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Richard Mack, who was a law enforcement officer in Arizona for 20 years and served as Sheriff of Graham County joins Spiro Skouras to discuss America’s plunge into Fascism, as many of our state governments appear to march in a coordinated fashion to infringe upon people’s rights, to collapse the US economy and to usher in the Agenda 2030 Green New Deal.

Mack notes that Trump has refused to declare Martial Law amid this massive Globalist psyop, leaving it to the governors and mayors to reveal whether they’re working for their constituents or whether they’re working for the Globalists.

He says some governors have upheld their oaths to uphold the Constitution and have managed this unprecedented crisis with aplomb, like South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. He says, “She has tried to be careful but she has not shut the state down and that’s exactly my point.

“All of them can do that. All of them can follow Trump’s example. All of them could follow the governor of South Dakota’s example and just say, ‘Look, we want people to be careful. These are our guidelines.’

“But you cannot force people to stay in their home. You cannot quarantine healthy people. I don’t even know if you can justify quarantining sick people! But for Heaven’s sakes, you cannot do that to healthy people…

“The bottom line is this: we do not destroy America so we can be healthy. No, no way.”

Mack calls on sheriffs and law enforcement across the country to take a stronger stance against tyranny and abuse and to uphold their sworn oaths to the Constitution.

“I believe the second round is going to be a lot worse and I think it’s coming and that’s why we’re trying to wake up every sheriff in this country. Folks, you need to get involved in this…Don’t stand there and watch the parade go by. By the time it ends, your liberty might end with it.

“You’ve got to get involved, get ahold of your Sheriff, get ahold of your Chief of Police, get ahold of your favorite cop and make sure that they’re starting to realize that these forced vaccinations are around the corner and a forced shutdown and quarantine the second time around is coming.

“We cannot let that happen. For God’s sake, open up the churches. Defend people’s rights to live their life and have liberty, once again in America. Please keep your oath of office. Protect the people’s freedom. It is not your prerogative to force somebody into some type of quarantine, lockdown or social distancing. That’s lunacy!

“…I thank God for the good sheriffs that have stood and and defended people’s rights and stood against these dictators but it’s not enough. The American people have got to wake up and help their sheriffs and local officials wake up.”

Attorney General William Barr has set up a hotline for citizens to report “Emergency Fraud” and civil rights abuses by their local governments here: 866-720-5721. Press 1.

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