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Candace Owens joins Glenn Beck to share her reactions to the George Floyd riots. She sees history repeating itself. It’s like a replay of the riots across Detroit and Chicago during the late 1960s and how they caused white business owners to pack up and leave, which she says is what led to major unemployment in the black communities.

She says, “That’s exactly what’s going to happen now and so I’ve spent this week realizing that we potentially just signed up for another 60 years of black poverty…

“People [could have] been more conscious of the fact that we we are in an election cycle and there are powers that want to make this race rioting happen…You have [them] telling you that they can’t go to work for months, followed by incentivizing looting and rioting.

“Even looking at Bill DeBlasio, his daughter getting arrested for blocking traffic on that main street where the riots were taking place and him saying that he’s proud of her! At the same time, he is disallowing the President to send in the National Guard to help garner control of a situation.

“You have to think that it must just be an attack on America and they’re so short-sighted that all they want to do is defeat Donald Trump in November at the polls and they’re willing to inspire tyranny and anarchy in the process…

“White Privilege is something that was made up by Post-Modernists to divide people…Who does better than white Americans in this country? Asian Americans do and this is why you never hear people talk about Asian Americans, at all. It’s because they completely defeat the idea that there is White Privilege in this country.

“They do better in every single lane than white people do. And you want to know why? Because they make better decisions than white people do and you want to know why white people do better than black people? Because white people make better decisions, as a whole than black people.

“You get out of life what you put into it and unfortunately, people don’t like to talk about that, because it’s too tough of a conversation to have about what black Americans aren’t doing right.

“We have policies like Affirmative Action, which mismatches us and puts us into schools not based on our merit or what we know but based on our skin color and those are things that are actually, with time disadvantaging black Americans, because it’s not allowing us to do the hard work we need to do to get on the level playing field…

“What White Privilege is, it’s an excuse for black Americans not to apply themselves and that’s why I reject the narrative.

“Now, if you told me that two people, one black, one white, born into the same economic circumstances – you think Malia Obama or Sasha Obama is suffering because of the color of her skin? No. Why? Because they had parents that became President of the United States. They have privileges that most white people will never know in this country and that is not because of the color of their skin. It’s because of decisions that their parents made.

“Me, my mother didn’t graduate high school. My father was an alcoholic, so the circumstances of where I started in life was not because of the color of my skin but because of decisions that were made before I came into this world. And those are the discussions that we need to have about how we fix the fabric of Black America and those decisions that we are making.

“There was no white person that told my mother that she wasn’t allowed to graduate high school and she had to have her first child at 17. It becomes too easy of an excuse and we have to stop handing my community excuses. We have to stop handing my community catchy phrases, like ‘White Privilege’.

“It’s hard work. It’s not easy. It sucks. And Shelby Steele does a great job of talking about how sometimes, the hardest thing in the world is being handed freedom after years of oppression, which is what black Americans went through.

“Because suddenly, you realize that they were saying that you were not equal and suddenly, you have to contend with the fact that they’re right. That they’re better than you at math and science and reading and writing, because you’ve had years of oppression.

“But the only way to actually get ahead and to no longer lie is to do the hard work and we’ve not been able to do the hard work, because everybody keeps giving us excuses.

“So I’ll have to tell you, ‘No, Glenn, there is no such thing as White Privilege.’ I have to deny that, because I want black America to get ahead.”

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