere, this blue marble on which we live, I would be terrified and give every ounce of energy I had to stop what we were doing. But I have studied the issues of so-called ‘Global Warming’ or now, they call it ‘Climate Change’ since the warming has stopped; I have studied the issues carefully and completely, as a good scientist and have reached and absolute, firm conclusion that there is no Global Warming.”

    He insists, in fact that the Earth is in a period of slight cooling, as part of the ongoing cyclic interglacial periods between  ice ages.

    There’s no question that petrochemical toxicity in the environment is deleterious and undesirable but given the Earth’s long history of cyclical ice ages and interglacial periods, anthropogenic Global Warming is an expensive scam invented by the psychopaths who want to make derivatives out of this lie and trade them like so many other fictions available on the Stock Exchanges of the world.

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    • yea i believe adapt 2030 too soon EVERYONE will know that we are IN AN ICE AGE!!! it will be blatantly obvious!!

    • The lies the Weather Channel “weatherman” tried to tell about chemtrails is disgusting.

      When I told him bluntly to “Stop your f***ing lies about chemtrails with stupid explanations” he realized he had been “outed”.

      He stopped the the lies.

    • The entire carbon/globalwarming/anthropogenic caused subject has been, in my opinion, devised and used as a deflection of the real conversation. Anthropogenic production of petro-chems and distillates which were numbered at over 60,000 unregulated, unexamined and unmentioned poisons in a DuPont lab report FROM NINETEEN SIXTY FOUR.


      I recently read that the number is now estimated at OVER 88,000 petroleum derived chemicals are completely saturating the planet. The energy, refiner, chemical, ph-rmaceutical and other solely focused fossil fuel conversion profit centers…world wide DO NOT WANT THAT DISCUSSION, OR BETTER STATED, REVELATION…once the above becomes even peripheral knowledge, Katy bar the door.

    • With the sheer amount of deceptive information out there it is up to the individual to discern whether or not there is a real issue with the planet warming or cooling. The science is partially rigged to show it is warming as they will not get their funding unless they tow the line but with HAARP in progress, they are damaging the Ozone and allowing the suns deadly rays to heat up the planet and with the weather stations placed in questionable locations the temperatures can easily be swayed to show a warming trend wherever they like. The whole system is rigged to accomplish whatever agenda they may have at any given time.

    • The impact of our sun is warming up planet earth, by its electromagnetic waves. This has consequences.

      The impact of the sun is warming up the emotional world of all spiritual beings on earth, so also on human beings, persons and personalities.
      THis can be observed by the grwoing intensity of fighting. Here the basic gender fight will become a higher tension.
      Moreover, this creates also a possibility for finding out what gender harmony is.

    • This is right up there with the flat-earthers and religiously challenged who believe the earth is 6000 years old. I believe we are corrupted on a daily basis with “facts” that promote greed or hidden agendas but when articles such as this corrupt “Forbidden KNOWLEDGE” article stains your content, then it is time to just say “good bye”. You do a disservice to those who wish to learn more about truly corrupt institutions by printing this drivel. Sadly, I can no longer trust your integrity as an alternative news source and as such will delete this website from my computer.

      For shame…..

      • Hang on, Alexandra is showing us a range of views around important topics. This is a reputable source so why not show it. Surrounding yourself with messages you only agree with is the experience you’ll have on Facebook or twitter.

    • It is rediculous to say someone has debunked global warming/climate change. We have been undergoing global warming since 14,000BC. How do you think the ice ages stopped? It is a natural cycle that has persisted for several billion years. The planet is warming up. There are and will be mini ice ages within the global warming but it is warming . Look at the Greenland ice sheets and tundra melting. This year it is particularly warm. This is not just a radical belief it is a fact. Climate change is a better description because there are mini ice ages within the context of global warming. The only thinking I can attribute this mans thinking is is dementia.

      My question is:Why do people insist on disclaiming climate change? The only thing I can think of is politics and religion. It’s kinda like certain religious groups ignorantly think the world is only 5000 years old and was created in 7 days. They also believe in the easter bunny and santa claus. Debunking climate change falls in the same category.

      Whether or not pollution , carbon foot print, etc., are contributing to that is still up for grabs. But, those things are in fact harmful to humans due to air quality etc. and we need to submit controls over those polluters.

    • Global warming, is for making money, and to keep people distracted from what is being done to them. “Believe these lies because I told them to you” Don’t look for proof because there isn’t any, CO2 is good for plants, the stuff they spray the sky with is not good for plants, or people, as a mater of fact, it’s killing us like big government. witch is also not sound for the environment.

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