This video, taken on April 27, 2022 shows a quarantine camp that was set up at Tufts University.

Don’t let Boston become Australia!

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  • This guy lost me when he said the virus doesn’t exist. The virus exists but a person shouldn’t be put into prison because he/she contracts it. At a university there once were infirmaries for sick students. This is just punishing. Why would parents pay so much money to put their children in such a “communist style” place?

    • No, no it certainly does not exist. How is it 3 years and people can’t seem to grasp this yet? Says a lot about how little people actually look into things for themselves and just let others decide for them. More of the same. It does not exist. How one can’t put just the simple logic of all the bs being fed through MSM and come to that understanding at this point is to put bluntly just sad. Feel free to prove it exists though and best of luck in doing so, no one else seems to have been able to. Don’t worry, I know you won’t, people choose to believe what they are already determined to. From one rando online person to another though, it legit is all made up garbage and does not actually exist. Like the person below said, never once isolated, can’t do that then it doesn’t exist. Look at the made up garbage science behind their claims of isolation, that isn’t isolation nor actual science. At this point people should be aware germ theory has been outright fully debunked. Soooooo if that has been debunked time to start looking into how the body really works and what and where the causes of diseases/illness actually are stemming from. Take it for what you will though. Like anyone worth their salt would say do your own research, come to your conclusions. Yet only the very small minority seem to be doing such things when it is I would say pretty damn important to one’s health and wellness to not spend the time and investment getting actual truth.

      • So true. It is really fraud, stemming from indoctrination and fear. Your patience in explaining is appreciated.

        The presenter is absolutely correct [at about the 3 minute-mark] that we will have to change ourselves.


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