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In mid-May of this year, 7 women in Saudi Arabia who were longtime activists against the female driving ban were arrested. They languish in jail to this day. Ironically or perhaps perversely, the ban they fight against was lifted in the Kingdom just one month afterwards.

Now, it’s been about 6 weeks since the lifting of the driving ban and I just saw this homemade MTV-style rap video with a young Saudi girl moderately vamping “thug-style” in Arabic. She’s clearly happy about her new driver status, as I’m sure are most women in Saudi Arabia to have this new privilege.

There’s a ways to go in a country where women have the legal status of minors for the entirety of their lifetimes. Still, driving is a victory worth celebrating and it’s nice to know that somewhere in the world, some people are becoming more free.

Meanwhile, free speech in the US and in Europe are eroding, with the EU’s new draconian Title 13 legislation, a total body-blow to the fundamentals of the Internet and the corporate censorship Blitz last week, when all but one major social media platform de-personed the loudest anti-establishment voice in America, to the glee of so-called Liberals, who a generation ago were the flag-bearers of Free Speech. What an incoherent trainwreck the latter have become, speaking as someone born and raised.

Today, I set aside my sadness about the psychological war being waged against Americans and feel happy for Saudi women like Leesa, as they embark on their road trips.

Lyrics to “We Are Driving” – نحن نسوق

You think I’m kidding?
Don’t forget!
That today is the 10th the date for lifting the ban on women driving
Which means no taxis anymore
Steering wheel in my hand
The pedal under my foot
I won’t ask anyone to drive me around
I’ll be serving me myself
Come ride with me
Fasten the seatbelt over the abayah
While driving, keep an eye on the road and the other on the mirror
R is for reverse and D is for driving
Beware of all the iron cars
Whether it’s Ford or a Toyota, your life won’t be happy, if you get in an accident
Come to me for a carpool, this will ruin the plan
If you need me to come then you’ll have to pay
The gas money! Don’t take it for granted, Lady
If you ride with me without paying the you’ll owe me
Don’t close the door hard. This was long time ago
Now if you do it I’ll tie you up with a seatbelt
Hey, Uber n Kareem – whazzup!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • That should read:

    Liberated women tear down their houses with their mouths.

    Plus I want to say:

    Security will become increasingly ineffective and increasingly costy to the point where society will not be able to afford it anymore.

    The only security that will work in the long run, is a sane and intelligent and properly educated woman in every house, working in alignment with the laws of nature.

      • I do have lots of friends.

        Intelligent, sane friends, too. 🙂

        People that know right from wrong.

        People that know the difference between true and false.

        People who know the difference between good and bad.

        People who know the difference between sane and insane.

        People who know the difference between good judgement, poor judgement, bad judgement and perverted judgement.

        People who know the difference between right thinking, honest thinking, straight thinking, dishonest thinking, stupid thinking, and wrong thinking.

        People that know the difference between a belief and fact.

        People who know the difference between an eristical argument and a dialectical argument.

        People who know the right kind of philosophy.

        People who are truth scientists, truthologists.

        People who have read at least a few hundred of the right kinds of books and are therefore well informed and well qualified to think and comment on things.

        People who understand the laws of nature.

        People who have good common sense.

        People who know that the truth is not determined by authority, beliefs, opinions, political correctness, or by who wins an argument, but by facts, by how well an idea works, how many problems it solves, and how well it solves them, and for how long a period of time it solves them.

        Deep down everyone knows what I said is true.

        But the problem is that our society is so brain washed in lies and false and limiting knowledge, that they have no real clue of what truth is anymore. 🙂

  • Liberated women are poison to men, families and society.
    Liberated women make a man’s bones rot.

    Liberated women destroy families and society.

    Feminists down their houses with their mouths.

    The Saudi Government had it right.

    They will be sorry they gave into women’s liberation, in the generations to come.

    The quality of society will increasingly deteriorate.

    Children will become increasingly immoral and unethical, and mentally ill as the generations progress.

    Obesity will increase.

    Crime will increase.

    Just look at what has been happening and is happening in Canada and the USA over the yrs.

    Society is degenerating at a very rapid pace.

    People are getting crazier and crazier by the day.
    It is only a matter of time, before critical mass hits and civilization on earth will self destruct.

    Can there be a greater crime than killing every human being on earth?

    Canada’s Christi Freeland is a nosey bitch supreme!

    She is a criminal working hard at all cost to destroy civilization.

  • She’s HOT! Beautiful teeth and skin, Middle Eastern women can be strikingly gorgeous! I’d go for a ride with you any day.

  • Basic “Tokenism” toward the FEMALE sex in that Totalitarian state of Saudi Arabia, which regards ALL Females as PROPERTY instead as MOTHERS of Humanity!
    The time is FAST approaching when FEMALE energies will Correct ALL the BS MAN has created.
    No wonder the MALE Saudi’s want to “Contain” them best they can…I recently learned that in AFRICA Females are HIGHLY revered as MOTHERS of Humanity, and that they are given MANY responsibilities that normally ALL Male providence.
    Its about time folks!

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