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Dr Steven Greer joins Shawn Ryan, a former Navy SEAL and former CIA contractor to give his 40,000-foot view of the UFO phenomenon.

Dr Greer was an emergency room physician who became the Founder of The Disclosure Project, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), The Orion Project, Sirius Technology Advanced Research, LLC. Today, he is considered one of the worlds foremost authorities on all things UFO.

In this episode, Dr Greer lays out exactly how nearly a century of information and discovery of extraterrestrial life and technology have been hidden from the public and shrouded under a veil of dark money and secrecy and he explains the inner workings of a global government that goes beyond the world’s most elite intelligence agencies by infiltrating the circles of pop culture icons, like Marilyn Monroe and JFK.

Greer says:

“What we’re dealing with is not a sanctioned or even a normal Black Project – and I can say this with authority, because I am working, now with people who literally manage the Black Budget of the United States, currently – and they were denied access. They had no idea that there were Deep Black pass-through projects.

“We’ll get into this. How is this done structurally, organizationally? What is the architecture? So it took me a long time to unravel this and I had to do it through multiple documents, corroborating witnesses, people on the inside who came forward.

“In 2001, by then, I had concluded neither the White House nor the Congress was going to touch this, so we launched the global Disclosure Project, where I gathered together the first 20-some of these military and some corporate people and had a Press Club event. It ended up being seen by about 800 million people.”

Dr Greer says that since the late 1950s, this most secret of all domains has fallen into the hands of sociopaths and criminals, who have run amok with it.

However, he says in the last NDAA passed by Congress and signed into law by Joe Biden explicitly allows people to come out as witnesses and whistleblowers on the UFO issue, including not just government employees but contractors, like Lockheed Skunk Works and Northrup, Raytheon, Booz Allen Hamilton, Mitre Corporation, SAIC, which Dr Greer says are the primary contractors working on the reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materiel and also on the development of systems based on these technologies.

Dr Greer says, “I’ve never been in the government and I’ve never I will not accept a clearance or a secrecy of or non-disclosure agreement, so all this I’m telling you I can tell you because…I can say what I want to, to whomever.

“What my rule is is that if – let’s say you or someone who had been involved in an operation at the Dugway Proving Ground out in Utah…there’s a DUMB, there; Deep Underground Military Base that’s very much involved with this issue and their assets there; man-made anti-gravity, very advanced aircraft that…I have people who have been there, who have seen them come up at night and move out and be huge black triangles – and those are ours, by the way.

“Now, there are some extraterrestrial ones that are similar. So if you can envision this: almost any airfoil or superstructure that they’ve observed that’s of an extraterrestrial origin, they’ve been able to create, let’s say copycat or similar. This makes this very confusing and unfortunately, opens up the possibility of a number of false flag or what the Pentagon called ‘deceptive indications and warnings’…

“So let’s say that you’re one of those guys and you come to me and you say, ‘My name is so-and-so here’s my DD214.’ You prove you were there but you say, ‘I don’t want to ever be identified publicly but I will go into the SCIF to provide this information to the people who have now made this pathway for me to come forward, legally.’

“Then I will arrange for that to happen. That’s what we’re doing. And I’m making a call right now: anyone, no matter how small or large your involvement was over the last 70 years with this issue, there’s a pathway. There’s a door open. We don’t know how long it’ll stay open but it’s been a lot of work to get to this point.

“It’s a very big breakthrough that there is this legal mechanism so that the Constitutional government of the United States can get informed on this properly.

“And what I discovered – and this was a very strange thing, from ’93 to now – every time I take a meeting with a high level member of the US government who should know about this, given their rank or their position – for example, when I briefed, years ago the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Patrick Hughes, a Three-Star – well, as anyone knows who has been in the military, that position is the top of the food chain for military intelligence, period…

“The DIA’s like the CIA is for civilian, it is for the military – he had completely been denied access. I had multi-hour meeting with him in his office with my senior folks and…in what universe can the head of the DIA or the CIA or the President or the chairpeople for Armed Services in the Senate or in the Select Committee on Intelligence not have been read in on this, when we are funding it?

“We estimate there’s somewhere over the last 70 years, $8 to $10 trillion dollars that have gone into these projects that are unaccounted for.

“Remember, the day before 9/11, we have a videotape of Rumsfield at the Pentagon. I’m not sure he knew it was being recorded, because I’m shocked that he said it – and it’s in ‘Unacknowledged’, the documentary. He says – this is now 21-22 years ago – he says ‘There’s $2.3 trillion unaccounted for in the Department of Defense budgets.’ Trillion, not billion.”

Shawn Ryan asks, “How do you have that much money unaccounted for?”

“Oh, you do.” Dr Greer replies. “Let me give you an example. I believe they say it costs $2 billion a plane to make the B2 Stealth. It’s about $150 million. The rest of it goes through the back door into these unsanctioned projects, that neither the President nor the Congress knows – never mind the American people. Multiply that across the whole system.

