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    Many of us have by now seen the video taken by a Las Vegas taxi driver from the driveway in front of the Mandalay Bay hotel, in which we hear hundreds of rounds being shot, from both at close range and far away from the cab as a mile or more.

    Using the Google Earth program, this stunning video demonstrates how the shots being fired at close range may very well have been fired from the canopy located above the Mandalay Bay hotel driveway, which is actually situated at a much easier vantage point to the targeted concertgoers than from the much-vaunted 32nd floor and how this scenario better explains the sounds we’ve all heard of the gunfire – and also how incredibly easy it would have been for a gunman firing from this this driveway canopy to escape on foot over the vast mezzanine-level of rooftop to the parking lot behind the Mandalay Bay hotel complex.

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    • Interesting analysis – one could suggest the distant gun report sound is a shooter pointing the gun out a different window, firing in a different direction. But the rear view mirror is NOT a turn signal. Likely a muzzle flash.

      More proof of Chertoff/Adelson, Zionist gun control treason.

    • I have seen an analysis of the alleged muzzle flashes in rear view mirror and they do not sync up and it has been suggested this is her turn signal.

    • Brought to you from the same “people” who did the JFK investigation, and are destroying evidence of a federal crime in the name of “just us” the FBI.

    • Too high! Can’t be coming from the roof and below the street lamp too, from where he has the taxi parked. The incline does not appear that steep.

      I viewed this many times the other day and couldn’t make up my mind.

      I’m not convinced the flashing in the mirror is muzzle blaze. It might be, but it also might be another vehicle’s turn signal. Then again I’m not sure he has the taxi oriented accurately.

      This needs to be vetted for sure. Scott Ragsack or whatever his name is in LV, and he claims it’s muzzle blaze, but has not gone into as much site investigation regarding the orientation of the taxi as this gentleman. Will have to see what he has to say about it in the future.

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