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    Get ready for an electrifying journey as we delve into the thrilling story of NASA-related UFO encounters in space.

    Beginning in the late 1970s and continuing to present day, expert researchers will unveil a history of anomalies recorded by our military and space research missions.

    Credible scientific and UFO phenomenon researchers will analyze each case with pinpoint accuracy, describing the mind-boggling events witnessed by pilots, military personnel, and even NASA personnel.

    Not just in our atmosphere, but in the depths of space, UFOs were encountered and recorded by high-tech instruments operated by defense and intelligence agencies.

    As the truth unfolds, we’ll uncover whether NASA is hiding the truth or truly uncovering answers in the modern world that we live in today.

    Directed by Darcy Weir.
    Copyright: 2023 Occult Journeys

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    • I see UFOs all the time I can see the night sky, with all the chemtrails of late I can’t. My first encounter was with an orange globe, following myself and a friend down I- 5 when I was 15, it followed us for about 45 mins, it was about 4 feet in dia, and was four feet behind us. That was right out of Grants Pass, Ore. We decided to go to sleep under an overpass, lol, there are no overpasses in Grants Pass, Ore. Underpasses, yes, that’s where we woke up. That was 56 years ago. Who, in this world, has not had an experience they can not explain, then just try to forget all about it? My your journey be long, learn all you can. That’s all you can take with you, some recall some of their past lives, most don’t, enjoy your time here.

    • LOL.
      NASA=Not A Space Agency.
      The UFO’s have been identified since 1947 in Antartica when the United States chased the Germans there, because the Germans had a Base called Base 211 since the 1920’s. The United States was defeated.
      The first footage of them taunting the U.S Government at the White House in 1953 can still be found, it was filmed and televised on local news stations at that time.
      Pretty funny stuff.

    • Everybody knows by now or should know that something, or someone besides natural humans have been around for thousands of years.

      Everybody knows or should know by now that these beings have been identified and called angels, by class and rank for ages past.

      Everybody knows or should know by now that some of these mysterious beings are benevolent and some are malevolent.

      Everybody knows or should know by now that governors and governments often lie in order to keep their hands on the levers of power, and the ignorant masses hands off.

      Everybody knows or should know by now that there are laws governing the universe, both natural and corroborative supernatural laws, that denial of them always leads to ruin.

      Everybody knows or should know by now that human powers are inferior to angelic powers, that only lawful spiritual powers have proven sufficient to defend against and dispatch malevolent powers.

    • Watching UFO flying around overhead is not as thrilling as having visitations while your are asleep in bed. It happened to me years ago when I was living in Mountain View . I woke up nothing was there but I was paralyzed and struggling unable to move after what seemed like a few minutes I was free and a little shocked this never happened to me before. Unfortunately they weren’t done with me because It happened 3 night in a row after the third time I was scared and had enough of whatever it was and didn’t even want to go to sleep . I told everyone who I could trust about it and thanks goodness the shit stopped. It happened again to me once one night this year and again later to my wife( but not me) she was paralyzed but could still speak but it took awhile for her to wake me up and to figure out she was calling me from another room I came in she had an open book laying over her face she was reading I grabbed the book and it stopped she said she heard a rush of wind in the room around her, she was awake when it happened . I didn’t get abducted but they did give me a cool looking tattoo. Do I believe in UFO’s hell yeah and then some.

      • I also encountered something weird stuff flying over at low altitude, and it really didn’t look like any aircraft I’ve ever seen (and there was no sound)

        What about about your tatoo? Isn’t that supposedly some kind of chip?
        You should try contacting some guy doing entity removal stuff (you can find some through regular search and maybe few more from bitchute and rumble).

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