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Tore Maras responds to peoples’ concerns about Chris Wray’s refusal to submit the document and being held in contempt of Congress, saying:

“Sometimes, doing nothing is doing something, especially if you don’t want to be the one being blamed for it. It has nothing to do with Romania.”

At 48 minutes in, Tore makes oblique statements suggesting that Obama was the “Big Guy” who benefited from Joe’s corrupt activities, saying, “Obama’s smart. He wasn’t going to go and do the dealings and launder that money, he was going to send Joe. Joe was the front man for China, Joe was the front man for Ukraine. Listen, he embarrassed us. By getting Popovic off charges in the UK. That shows just what a sellout many are…

“We’re in a time that is insane. There are profound implications for the future of our great nation. A storm of corruption and deception has darkened all the halls of power, threatening the very fabric of our Constitutional Republic.

“But within the shadows…There is a beacon of hope. There are people that have chosen to fight from within, to expose the systemic tyranny that seeks to enslave our populace.

“Now, all of you have heard, ‘Oh! FBI Director Wray is not going to comply with the subpoena issued by Congress.’ Well, this act of apparent defiance has raised many eyebrows, prompting questions and stirring curiosity, of course. But allow me to shed a little bit of light on the clandestine truth that lies beneath the surface…

“Christopher Wray has witnessed, firsthand the web of deception spun by former presidents, who cunningly installed Federal Employees loyal to them, rather than to the People of the United States, that they were meant to serve.

“This Shadow Government, this Fourth Unelected Branch of government has systemically eroded our freedoms, orchestrating this grand plan to subjugate the masses and extinguish the Spirit of Liberty.

“Christopher Wray’s non-compliance with the Congressional Subpoena is not an act of rebellion but a strategic move; a calculated step toward exposing the truth and dismantling this system of control. By being held in contempt by Congress, he opens up the door to consequences, drawing attention to the depth of corruption that plague our highest echelons of power.

“This announcement of his is almost like a call to action, a call for us all to awaken from our slumber and join the fight for our freedom. It’s a message of hope, assuring us that, even in the darkest of times, there are those working diligently to restore justice and preserve the values upon which our nation was built – that they are perverting right now.

“We have to find solace in the knowledge that there ARE individuals who place the interests of the People above their own safety. I believe that this action by Christopher Wray is a self-sacrifice, because he risks everything to bring about a brighter future for all, by simply opening the door for all of us to see inside.

“That’s my take. We’ll see who’s right and who’s wrong.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • i just read the statement above in which Maras says that Wray is basically a hero standing up for the people against the deep state. Exposing the corrupt deep state bycovering up for the deep state!!…..LMFAO…The same Fbi director that said white supremecists (aka maga) are biggest threat to our democracy!!!

  • only two possibilities….1. a complete moron 2.part of the controlled opposition trying to undermine our cause. it is utterly incomprehensible that anyone paying attention would trust Wray at this point.

  • Give me a break. I gave up on Maras 2 or 3 years ago, & my instincts are usually correct.

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