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“Just watching the way the pandemic was conducted, the countermeasures were conducted, and then the war and the bank bailouts. I had enough. I see my country disappearing…It’s a uniparty – they’re both the party of war.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Sounds like a Man on Fire sequal is coming for the DS. RFK has more than enough reasons to go medieval on the FBI , CIA and drug mafia . The DS fake Trump actor , the #therealDonaldTrump died 2 years ago of ass cancer, just lost his support team after the new player “The Silent Circle ” has taken control of all of DC and is flattening the field of all the BS that would prevent an easy transition of power . DS Desantis may want to reconsider his life choices on any election plans he may have .

    • Daniel, sadly DeSantis is a sell out to the political police state of Israel, having recently signed another special class protection bill that criminalizes anti-Semitism, and then tries to tell us opposing Zionism is the same thing which of course is another big fat lie.

  • He was a heroin addict, he went to a Jesuit school, there have been constant rumors about the death of his wife, & now he is married to Hollywood. Sounds like a typical Kennedy. People have stars in their eyes about his man, they should grow up. Teddy did as he pleased but never rocked the big boat so he lived to a ripe old age. We will see what happens. Every Kennedy who was serious about taking down corruption was dealt with.

    • Similar to Elon having lots of controversial stuff from his background.
      Apparently, sheep don’t want to learn a lesson, their constant search for non existent master is never ending.

    • Rumors go both ways. “Herion addict” really….
      Jesuit school, what difference does that make, none!

      • Didnt he admit that he was a drug addict?
        It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes for searching about this topic on web.

  • Thus far the only possible thing that can stop him besides assassination is a sex scandal, but I’m of the opinion he is clean in that regard.

    Trump was an easy target for sex scandals because of his reputation as a womanizer. Any woman can make claims against him no matter how false, and it has a ring of legitimacy to it.

    I sure hope he has trustworthy body guards because the Secret Service protection has a shameful track record. I’m certain he knows that too and doesn’t want this to be just another suicide mission.

    However he has already made serious misstatements about his political party and the Ukraine war that tell me he has a similar problem as Trump – undiscerning or disloyal advisors.

    He alone is uniquely qualified for this office, like David the giant slayer, an apparent godsend. Neither do I question his loyalty nor his honor.

    Keep him in your prayers.

    • I think the Daily Beast or similar came out with an article claiming that RFK Jr had affairs with 35 women in 2019, alone and that he had goaded his late wife into threesomes and that when she balked, he told her she should just kill herself. She later did kill herself.

      I’m not saying any of this is true, just giving you the preview of more to come from the Commie media.

      • Alexandra –
        35 affairs in 2019, unless simultaneous vs. serial, is one roughly every ten days.

        I wouldn’t call those affairs.

        • I saw him out at the Odeon Restaurant in Tribeca back in the early ’90s and we made eyes at each other all night. He was a total flirt and he was very attractive.

      • Thank you for reminding me, because I actually forgot about this. However, since he is the foremost warrior against Monsanto’s war against anybody who rejects what they make and sell for profits, perhaps we also ought to remember the tenacity of RFK, jr in doing battle with morally rudderless corporations like that, because in America we seldom hear of what other nations have to say about glyphosate for instance which contaminates most of our food supply. Because corporate American has such a grip on advertising funds that provide the good life for entertainment news pom pom girls and corporate media owners, many Americans are clueless.

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