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    This is the classic, full 7+ hour interview between Pastor Rick Strawcutter and Katharine Pollard “Kay” Griggs about the history of the US military and the power elite, which has been hard to find since all mention of Kay Griggs was scrubbed from YouTube in recent years.

    This interview is a motherlode of Deep State intel that is as valuable for research and informative about the 5GW Mindwar that we are living through today as anything from Bill Cooper or Dr John Coleman.

    She says, “My former husband George, who is a trained assassin, calls the people he is involved with the members of The Firm or The Brotherhood. If you are in the clique, you are above the law and literally can get away with murder.”

    Kay Griggs was married to US Marine Corps Colonel George Griggs Chief of Staff, Marine Atlantic / Head of Psychological Operations, NATO. She speaks openly about leadership induction and training, murder and assassination, drug trafficking and gun running, brainwashing and mind control.

    How does the control system really work? How do men dominate each other? Who are our world leaders and how are they chosen? Who are the SEALs, the Special Forces? What goes on in Skull and Bones?

    Kay found her husband’s diary, which contains details of homosexual blackmail in the top ranks of the US Marine Corps and names leading politicians and military leaders. She exposes initiation rituals, the raping of young men and blackmail and murders to keep people quiet. Much of this, according to Griggs, is related to secret society activity and she names figures like Henry Kissinger and a string of other top government individuals. Kay Griggs’s information about the US government also comes from observations and people she met.

    This isn’t the first time Griggs is going public with her story about government mob-like hit squads and the sexually perverted secret “cap and gown and skull and bone society” her husband belonged to, along with other high-ranking Marine officers and public officials. She first went public in 1996 after receiving death threats, being rescued by Sarah McClendon, former senior member of the White House press corps, who believed her story and took Griggs under her wing, giving her a place to stay and important advice about how to stay alive when dealing with military operatives.

    “I became a whistleblower and received death threats,” said Griggs this week in an extended telephone conversation from her Tidewater, VA home.”I finally wound up living for safety reasons with Sarah, the dean of the White House Press Corps, who had been with every president since FDR and was in Army intelligence and also an attorney’s daughter from Texas.”

    Advised by McClendon to go public without being able to get the mainstream media to listen, she traveled to Adrian, MI on the advice of a friend to do a long extended taped interview with Pastor Rick Strawcutter, a preacher and owner of a 500 watt pirate FM station at 99.3 on the dial in Lenawee County.

    Strawcutter, who believed in free speech radio and empowering the public with the truth, produced two extended interviews finally released in 2000, one being a two-hour version called “Sleeping With The Enemy” and the other an unedited eight hour version.

    Although viewers may be shocked, Griggs said the “truth will set you free,” even if it means facing up to the highest form of corruption, including sexual perversion and government sponsored mob-like hits orchestrated by high-ranking military and government officials.

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    • Many years ago I worked for a Fortune 500 company. I was very successful and had worked there for about ten years when there was a sudden infusion of former & retired career NAVY officers and VMI graduates who were hired in a very short period of time, and they were hired at various levels of the company. One was being groomed as a CEO, we’ll call him Chuck, but there were also regional and district NAVY hires, and one recent VMI graduate was hired to work under my supervision with the goal of fast tracking him through a management training program that surprised me because these positions NEVER went to new hires who lacked experience. Since my location was the best performing in both my district and region, they wanted him to learn from me, so I started to take this individual under my wing.

      One day it appeared someone had stolen something from the company. I didn’t suspect him at all, but when I was updating him about what was going on and how I was going to investigate it, I could tell he suddenly became very nervous. I started thinking to myself, “Could this actually be the guy who stole something from the company? This new employee who was friends with Chuck”?

      An hour or two later, I got a call from my supervisor (an ex-Navy officer) and he told me without explanation he was transferring this VMI graduate employee to another branch. I thought this was highly unusual and was about to leave for vacation, so I called the director of the new location. This person was a friend of mine, and I asked this person to call a specific loss prevention specialist who I had known professionally for many years to interview this VMI graduate. When I came back from vacation I learned he admitted to stealing the item and had subsequently been fired. I couldn’t believe it! Sometime shortly thereafter, another employee warned me that he had overheard part of a phone call that came into our location. It was the VMI graduate who had been fired, and apparently he called with “Chuck” the future CEO by his side. The employee overhearing the call wasn’t able to stick around long enough to get any additional information, but he wanted to warn me just in case. A couple of weeks later I was fired without explanation. I was simply told by my retired Navy supervisor “You did this to yourself.”

      Years later I heard Rick Strawcutter’s interview with Kay Griggs. She was talking about how these rising stars were homosexually recruited and Strawcutter at some point asked her about people who weren’t homosexual. This is when Kay used the example of VMI graduates who were made to steal something to prove themselves. This wasn’t the point she made about how stealing something from a general’s home was the ultimate challenge for SEALs. This was part of a conversation explaining how non-homosexual people were recruited in a way that allowed the kabbalists to hold something over the new recruit’s head other than their sexuality or whatever psychological bent they possessed. I was elated because it explained why I was fired without reason which was a violation of company policy. Obviously this VMI graduate was getting fast tracked by his NAVY cronies while simultaneously being required to steal something as part of his initiation (which I foiled).

