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    by James Corbett

    While most of the the public’s attention is falling on the obvious issues—the monarchy’s increasing irrelevance to the 21st century, the colossal waste of taxpayer resources that go towards the upkeep of the world’s richest family and their multiple palaces, the dark history of slavery and other colonial abuses for which royals of the far-distant past are responsible—few are aware of just how dark the history of the royal family is, or just how twisted Charles’ vision for the future of the United Kingdom—and, indeed the world—really is.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • King Chucky , the lizard king , the wannabe pindar and leader of the BLACK SUN has failed to gain recognition in the Hall of Records so he cannot be legally seated as king of anything .
      Fake King Chucky will climate reset the remainder of the unfortunate native sons of not so Great Britain. Having to swear an oath of allegiance to this clown would be the ultimate humiliation . Getting down on your knees to kiss the ring of the Pope’s puppet, priceless but still brilliant.
      Yank this you dodgy wankers.

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