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Here’s an amazing interview on the new YouTube channel of UFO researcher Richard Dolan, author of the excellent book, UFOs and the National Security State: The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991.

Dolan speaks with alien abduction researcher and author, David Jacobs, whose latest book is Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity, which I read when it was released 2 years ago and which is totally mind-blowing and which I highly recommend.

Jacobs is the foremost authority of the topic of a global alien hybridization project and the details about how this project is being conducted are completely fascinating!

Jacobs is notoriously pessimistic about this situation. He says, “I fear for the future. I never would have imagined myself saying something like that some years back but now I have no choice. The evidence is overwhelming. It’s sort of mind-boggling; that this is happening and that it’s headed toward something. They’re not doing this because they’re experimenting on us or anything like that. This is headed towards what I would imagine to be a major event, where they will suddenly take over the earth for reasons that we do not know.”

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  • It is my understanding it is all about the resources here. Unfortunately, humans are going to be a resource as well. They go from planet to planet and strip it bare and move on. Read the books Allies of Humanity. It IS happening right now.
    Notice the inertia that happens on a upper level when humans want change. All key positions , down to the local level are being run by hybrids.

  • For God’s sake why nobody ask those wise guys where is evidence for they stories, why people is so naive?By the way he is doctor of what science?

  • Thank you for the video link Alexandra!
    I could detect several loopholes in the arguments brought forward by David Jacobs.

    Earth has always belonged to alien races and we humans are a by-product of alien intervention.

    Several alien races have given their input for the development of life on earth; I doubt very much that one of these is going to take over the human race unilaterally without encountering opposition from other races.

    The fact that hybrids and hubrids are a genetic mixture of alien and human DNA makes it improbable that these aliens are going to harm or destroy what are essentially their offspring.

    As a starseed, I can vouch that individuals from alien races have answered the call of distress by planet Earth itself by bravely incarnating as human beings to assist the transformations taking place, and raise the level of vibrations. This is not the action of one individual from any race trying to overtake a planet. (This is explained in detail in the books of Dolores Cannon notably in the book The Three Waves)

    It has been shown that many times alien spacecraft shot down -literally- attempts of nuclear experiments/detonations. That is not an action expected of a would be conqueror.

    Even assuming Jacobs is right, an alien integration (a more precise word than take-over) cannot be any worse than the Hitlers, Bushes, Clintons and Genghis Khans of this world. We need to admit humans have grossly mis-managed the planet they live on, with poisons and pollutants pervading the entire planet. Thus the hypothesis is more porn fear than anything else, even if it has a grain of truth. The only real problem may be if an assimilation with a hive-mind alien race takes place, which would render individuality obsolete even if the earth is restored into a glorious paradise. Again, due to the nvolvement of several alien races, this may be unlikely.

    For the start of 2019 I would recommend the video DATA LIMITE (TIME LIMIT – with English subtitles) about the prediction/statement by Brazil’s famous medium Chico Xavier, namely that aliens have given humanity a fifty year window of opportunity to neutralise nuclear warfare, which started in 1969 and ends in 2019. We have less than a year to know if the guy was deluded or remarkably spot on!

    Link – DATA LIMITE (63 mins) watch?v=4JxukHvGVzE

  • Human DNA and the hybridization program is necessary in order to have workers on the ground that are a bit more immune to biological infection. Even then, at best, they (the hybrids) are extremely at risk.

  • I still don’t get how the et side of things fits but just to throw this out there. What if Richard Dolan’s idea of the breakaway civilisation is corrrect but that it’s a new world order breaking off from an old world order and trying to supercede it. It certainly feels like that’s what’s happening.

  • I no longer follow MOST of these people SUPPOSEDLY in the Know bout all these ET visits and such….and like Bill youmans said, these highly ADVANCED Beings could have wiped us out LONG Ago…IF they had WEAPONS like some have been used by the so-called SECRET Space Program.
    The FACT that THEY (The Positive ET’s) have done nothing like this SCREAMS…THEY ARE NOT LIKE THE SSP demons!
    THEY are the ones using “Spaced based” weapons on HU-Manity…Because THEY are OBVIOUSLY Luciferian type “Nagative” ET’s…and are the ones backing the MOTHER (Vatican) Corporation, of ALL corporate Governments (And their Alliance)
    earth wide. These very same folks are the ones that cannot even admit, that THEY have been LYING about OUR-Story ever since they “Came Here” as the “Fallen Ones” …ALWAYS trying to represent THEIR story as HIS-STORY.

  • The speculation that aliens are here to “take over the planet” seems dubious at best. If aliens have the kind of power Dr. Jacobs ascribes to them, why have they not simply taken over, and wiped us all out? Does he not suspect at least some of the witnesses are projecting contents of the unconscious in these hypnosis sessions? The demonic aspects of the “aliens” as Jacobs describes them are well known archetypes of the collective unconscious, first identified by Carl Jung. The scenario that they are here to take over just has a sort of simplistic ring to it. Like sci fi comics. It’s just got to be more complex than that. I am convinced there are aliens here, that abductees, some at least, have had encounters with alien beings of some kind. But to leap from abductions to conquest of our planet seems too far a distance. Where is the conquest? Why take so much trouble? Why mutilate cattle and make hybrids and cause people to forget the experiences but be able to remember them under hypnosis, why shut down nuclear weapons sites, why all the strange sightings and apparent reluctance or inability to reveal themselves? It’s got to be deeper, more liminal, more abstract than “we want your planet.” Dr. Jacobs is doing incredible work, and he is to be lauded for it- it takes courage. I only question his conclusions. We really don’t know enough yet to say what is going on.

    • I highly recommend his last book, ‘Walking Among Us’, in which he describes the generational stages of hybrids-to-hubrids. The hybrids are becoming increasingly human with each succeeding generation.

  • Thank you for Jacobs talk. I find it interesting most if not all people study the past behaviors to the presence of aliens on Earth. I have had contact with aliens and have a weird ability to remember my early childhood and pre-birth memories. Thank you.

  • In law, nothing supersedes the will of the majority of the people regarding governance.

    A ‘Statement of Claim’ was filed in Canadian Federal Court Nov 30.18, for the Canadian people to take back final decision making authority from de facto [illegitimate] governments at all levels. The process can be applied in other democratic countries as follows.

  • This theory of Hubrids et al likely relates to the phenomenon of Progressivism, a political/social manefestation that appears devoid of reason, logical and/or consciousness. Perhaps thats a bit over the top but where could these useful idiots have come from if not from outer space – yes, they are definely spaced-out. I personally do not fear the consequences as the author, there is a greater power within us that is not alien that will make us triumphant.

  • It makes sense. The earth is being terraformed – no doubt about it. The question we need to ask is WHY? The obvious answer is that they need to modify all the various systems of this planet to better suit THEIR species… So the bigger question is WHO? Is it who the Scriptures call satan and his demonic entities? Are they the same as nefarious “aliens”? Is it possible that the powers-that-shouldn’t-be have advanced technology that could allow them to set all of this up? Are THEY destroying earth? So many questions.. so few answers …

    • I wonder if the Deep State has been mind controlled because we will all go down the hole when the takeover happens as they will.
      I find the hypothesis liberating as it explains everything that is happening – chem trails, area 51, weather control, vaccines to dumb us down, junk food, Monsanto, 5G.
      I do not know how this can be stopped except by a mass increasing of awareness and with few exceptions there are few signs of this.

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