“So we’ll get into this in a moment…I view this group that’s doing this as the world’s largest RICO, Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization, like a mafia but they’ve become pretty much untouchable up to now.

“And I’m not saying we need to go after them aggressively in a negative way but it needs to be disclosed and we need to have the peoples’ representatives and the Constitutional government, at least informed about it – and they are not.

“The thing that’s most shocking to me, even to this day, is that every time I take a meeting…with someone of that rank, like General Hughes – here’s a Three-Star in charge of DIA! It was so crazy, that he’s sitting there and we start talking. He had made inquiries through the Chain of Command at DIA. He says, ‘The only thing I’ve gotten,’ he goes over, in his conference room for the General. He had a bookshelf and there was a little, you know, a corny little like ET doll, like you’d see at a at a toy store and he grabs it he says, ‘This is all I’ve gotten for my inquiries through the channels!’

“He’s in a rage and I was going, ‘Yes, Sir, this has happened to most of your folks who are in your position,’ – unless they were brought in and came up through the ranks because they were identified as sociopaths who would break the law and run an unsanctioned illegal operation for decades. There’s your criteria.”

Dr Greer says that the reasons for UFO secrecy are actually very banal, having to do with money and power. The immediate implications of the UFO phenomenon are that all commercial energy sources and all of the machines and vehicles that use these legacy energy systems are obsolete. To say nothing of the petrodollar.

By 1997, Dr Greer’s team had already determined that all secret projects related to UFOs have been run illegally and outside of the Constitution.

Therefore, all the National Security Act laws and all the non-disclosure agreements that witnesses may have signed would be vitiated. They’d be null and void and a prosecution against any whistleblower or anyone with materiel or anybody with documents would not be legally enforceable. Still, it wasn’t until the UFO whistleblower protection legislation was passed in the latest NDAA that Dr Greer says many such whistleblowers have felt protected enough to com forward.

Dr Greer tells many more interesting backstories during this interview.

Dr Greer’s latest film, ‘The Lost Century’ premieres digitally on June 6th.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Well done.
    You have blended truth and lies perfectly for the end game.
    Yes, we have the tech you talk about.
    Yes, there is A DEEP DARK group running this op.
    THEY ARE NOT ALIENS. Genisis 6
    Yah will give us all this tech when we are mature enough to not use it to kill each other….we are not there yet. Remember how Lucifer temped Jesus with all this worldly power?? Our hearts must change before we can have this tech.
    This is a spiritual war between dark and light, good and evil. They must fool and convince you because they MUST have your consent. The evil one can not touch Yah’s children unless he has consent. The evil ones minions will make this look very tempting and exciting…….. Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a lamb.
    First commandment…now a promise
    Thou shalt have NO other gods before me.
    Joshua 24:15
    Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve!
    Truth is the light
    Love is the power

  • The USA is ahead in advanced technology.

    Russia is ahead in genetics and alien-human hybrids
    with superior psychic faculties.

    Russia has the advantage from a practical viewpoint.

  • Dr Greer speaking with such confidence and with all the pertinent details. I for one found this interview inspiring and exciting!

  • He mentions Albert Stubblebine, who was also married to Dr Rima Laibow. She seems to be a freedom fighter and claims her husband, Bert was poisoned.

  • Does Dr. Greer really think moar whistleblowing will get the disclosure job done. After 30 years of whistling the deaf, dumb and blind media will finally show up to one of his events. He can’t get past our fake government to sell his re-disclosure exposure to the earthlings who are flying around in saucers and visiting the stars. The climate agenda cult are not interested in his free energy stuff either bad for business, loss of revenue and less power over the slaves. The Greenies should be all over this but sadly they could care less about saving the environment from unrecyclable e-waste from fried electric cars, dead solar panels and junked wind mills . The NASA Studio Productions film sets need to up their game to sell the invasion psyop with the MARS space balloon attacks. ACK-ACK

  • WHere’s my comment Forbidden K??

    Censoring? That’s makes you a hypocrite.

    But anyway it tells me plenty of your motives as well as your deceptions.

    • There’s more to submitting a comment than just hitting the “SUBMIT COMMENT” bar: you have to wait on the page until you get the “Your comment is being moderated” message, otherwise, your comment goes to “Comment Heaven” and joins quite a few of mine that I posted while half asleep, many of which were lost completely because I’m not good at making a copy of what I’m about to send when I’m semi-conscious. YWA

    • Alex is the most open minded and tolerant host. There’s nothing that’s outside her box. I’m sure that unless it was totally nasty or clearly threatening of violence that it’s just a submission technical thing or perhaps a human error on her end. I lost one post here a few weeks ago. No biggie because I always say the same thing anyway.

      The agenda goes off-world. I am an advocate for The Allies of Humanity. Any planetary helper will benefit from The Briefings as a context to understand the methods and manifestations of the takeover. Join the Human Party. Vote Human. Read The Briefings. They are brief, free and critical to future freedom. (Thanx again Alex)

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