      I played the part of Kays interview for my wife so she could witness it. Some years later I listened to the interview again and tried to find the part where Kay explained VMI graduates stealing for their initiation, but it was missing. I started to listen to every copy I could find to no avail. For years I have been watching all of the copies I can find in search of it but I haven’t been successful.

      Remember how Kay discussed the army’s Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations? She discussed how they would rearrange her recordings just to mess with her? I think they did something similar by removing this portion of the interview discussing VMI graduates being made to steal. If anyone knows of a copy that includes this missing portion of the interview, please share because I would like to maintain a copy for my records.

      I wish this was the extent of my story, but I changed careers and became a government administrator (head of office) and things became infinitely worse. In my opinion, no matter how competent you are, you cannot get elected or appointed—or reelected or reappointed (as was my case)—to more than one or two terms tops if you’re an honest broker because eventually you will be tested. If the-powers-that-shouldn’t-be don’t know or at least expect you’ll play ball for some reason, you will not have a career in politics & public administration. They have too many ways of preventing such a person from continuing in their vial system. The only reason I was successful getting my appointment was that they were having trouble getting people to stay in the position, so they took a chance on a relatively unknown applicant (me). When I initially wouldn’t play ball, however, they tried to bring me to Jesus, but I had political cover. Then they tried to invite me to groom me inviting me to meet the governor, attend state meetings, etc. When I didn’t show the kind of enthusiasm most politicians/public administrators show for such trappings, they started literally having someone attend my meetings without explanation to convince me I would be replaced if I didn’t play ball. When that didn’t work, they waited for my political cover to leave office. Then they fired me—again (like the Fortune 500 company)—without cause.

      Long story short, when I hired an attorney, she basically betrayed me at the last minute (and I had proof of it in the form of an email). When I discussed this casually with another attorney from out of town who I met quasi socially in an empty parking lot (we were involved in a sales transaction), this person appeared to have known about it. This attorney then leaned into me slightly and said, “When a lawyer gets in trouble like that, every lawyer in the state instantly finds out about it.” Think about that. Think long and hard about the implications of being betrayed by a lawyer, and when you catch them in the act, every other lawyer in the state gets the bat signal.

      In my opinion the state, national and international bar associations are probably among the mightiest intelligence gathering apparatuses the kaballists use. They are in everyone’s business, especially when they are at their worst, and they give you the impression confidences are held when in fact they can use this information against you. This attorney also told me that you will never hear from your lawyer again in these situations, and I never did. And if a lawyer doesn’t play ball, they risk disbarment. It’s the perfect scam. So in addition to the military JAGs holding positions in our legal system that Kay warns us about, all lawyers are now suspect in my opinion.

    • This video is fantastic. It clarified so many things re. the deep state for me.
      I’ve been trying to find out if Kay Griggs is still alive today, and I can’t find it. It should be an easy search, I thought, but no. Why can’t I find any information on it ??

      Do you know if she is still alive ??

    • I watched the first almost hour and wanted to continue at a later time however, I have tried several times since and the video will not play at all 😕

      • It’s playing for me fine. It’s streaming from Bitchute, which occasionally has buffering issues because they need more servers to process the requests of their growing amount of users.

    • Great to see this Alexandra. Your shows are the best. Do you know what happened to Kay?

    • Alexandra, this is an extraordinary offering: I am sharing it far and wide and very, very happily 😊 will stay up to view it – probably more than one time! It is a gift to us.
      Thank you.

    • I know who K. Griggs is. She’s completely legit. I’ve met her a few times because I lived next-door to her daughter in Norfolk when I was attending Old Dominion University. I have never seen this interview, so I was really amazed after listening to it. And people thought she was crazy. Her own daughter thought she was a little wacko back in the day. But all of this was really happening to her and now looking from our perspective here in 2023 we can completely see how everything she said is true. So much information is pouring out about all of this.

      • Exactly. We can now understand how the blackmailing mechanism within the military, that has been in place for decades was used to pull off the COVID spectacle-and-poisoning, which was run by the military.

        • Alexandra, Thank you , this is amazing.
          I am trying to figure out why I am not getting any more Forbidden Knowledge, neither is my husband. We both re-signed for newsletter, and it is never in Spam. Just nowhere to find. Thanks, JV

    • I’m calling BS. There are way too many inconsistencies and just plain ridiculousness in this interview. A 5 second search shows several things in this interview are nothing but pure propaganda. Using all the right “trigger” words/phrases and sprinkling a touch of truth here and there might reel a lot of people in, but I’ve been down far too many rabbit holes for so long that this doesn’t even begin to fly. What a shame from one of my favorite alternative news sources.

