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A century of illegal UFO secrecy has cost humanity hundreds of years of spiritual, cultural and technological development. Dr. Steven Greer presents ‘The Lost Century’, which will expose the cost of the coverup to the planet, and the human race, and how we can reclaim control of our collective destiny.

‘The Lost Century’ premieres digitally on June 6th.

Narrated by: Fred Durst
Director: Michael Mazzola
Starring: Dr. Steven Greer, Dick Russell, Michael Schratt, Charles Eisenstein, Adam Curry, Moray King, Maurice Campbell, Dr. Hal Puthoff

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • We had all these things before the fall , before the alien invasion , before the reptoids were dumped here and enslaved us when we lived in 5D on Earth. We knew the secrets of the universe when we were connected to the collective intelligence that flows from the almighty and his messengers who taught us how to use it. The invader races changed our DNA to suppress our abilities much like they are doing again now with the poisoning and clotshots to merge us with animal DNA and nano tech to try to control and prevent whats coming. The war in the heavens is over for ever GOD wins we can take our place beside him now and have all that is offered . The damage done to our people is extensive from the abuse of so many years some can not grasp the truth or reality of their existence and will need more time to sort themselves out and will stay in 3D for a while longer . The slave masters are irreparable and they will be recycled.

  • Looks interesting. Although, any involvement with Dr. Hal Puthoff makes whatever he contributes dubious. Sure, he’s a very informed guy in regards to the “UFO File”. But, he is also CIA. And, as you know, Alexandra, he was one of the principal figures in the “To The Stars Academy” scam. I remember you were in a video with Daniel (DJ) regarding the voracity of the disclosures presented by that group. Five years ago, maybe?
    Yeah. Found it:
    Still, thanks for the heads-up on its release.
    I’ll watch it, anyway. Might learn something … Or, at least, find another rabbit-hole to dive into. I just hope ole Buggs left me a carrot down there to munch on.
    “What a Ma-roon”! lol

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