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Many people have already figured out that the JFK Assassination and 9/11 were inside jobs but historian, Matt Ehret shows us how these events – and the founding of the Federal Reserve bank – and the COVID Plandemic are all tied to the same process.

The fight against the British Empire in the 18th century during the American Revolution is the same fight that humanity is now having against the Globalist elite and their New World Order. It’s essentially the same players, 250 years later.

As Matt explains:

“Even though the people who executed those operations have long been dead and are separated by big spans of time, there’s a continuous process and it’s that continuous process which is also tied – the more you dig – to the battles of the Founding Fathers against the world’s greatest, globally-expanded empire…that was able to dominate 25% of the world’s surface area from a little island called the British Empire.

“You can’t do that with just brute force or the British East India Company, you need to have an interconnected network of finance; of the control of banking. That’s the City of London. We talked about that last time but also, you need to have a certain kind of sensitivity to social engineering, how the mind of the people and how cultural dynamics work, such that you can manipulate whole cultures to undermine their own goodness and work against each other and work against their neighbors, so that they’re so busy fighting themselves internally or with their neighbors that they can’t work together to do anything about the Great Overlords…”

Matt says that the method for subverting nations came from ancient mystery schools that operate in public, disguised as political groups or as certain religious orders or as exclusive social clubs, like the Hellfire Club, which were actually early forerunners of the World Economic Forum and of Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail operation.

The London-based Hellfire Club was quick to set up 11 chapters throughout the US Colonies in the late 18th century, in order to, as Matt says, “Indoctrinate and corrupt local elites to be local managers and stewards of this global system.”  

Matt charts the history of the Fabian Society, whose outward purpose is to promote Socialism via incremental reform, rather than by revolutionary overthrow, hence their symbol of the Wolf in Sheep’s clothing, which Matt says refers to the stealth warfare techniques of attrition and infiltration used by the Fabians, an organization which, as unintuitive as it sounds, he explains is actually a revival of the ancient initiatic mystery religions of Mithras and of Cybele.

The Fabian Society is named after the Roman dictator who ruled during the Punic Wars against Carthage. After a Sibylline oracle prophesied that Fabian would only be successful in the war if he welcomed the Cult of Cybele into Rome, he did so – and thereby swiftly ushered-in one of the most corrupt periods in the history of the Roman Empire.

Matt points to the self-flagellation of the Benedictines, Franciscans and Jesuits as an artifact of the Persian Cult of Mithras. Interestingly, hardcore self-flagellation rituals called Tatbir are still practiced to this day by some descendants of the Ancient Persians who practice Shia Islam.

Matt says that the Templars also appear to have been a Gnostic cult, adding, “You’ve got this whole continuity of different, synthetic Christian orders that are reviving the Gnostic gospels that were pre-Nicaean Gnostic texts; the Book of Seth, the Book of Mary Magdalene, the Book of Thomas.

“There’s a whole variety of them that were recovered in Egypt but they already had a bunch that had been known for thousands of years, that had been maintained in secrecy underground, shaping the different occult movements, from the Templars through the Rosicrucians and the Franciscans, as well had esoteric doctrines versus the exoteric, public doctrines.

“There’s a whole variety of pseudo religious orders that act Jewish or act Christian – but they’re not, because they’re actually carrying on the secret gospels of what Jesus ‘secretly told’ his lover, Mary Magdalene, who then told the two of the twelve ‘select, elite’ disciples, that then carried on this secret Gnostic teaching, that the masses were ‘too unwise’ to understand.”

One can see the roots of elitism and oligarchism in this kind of thinking.

There’s the shopworn trusim about how those who don’t know their history are destined to repeat it. This is clearly not going to happen to Matt Ehret and he has such a great gift of bringing history to life by showing us how we are products of history, how we are living history and how we are all part of a story that’s been going on for a long time.

When Seth asks Matt what books he recommends to better understand our own history, he says that we should all go get ‘How the Nation Was Won’ by H Graham Lowry. He also recommends anything by Anton Chaitkin and he also plugs his own ‘Clash of the Two Americas’ Volumes 1 through 4, which fleshes out the history of the Deep State.

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  • I haven’t read the City of God. But a) St.Augustine gave all power to the bloodlines by kicking out Enoch I from the Canon (showing the non-human origins of those lines) [I assume he did this].
    b) the Church has almost never followed the Holy Spirit thereby being unable to measure it by the Word, because having allowed empire/tripartite society of overlay the Church, kept in oligarchical place the destruction of females in the name of Empire access to their bodies i.e.slavery/inequality c) this dualism as inequality is a cultic casting of death onto the feared and despised other — so very opposite from Jesus [resurrection v death; innate equality v innate inequality]. A fraud on the superior self by that self that all human weakness or sin or lack of power of social death belonged only to females and other minorities — a lie of weak men ir non-men e.g.alleged serial killer Rex Heuermann and alleged killer of 4 Bryan Kohberger, see screenplay Denzel the Equalizer calling the turkic ex spouse on the train “not a real man”.