      • First off I haven’t watched it all yet due to playing issues but I did get an hours worth. My job for 26 years was as a US Customs Inspector and later dragooned onto🤮 CBP. My old line was I get lied to for a living day in and out seeking drug mules. No I’m not a human lie detector but you do learn to sniff out bullshit very quickly in a discussion. So that’s where I come from.
        First off one noted thing with her is the freewheeling way she tosses names dates and associations around. Smart liars just can’t do that so they don’t try. “Keep it simple stupid” is the phrase to live by. It’s very easy to take a few notes circle back and catch them in lies A retired spy once told me in a class that to survive you want to be James Bond’s direct opposite, the little guy no one pays attention to much.
        The way she strings things together with zero hesitation anywhere is looks quite credible in presentation. She really seems to have known these people she talks about. The nuisances and details she uses are just so elaborate.
        When it comes to government I’ve seen all sorts of crazy crap and crazy people to boot. Never having to want anything to do with management and the things they do all of my experience is with small timers . I can only cringe at the lunacy in DC.
        Until 2016 I never even believed in a deep state for the simple reason there seemed no way those types could get along. Sure they had side hustles much like mafia family’s but like them there’s always competition and infighting.
        Then along came the Air Force Tanker Scandal circa 2002. Senator “ Maverick” John McCain was all over that publicly …….till he wasn’t!🤔. Suddenly the maverick was total line towing lap dog while that woman who was the Air Force chief Procurement officer second only to USAF Sec of Air Force got quietly fired and Boeing lost the contract. She had a deal set up so she could retire to a cozy Board spot or similar with a big fat managers spot for her adult daughter. In exchange Boeing would Lease 767 tankers for 2 times the cost of simply buying them. So you’d think the deal fell apart right and she’d get time in FCI Alderson, Wrong. Quietly she got reassigned😡to the World Bank as a secretary to none other than Wolfawitz who was buried there as the new director. You’ll remember he was on Bush’s cabinet and got in doo doo so that was his punishment……and hers. In the end as only crooked government can do that big 16 Billion contract which was goin to Airbus now got quietly turned back around to Boeing and the crooks all lived happily ever after.
        After watching that transpire and seeing all the anomalies with 911 it really opened my eyes to what’s really going on. Since then my chief question is how long it’s been going on and what other evils their pet players have and are planning. You’ll notice how everyone from the DNC, Hillary and her mob in the FBI, CIA have been caught directly in a whole series of major felonies and what has happened…….absolutely NOTHING. The biggest slap on the wrist was the FBI lawyer ( Kleinsfeld) who falsified a document to set up a campaign manager so they could justify the FISA ( spy court🤐). He resigned and wasn’t even disbarred🤬.
        25 years ago I’d have thought most or all of this was exaggerated or distorted nonsense like her story. Well not anymore.

        • SANHEDRIN, 69b “Our rabbis taught: If a woman sported lewdly with her young son (a minor), and he committed the first stage of cohabitation with her, -Beth Shammai says, he thereby renders her unfit for the priesthood (1). Beth Hillel declares her fit…All agree that the connection of a boy nine years and a day is a real connection; whilst that of one less than eight years is not (2); their dispute refers only to one who is eight years old

          KETHUBOTH, 11a-11b. “Rabba said, It means (5) this: When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this (6), it is as if one puts the finger in the eye (7), but when a small boy has intercourse with a grown up woman, he makes her as `a girl who is injured by a piece of wood’ “.

          (footnotes) “(5). Lit., `says’. (6) Lit., `here’, that is, less than three years old. (7) Tears come to the eyes again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years.

          KETHUBOTH, 11a-11b. “Rab Judah said that Rab said: A small boy who has intercourse with a grown up woman makes her (as though she were ) injured by a piece of wood (1). Although the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act, nevertheless the woman is injured by it as by a piece of wood(a dildo).”

          (footnotes) “(1) Although the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act, nevertheless the woman is injured by it as by a piece of wood.”

    • Great to have the full interview Alexandra! Because we just happen to have seven hours to spare . . . while asleep . . .

    • I read the transcript and was interested in the date, 1996. I’ve told people on here in 1995 G max was at high school honor student events in Washington DC.
      That’s really nothing. These are evil people that build their eternal homes, or so they think, on our corpses. They use shame and guilt just like the devil. And when that doesn’t work they use poison and other methods. Anyway, in 1995 I registered libertarian and watched everything I’ve said come true, sometimes while being deemed insane and paranoid. We’re ran by 2 crime families that are one and the same at the top.

      • Kay Griggs is streaming from YouTube and should not have any problems at all. My AMP show is streaming from Rumble. I have no problem playing either video but I’ve seen many complaints here in the Comments about that video not playing and I frequently see Rumble knocked offline by either hacking or traffic overload.

        I’ve also heard that the Rumble platform is blocked in France and/or the EU and/or that certain Rumble videos are blocked in Canada.

    • Alexandra

      Thanks so much for having the courage to post things like this Kay Griggs interview

      So many of us have stories, such as hers, in our families but won’t speak out of fear of death

      If you know, can you say, how she died???

      Thanks again

    • Griggs clip doesn’t play at all. Clicking right or left arrow brings up Tip of Iceberg or Washington castrates clips but moving further or backwards does not ever bring up Griggs clip.
      If it gets fixed, please send email notification.

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