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This is a montage from the long running educational segment called “The Vax-Scene” that appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2021. These musical interludes purport to be a fun way to encourage viewers to go get the COVID-19 death shot but they’re as tone deaf and horrifically dystopian as could possibly be.

Colbert almost appears to be under duress, bopping to these bizarre orchestral pieces and animated cartoons, with lyrics that include tongue-in-cheek references to conspiracy theories, “No need for alarm! No microchip!” and Leftist kink, “You can lick your grandma now!”

The sequences are the likely result of CBS tossing their COVID-19 Relief Funds at the AFL-CIO’s SAG-AFTRA, Local 802 Chapter of the American Federation of Musicians, IATSE’s Local 839 Animation Guild and the Actor’s Equity Association.

In short, this is what Socialist pork barrel entertainment looks like. These labor unions largely exist to organize health insurance for members of the entertainment industry and they are joined at the hip with the pharmaceutical industry.

The repulsive psychological component of these pieces is emblematic of the MK ULTRA torture technique described in “Alice in Wonderland: The Power of Applied Confusion” and by Gregory Bateson’s double-bind theory of schizophrenia. These illogical, phantasmagorical PSYOPs are designed to badger everyone into agreement, in order to stop the insanity.

These sequences of orchestrated gaslighting that are a scaled-up version of what was originally developed as an interrogation technique, the purpose of which is not just to obliterate the normal but to replace it with the mindbogglingly bizarre, causing viewers to go into a state of trauma that is so awful, they would rather give up their convictions and return to a reality that makes sense, than to continue with more days of this lunacy. It takes mere days for subjects to crack in an interrogation setting using the Alice in Wonderland Technique.

By understanding that these are torture techniques, it can help us to release ourselves from their thrall. We’ve known that this was unconventional warfare but knowing that it’s called the Alice in Wonderland Technique empowers us to identify it when it’s happening and to halt the fragmentation that it is attempting to induce.

Hopefully, these observations will help you assert your cognitive boundaries and will help you to insulate yourself to some degree, as this unconventional warfare against us drags on.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I remember when this guy was mildly amusing. It’s true he does seem under some kind of stressful compulsion though. Even to be struggling to maintain his own sanity,

  • This is some nasty crap for sure. I’m quite immune to it all. I’ve always been out of step, unable to properly socialise and the older I get the more blessed I feel for it.

  • One has to be a bit ‘off’ to even be watching the TV anymore. Colbert? Smug little twat, let them drive Teslas!

  • I asked myself why I was still watching it after the 3rd one. I was ready to shoot myself in the mouth after the fifth one. Now, there are 370 dead bodies on my street…. still less than what the vax poison did.

    We need to use this pent-up furor, and take it out on the appropriate individuals; guys like Al Bourla, CEO Of Pfizer, and his tool meister, Bill Gates, his tool polisher Klaus Schlaub, and their master Lord Baal. Really, anyone – no, everyone involved in this genocide, should be open game. Even Colbert. These people are sick. And have made us quadruply so….

  • You have to laugh. Colbert and Kimmel seem to ‘contract’ the flu more often than anyone I know, recently back to back within two weeks in Kimmel’s case. I’ve never watched an episode of either show; I only know of their constant re-infections from SM or alt-media sources. Both are just useful tools. Appreciate my daily dose of #FKTV, Keeps me sane in an insane world.
    I look forward to your commentary on the report—diligently more analytical.

  • On his old show on Comedy Central, he was funny and creative. There were two skits which were really great: one called The Word showed very cleverly how words can be twisted to be used for propaganda, second was one that made fun of Big Pharma and their stupid adds. The name of his fake company was even Vaxx-something. Now, he is so fear-mongered by Big Pharma, that when he had an actor on from the film Dopesick, about the opioid epidemic caused by Pharma (on Netflix) he would not even show a clip from it which he always does for other new productions. The sad fact is that the entire mass media from MSNBC to Fox is now 75% or more funded by pharma. If you want real news, go to The Highwire with Del Big Tree.

  • Colbert has made his bed like the tool that he is. Colbert and his puppet masters will reap what they sow. That day of reckoning is coming.

    I’ll admit that I did watch his Colbert Report back on Comedy Central and his late night show after taking over for Letterman. It wasn’t too long into Trump’s Presidency that I begun to realize something was very off. It was supposed to be comedy but the level of pure hatred Colbert had for Trump was totally off. It was very personal and borderline insane. It was only a few months into Trump’s presidency that I stopped watching Colbert and SNL. Their hatred was forced and far from authentic.

