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    • He’s just talking about some common sense.

      The masonic government has been in control long before Eisenhower, and I find no good reason to put my hope on one man with controversial background….unless majority of people stand up on their own and take over the system first.

    • Oh yes, he is even updating his previously politically correct view of the war in Ukraine. He is clearly going after Trump’s base while trying to hang onto his “progressive liberal” base . Thats a pretty tall order!

      What is favoring him is his record of trying to slay the closest, the imminently threatening dragon to us – corporate plutocrats!

      With the law signed into effect by the great impostor we are in mortal danger of being subjected to another more terrifying lock down. Chris Hedges tried to defeat it by suing and he won in lower court, but lost in higher court over, you guessed it – the court deciding Hedges “had no standing”! American citizens have no standing in courts against an all powerful central government since the great impostor! So the law to nationalize everything including your body, stands like a damoclean sword over liberty’s heart hanging by a tread in anticipation of the next “national emergency”.

      We really need to think about this more deeply. The US congress proved it was no friend of the people when they voted “for the bill before they read it” at the urging of the great California mouth Pelosi. We have too few friends left in the US Congress. which is more or less a debating society made up of a lot of self serving blow hards, some of whom are of questionable sanity. They reinforced their impotence again by going along with Trump’s Faucian plan for a National Emergency. Who opposed this in the US Congress? Why did they allow Fauci to usurp the CDC role in a national health emergency? The daily visual dose of the Trump/Fauci/Burke dog and pony show was the biggest con ever!

      Is Kennedy now trying to con us?

      • It’s very possible that Kennedy is trying to con us.

        I don’t know what his position is right now on this subject but in 2015 he said that Global Warming deniers should be punished.

        Now, it does not matter where One stands on that issue – the problem is the threat to Free Speech, Thought, and Discourse.

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