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Former FBI translator, Sibel Edmonds recently broadcasted a “heads-up” to her audience that, based on her sources, the US Muslim and Hispanic communities are next up to be exploited by agent provocateurs.

Edmonds says, “They are printing pamphlets. They already have their infiltrators there; agent provocateurs among these segments and they are now getting ready to put that in action. That is what’s happening now…

“I’m not sure exactly what the trigger is going to be but possibly, there will be a case of ‘white supremacists’, ‘Right Wing’, ‘ultra-Christian’ movement – someone who claims to be one – firing the first shot…whether it’s a mosque, whether is a Muslim-owned restaurant…”

This jibes with what George Webb has been reporting, that Antifa is being organized by the same transnational DNC network behind the Muslim Brotherhood. He adds that through Minnesota State Attorney General, Keith Ellison, it is now also allied with the extreme La Raza movement (also funded by George Soros).

La Raza teaches that the territory ceded to the US by Mexico in 1848 (Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and parts of Washington State) belongs to the Mestizos of Mexico and Central America. They say that once enough Latino immigrants, legal or illegal claim a majority, the current borders of the United States will be extinguished.

Webb says we should keep our eyes on Ellison, who has publicly supported both Antifa and the Muslim Brotherhood and who he believes is a major coordinator of these and other extremist groups who are getting their funding from al Qaeda in Turkey.

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