    If you look up “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, Colbert picture appears. That is how sick this puppet is.

    • TDS? How about zionut Epstein guilty traitor? A liberal RINO fake P0S who married a H00KER wife from mossad jizzy Maxwell’s cathouse freed Israeli spies gave our treasury to Israeli Blackrock and more. Shoot him, Biden, h0M0BAMA, Bush and Clinton’s the scumbag never arrested all together

  • The Colbert VAXX CLOWN SHOW was a sick joke. 🤡. Read the Barrington Declaration that succinctly speaks out the TRUTH on how the Covid-19 Flu should have been handled. I like the Frontline Doctors signed this important Document along with over 17,000 other Medical Professionals that were actually in in the
    trenches treating Covid-19 patients successfully without advocating these deadly patented genetically engineered Covid-19 genocidal bioweapons of DEATH.

  • There is nothing wrong with this NWO whore. He is simply acting out what his psychopathic paymasters require of him. He is paying the price for the riches and fame given to him after he sold his soul to evil. He always came across as an arrogant phony, and that is when I still watched TV mind control programming.

  • I used to like him, a decade or so ago.
    Now he’s an idiot…actually, no, he’s just following orders.
    He’s been paid to act the fool.
    He has NOTHING to say.
    Until he gets more orders that tell him what he should say.
    He has sold his soul…I feel sorry for him.
    He’s heading for a dark place.

    • Me too…until he proved to be a NWO shill/clown…Like most of the presstitutes…Majority of the people don’t ask themselves: how come those TV/idiot box talk shit, I mean show ‘ personalities ‘ are paid in millions, or tens of millions per year, while a regular white or blue collar worker in tens of thousands of dollars ?!…” Judas goat “…

  • this guy is responsible for many deaths. I hope he faces a firing squad. evil fucker

  • I read he ended up getting covid twice with symptoms bad enough to have to cancel the show, but since I’ve never watched him I wouldn’t know if that is true. I also “heard” that he took the Pfizer drug to prevent covid (the Ivermectin rival) and still got covid. He looked horrible in the picture for the article. The skits are terrible, and not funny.

    • I haven’t been following that story but I do know they stopped taping for a few weeks because he had COVID and they just resumed this past week.

  • Stephen Colbert is the worst late night host, I don’t find him funny. Once in a while he is, but those times are rare. Not a fan of Jimmy Kimmel either, he isn’t funny and uses sympathy to push leftist beliefs.

    I only like watching Jimmy Fallon, who is actually funny and doesn’t focus on politics as the other hosts. I also love eating his Ben Jerry’s The Tonight Dough ice-cream, it is very good, highly recommend it, yummy!!

    • The Tonight Dough was my favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream flavor that I ate for years. But no more. That all changed when the owners proudly announced they support BLM, vaccines, carbon taxes and anything else that is part of the globalist agenda.

      I will no longer enjoy Ben & Jerry’s, drink Coke, wear Nike, work out at Soul Cycle, shop Amazon or Whole Foods. We have to vote with our dollar and sacrifices have to be made. We can no longer support brands that support the enslavement of humanity.

      • Totally agree. People are doing this but not nearly enough. In addition to the companies you’ve mentioned, I have stopped watching sports too.

    • A long time ago he was, but it’s like he was bribed, brain washed or blackmailed. Hmmm, he is so far from funny he’s nauseating. Gotta love that fake hair color, trying so hard to look young and cool. Ugh

    • They are are a bunch of devil worshipping queers who don’t care about regular Americans with morals an integrity. All of them have sold their souls in order to be on television you have to sell out . Everyone on television plays for the same team ( TeamSatan) they don’t care about us real regular god fearing Americans

  • Ugh! – I saw a bit of just that dance routine segment (very gay) – but I had not realized the series went on and on!

    This is very well done; I had not understood the “seriousness” of the operation. Yet… his audience, coastal etc etc – surely a very high percentage of them were vaxed long before they were subjected to this and, as such, this was just him spending down his “relief funds”

    For now, fortunately, we can turn it off, or in my case, never ever turn it on!

    • That’s what happens when worms eat up their brain.
      Don’t pay any attention to these useless idiots.

  • i watched a video (bitchute, can’t remember who, had an Italian surname) where a pastor was being interviewed and he said that the jews did not decide one day to all get on trains, but it started by a simple mandate of not able to sit on a park bench. Maybe that was plank 1. How many planks did they go through before they caught the train?
    Mask mandates: plank 1?

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