    The Church still refuses to resolve this anti-resurrection belief system.

  • International Notice: Recap # 2
    In Recap 1, we summarized the vacated condition of the English Throne, the implications of this circumstance, the conflict of interest arising from having the Pope’s Overseer acting as the head of the Church of England, and the fraud scheme that was first perpetuated by King Henry the Eighth and the then-Pope to kill all the Protestants on paper and seize upon their purportedly abandoned estates.

    In this, Recap 2, we shall visit a separate and particular misdeed of the current Papist/Roman Pontiff-run Municipal United States Government apart from and in addition to their part in the fraud promoted in Recap 1.

    In designing our Federal Government (“Federal” was a synonym for “Contract” at the time) our Forefathers set up a complex series of contracts for services and power-sharing via the delegated powers entrusted to three different service providers under contracts issued as Constitutions.

    There were three (3) such Constitution contracts, three Federal Subcontractors– one American, one British Territorial, one Holy Roman Empire — and three Federal Congressional bodies that separately and collectively administered the smooth interaction of the service providers.

    The American Federal Subcontractor known as the States of America was given the lion’s share of the responsibility in their 1787 Constitutional Contract called, “The Constitution for the united States of America”. This Congressional body, among its other rights and duties, was given “plenary” control of the Federal Capitol, the City of Washington, in the District of Columbia: Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.

    It was never intended that any foreign Federal Subcontractor (or their Congressional body, in this case) would have control of our Federal Capitol, but over time, by ignorance and malicious deceit combined, the Papist/Roman Federal Subcontractor working under The Constitution of the United States, contrived to “reinterpret” its Congressional body as the one having plenary control over our Federal Capitol.

    Having once overstepped its authority and jurisdiction, this Holy Roman Empire Subcontractor Successor, proceeded to create an “independent, international city-state” and began operating this tiny separate country in the same way that the Vatican City and Inner City of London and NYC and the UN city-states have been operated under their own foreign Municipal Law, subject only to the pagan Roman Curia and Jewish Shetar.

    The Perpetrators of this scheme had no authority vested in them allowing them to do this. They purloined a delegated power that was granted to our American Subcontractor and its Congressional body, and abused it to do something never actually allowed to any Congressional body.

    Even under a valid assignment of a delegated power– which the HRE Subcontractors and Successors never had – the object of the assignment remains the same, and the object of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, is the City of Washington in the District of Columbia.

    There is no provision for any Federal Subcontractor to assume plenary power over any other thing or to substitute the object of the grant, so as to substitute the Municipality of Washington for the City of Washington.

    This is again a pattern of corruption and fraud which involves substitution schemes on paper, confusion promoted by using the same or very similar names, mistaken identities, impersonation, and undisclosed jurisdictional manipulations.

    Via the referenced overreaches and insupportable assumptions of powers never vested in them, the Municipal Congressional Body has promoted the idea that the government of this country is vested in their tiny unauthorized “independent, international city-state” and that they are the plenary Oligarchs and Rulers of America.

    Except that they have gotten away with this completely groundless set of undisclosed actions and assumptions of power behind our backs for a number of years, it would be laughable absent the consequences of having these persons representing our country in ways never allowed to them.

    This dolorous course of fraudulent usurpation against our lawful American Government, and the equally malicious results, which have had our country and our resources misdirected into literally hundreds of aggressive and illegal mercenary conflicts promoted by this Usurper, are self-evident.

    Doing business as “the United States” and as the familiar British Territorial Crown corporations known as the UNITED STATES, and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and USA and so on, this usurping foreign city-state is of concern not only to the actual American Government, but to the entire world.

    The network of “independent, international city-states” that have been used as pirate bases throughout the planet have promoted national identity theft schemes and sought to insinuate themselves and their franchise corporations into positions of political and economic power so as to subjugate the living to the “dead” corporate powers.

    Putting an end to this and to the insane proposition of “killing for Jesus” is an absolute necessity if we are to maintain life on this planet, but the collusion between the Church of Rome, the phony “King” of England who gets his crown from the Pope and works for the Pope, and the British Crown — has been difficult to exhume from the pages of history and difficult to address in its modern form as a result of widespread corruption, payola schemes, threats, blackmail, and other criminality infesting every strata of society.

    We recommend the immediate dissolution of the “independent, international city-state” of Washington, DC. This monster was created on paper and it deserves no more for its demise. The members of the Municipal Congressional Body created it and they can be imposed upon to dissolve it, too.

