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If I hear someone else say that the Mainstream Media is “not doing its job”, I’m going to blow a gasket. Members of the Mainstream Media are war fighters engaged in 4th Generation Warfare against the American populace. They ARE doing their job!

Not just the Mainstream Media support the rioters, many transnational corporations whose stores have been looted support the rioters, as do the Democrat mayors and governors, whose cities have been savaged.

Los Angeles and New York are now moving to radically de-fund their police departments and Minneapolis is talking about disbanding theirs, altogether – which will be really great for preventing future riots, as the world descends into financial chaos wrought by the #coronahoax.

Amazing Polly gets into the details of how the George Floyd riots and the #coronahoax are “gray zone exploits”, which are the trademark feature of 4th Generation Warfare. It’s a topic that is vital to understand as we grapple with this Globalist/Communist attack, decades in the making that has suddenly gone kinetic.

The Foreign Policy Research Institute at Johns Hopkins University describes gray zone exploits as, “activity that is coercive and aggressive in nature, but that is deliberately designed to remain below the threshold of conventional military conflict and open interstate war…thus without exposing the practitioner to the penalties and risks that such escalation might bring.

“Gray zone challenges are thus inherently ambiguous in nature. They feature unconventional tactics, from cyberattacks, to propaganda and political warfare, to economic coercion and sabotage, to sponsorship of armed proxy fighters, to creeping military expansionism. Those tactics, in turn, are frequently shrouded in misinformation and deception, and are often conducted in ways that are meant to make proper attribution of the responsible party difficult to nail down. Gray zone challenges, in other words, are ambiguous and usually incremental aggression. They represent that coercion that is, to varying degrees, disguised; they eat away at the status quo one nibble at a time.”

Online censorship is a gray zone exploit that is executed via artificial intelligence, giving it total reach within the Internet. The algorithmic suppression of people online is one of the most powerful weapons of 4th Generation Warfare.

Little old me can be taken out with little investment or liability because they can lie that they’re even doing it. My website has been under constant DDoS attack since the Declaration of Emergency on March 15th. The site is knocked offline several times per day, which has reduced my traffic to one quarter of what it was before the lockdown because people can’t access the site. My ad income has decreased commensurately.

Also, if I hear someone else say that all of this is happening because, “they hate Donald Trump”, I’m going to scream. No amount of hatred of his personality could account for what’s been going on.

All of this is happening because they know he’ll prosecute their unfathomable corruption in his second term and that their multi-trillion dollar criminal world order will be put out of business.

With an understanding of 4th Generation Warfare, we are better-equipped to weather this storm.

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Alexandra Bruce

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