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This documentary covers an incredible discovery that could change everything we thought we knew about history. The ancient mythologies of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Sumeria and the Americas tell startlingly similar stories of a previous civilization that sank beneath the waves.

New scanning technologies are discovering the ruins and evidence that correlate to surviving tales of an antediluvian world predating the establishment of Göbekli Tepe. These lost cities hold the secrets to unlocking the ancient code of human origin and destiny.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Wow, I love these discoveries and the facts of history. When I went on tours to Malaysia, the guide talked a lot about archaeological excavations in this area, it was clear that he is very knowledgeable and able to provide interesting information. I will definitely go there again. And after watching the video-in Egypt, look at the pyramids.

  • It is possible that they will take over planet earth with the hybrids. To bring humanity into the next realm of existence.
    Away from the warring parties.
    The interviewer mentioned 5 G mobile.
    Well, that could be used to quell the population of planet earth. For an easier take over.
    I believe I maybe an abductee/experiencer. As I have memory of Praymantis beings. From very young.
    There is more to be said on that.

    But, I have had this insatiable desire to find out more on the subject of aliens, ufo’s and abductions.
    For such a long time.
    I don’t talk about it much, in fact very little, because of being ridiculed.
    But, I have met one Japanese lady on a flight. We talked freely , as if it was quite normal. It was a great release.

  • Amazing story of Earth’s evolution…..that hopefully will be researched and explored for it’s knowledge. This knowledge is needed….very desperately to preserve life. What is the explanation of the building and use of all the CERNS & climate control around the world; will this lead to another annihilation of Earths’ population; people, animals, & plants above and below the oceans & earth? Having all this information in the hands of people from other galaxies perhaps – psychopaths (maybe they are our alien ancestors) and they want to cleanse the earth again….do away with the folks that are now populating the planet….not to their liking.
    At any rate….looking back at our ancient past is well worth it and yes, the answers are waiting for discovery of perhaps a civilization that will at long last carry the torch for those that are a kinder, gentler, species.

  • These civilizations were not “flesh man” but were built during what the Bible calls the first earth age when we were here in our spiritual bodies. GOD destroyed it because of satan`s rebellion and in Genesis 1 we read of HIS creating the present earth age and flesh man. All the mysteries, TV shows and conjectures about “ancient aliens” are all very easily explained in the Bible…………..if people woulds read it. Even what are called UFOs are there. Yall just need to read and study The Bible……………..GOD told us everything……….yofrenray

  • My current interest is the investigation over the repressed history of Tartaria, or Tartary. Humans supposedly have the technology to observe far distant stars but we still don’t know or won’t broadcast what is on the ocean floors? We have been lied to…about almost everything.

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