    Having been thoroughly perceived and exposed this fraud must be addressed and scrubbed clean, together with its unsavory results; amends must be made to the extent that that is reasonable and possible.

    We have observed that it is the absolute duty of the British Territorial Subcontractors to remove the Usurpers, by force, if necessary, but they have been reluctant to promote a civil war because we have forbade it, and because they are in conflict of interest.

    This is the situation that keeps Donald Trump frustrated in the Territorial Office of Commander-in-Chief, and locked in his passive-aggressive stance.

    He knows it is his duty to dig the rats out and arrest them, but he hasn’t been able to reliably deploy a mercenary force that is paid by SERCO, a British Crown Corporation, no matter what his contract says.

    So it comes down to us, the living people, to house clean these institutions and corporations by peaceful and lawful means.

    We ask that everyone reading this do your best to comprehend this ancient evil in our midst and your possible part in it. We ask the guilty to repent, the ignorant to learn, and for all to take courage in the face of evil in High Places.

  • Your video is very informative. Yet I wonder if you have noticed how St. Augustine has misinterpreted many of the original Greek scriptures?

  • The bottom line is Natural Law. All the history is fascinating and everyone has an opinion… however Natural Law remains the underlying key to all of this. This is what we individuals can do. We can practice and live by Natural Law in all of our affairs. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” That means concentrated analysis of every action. Paying attention. Moving slowly and thoughtfully through life and asking ourselves with every action, who, if anyone will be harmed? This can be very tricky these days. It’s up to each person to find their way with this. Natural Law are the set of non-man-made, immutable principles which govern the behaviors of beings who have the capacity to know right from wrong. The bottom line – “Don’t Steal” – and there are 5 ways that we can steal: theft of intellectual space and judgement – coercion; theft of property; theft of rights to property: trespass, theft of life: murder; theft of sexual space: rape. That’s it – if we individually follow these principles in all our affairs – we will have FREEDOM

  • Is that statement by the interviewer in minute 7:45 a joke? “[…] the founding fathers back in 17oo were fighting the same cabal that we are fighting today. […[separating themselves from this satanic cabal.”
    What a baloney! Simplification to the extreme, continuing the mythos of immaculate conception.
    It is the same rhetoric as can be found in this article by Murray N. Rothbard published by the Mises institute: This rhetoric was taken apart by Miles Mathis in his short paper:

    Founders were of the top British peerage globalist noble families that run the BEIC – British East India Company – and the world, utilizing global trade wars to this day, evidence of which can be found in this paper:
    “[The revolution] succeeded because the East India Company and other powerful entities supported it. Not because of any solidarity or fellow feeling, but because the EIC felt it would be easier to negotiate with and dominate a fledgling country like the US than an old powerhouse like England. In fact, the EIC had already infiltrated the colonies thoroughly, and mostly owned them, so the American Revolution was more a war over ownership between England and the EIC, or two arms of the aristocracy, than between England and the colonies.”
    … so … globalist infighting … meaning the god given rights are reserved for them exclusively and their Posterity.

    And below are papers looking behind the veil of some of the so called “fathers”:
    🙂 Ben Franklin –
    🙂 Thomas Jefferson –
    🙂 George Washington –

  • Listened to over half and he seems to know what he is talking about. Unfortunately his teaching history is like drinking water through a fire hose as he dances back and forth from era to era.

    I respectfully interject with a few fundamentals. The only reliable records we have are that all representations of who we are and how the world came into being are contained in the authentic Christian scriptures. Not all are authentic, but that is another topic which is impossible to intelligently discuss in this venue. Not that these records are everything, they are not. Knowing everything is impossible for mortals.

    We do know from this and other reliable sources, that Mithras, much like other pagan gods was a Persian military god and that it’s Roman counterpart was Sol Invictus, the invincible sun god and that Constantine the Great was a (or the) high priest to this sun god, before he allegedly saw another blazing light in the sky in the shape of a cross. We have abundant details about this, but not here, not now. It was Constantine who introduced all the extant sun-god symbology into the Gentile Roman Church. All of it!

    It was Constantine who married that church with his Roman political state for the purpose of unifying the divisive Roman Empire. These are well established facts of history whether or not one chooses to believe them! Fast forwarding we see state rulers and church rulers changing the rules for the purpose of dominion. It was never completely successful, as the record shows. Nevertheless, attempts at enforced dominion persisted, and the sorrows of that are what was still fresh in the minds of the progeny (who wrote the Declaration and Constitution), of the Pilgrims, the Puritans, the Quakers and all the rest of the Reformational fall out who fled the remnant terrors of that old European empire!

    The lesson to be learned from this history is that the spirit of Constantine lives in the hearts and minds of those today who long for a return of the Holy Roman Empire’s feudalistic dominion.

    Look at the records, not the puppet shows which are false.

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