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[NEW YORK] JUNE 20TH The O’Keefe Media Group has published a new story focusing on perhaps James O’Keefe’s most powerful investigative subject to date, BlackRock Inc.

In the footage, a BlackRock Recruiter named Serge Varlay describes how BlackRock is able to “run the world” in about 7 minutes of riveting undercover footage. The footage was captured over the course of several meetings in New York by one of OMG News’ rockstar undercover journalists.

BlackRock Inc is the world’s largest asset management company that’s gained more notoriety as of late due to its large acquisitions. Varlay says it’s easier for BlackRock to do things when “people aren’t thinking about it” and the asset giant “doesn’t want to be anywhere on the radar.”

This story is a peek into why.

Serge Varlay told our journalist that BlackRock manages $20 trillion dollars worldwide. According to him, “it’s incomprehensible numbers.” BlackRock has over $9.5 trillion of assets under management, that’s larger than the GDP of all countries on the globe except the US and China.

“The senators…are f***ing cheap – you got $10 grand, you can buy a senator,” Varlay remarked in what is arguably the most unabashed description of corruption and bribery from their own company we’ve ever heard. The extended soundbite from Varlay is below:

You can take this big f*** ton of money and buy people, I work for a company called BlackRock…It’s not who is the president, it’s who is controlling the wallet of the president. You could buy your candidates. First, there is the senators these guys are f****n’ cheap. Got 10 grand, you can buy a senator I’ll give you $500k right now It doesn’t matter who wins they’re in my pocket.

Varlay doesn’t stop there, he goes on to describe what those in his line of work think of the tragedy of war saying its “real f***ing good for business…

“Ukraine is good for business, you know that, right? Russia blows up Ukraine’s grain silos and the price of wheat is going to go mad up. The Ukrainian economy is the wheat market. The price of bread goes up, this is fantastic if you’re trading. Volatility creates opportunity for profit…”

Varlay added that its “exciting when s*** goes wrong.”

Despite the fact that Varlay literally asked the OMG journalist if she was “undercover” based on the nature of her questioning, Varlay didn’t know he was being recorded when he was sharing his thoughts. He was skeptical of the reporter’s questioning because “normal people don’t give a s***” about these harsh realities. “It’s beyond them,” says Varlay.

A video of James O’Keefe’s interview confrontation with Varlay is expected to be released soon. As of the time of this writing. A press representative for BlackRock Inc has declined to comment on the story.

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  • Please, Trust me if this prancing wine bottle drinking sitting in the middle of a park on a blanket tattoo laden every other word is an F word guy really had that job, he definitely would not be out here talking about it we aren’t stupid that’s ridiculous.

  • This guy definitely takes it up the rear end from his Jewish elite bosses. Looks like his time as gatekeeper is over. Completely tarnished by his mere stupidity.

  • He is so smart, he forgot a wine glass and he can only think of the “F” word to express himself. I’m so glad I am not a young person in the dating pool.

  • Why I have argued for taking private money out of elections and criminalizing violations, ever since that was proposed by Sen. John MacCain of all people! Who would know better than this consummate insider Neocon?

    Private money is selfish, it corrupts good government with bias.

    We can whine and whine and whine about Blackrock and nothing is ever resolved. It’s all jaw exercise because the dark state owns the system of central government. Americans have been very foolish to trust professional lifetime politicians to rule over them.

    But like term limits, a return to paper ballots and local accountability for safe guarding the ballots and their tally, nothing is going to happen at least in the central government legislature because it is owned and operated at the pleasure of monopoly corporations!

    Who has better articulated this than Kennedy? But he too is conflicted!

    The first step out of liberty took place in the church house, the next step out was in the school house, then the state house and lastly in the family house where the corporate visual media now rules, intending to rule absolutely. News corps + pharma corps controls popular opinion! Kennedy has said as much! Trump’s rise and fall demonstrated as much!

    This immediate independent venue is temporary until the next “national emergency”! Do not doubt me, the Obama regime and the US Legislators forged our legalized chains!

    This is a calamity!

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