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The new SmartMeters are being installed and a break-neck pace for the ultimate goal of producing a “SmartGrid”.


“[Utility companies] have convinced themselves that they can install SmartMeters in your house by some reaching-to-the-Moon jive called ‘Implied Consent.’ They pretend you consent, even though, you don’t really know what they’re doing.”


SmartMeters are shown to cause neurological and coronary and illness.

The real question is: “What is the evidence that SmartMeters are safe and have no adverse health effects?” These devices were never tested before being release in the tens of millions upon the North American population.

While there have been no studies to show the effects of SmartMeters on people living in a house, there is an enormous host of studies from the past conducted on animals, showing that exposure to elevated levels of radio frequencies for long levels of time increases the risk of cancer, increases the damage to the nervous system, it causes electrosensitivity, has adverse reproductive effects,” says David Carpenter, public health physician who graduated from Harvard Medical School, worked for the New York State Department of Health, became the Dean of the School for Public health, specifically studying the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on public health and is now a Member of the Board of the School for Public Health.


Already, several law enforcement cases have bee brought forth using data garnered from SmartMeters, in breach of the 4th Amendment. SmartMeters = 24-hour surveillance, every hour of the day.


The old analog systems were not hackable…


“It is not possible for an electric company to install a surveillance device on your house. SmartMeters are (in effect) no different from wiretapping devices…

“Tell them they can’t change your meter. They had no trouble billing you with the old meter.

“If you send them a notice that they may not install a SmartMeter or any other surveillance device on your house, their ‘implied consent’ argument goes out the window! I would do that if I were you.”

Go to for more information.


Smart Parking Meter Sickness (Radiation)

A California woman claims “smart” parking meters are making her sick. And now, she wants nearly $2 billion because of it.

Denise Barton filed a claim against the city of Santa Monica, Calif., for $1.7 billion alleging the radiation from “smart” parking meters around the city are causing health complications, according to the Santa Monica Daily Press .

“In April, they started turning on the new smart meters downtown and I started getting sick,” Barton told ABC News.

On Aug. 6, Barton filed the $1.7 billion claim that gives the city 45 days to respond.
“I figured that’s the value of my life and health considering how much I had to go through as a child,” Barton told ABC News.

Barton, who experienced neurological damage following a car accident as a young child, added, “It’s also the value of taking away my choice of the best way to protect my health without my consent.”

The smart meters which were installed by the city last March, allow drivers to use smartphones and credit cards to purchase metered time. The parking slots have sensors that will reset a meter when a parking space is vacated.

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