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    Last night, I joined Jimi Brent on KCOR’s Inside the Matrix to engage in what Joseph Farrell calls “High-octane speculation”, discussing the Fourth Generation Warfare tactics being deployed against us, like the #Coronahoax, the gaslighting Fake News, the Internet censorship, the Antifa riots, the police stand-downs ordered by Democrat mayors and calls to de-fund and disband police departments. Then we have the coordinated statements against Trump by George W Bush, James Mattis, John Kelly, Colin Powell, and church leaders and the insubordination of Mark Esper. All of these constitute “gray zone exploits” in an environment where everything is weaponized, propagandized and infused with the “Alice in Wonderland” technique of torture-by-nonsense: you can only have sex wearing a mask and maybe the shutdown that destroyed $5 trillion dollars of wealth wasn’t necessary.

    Then we talk about who is waging this irregular war, starting with all those involved in the massive graft and corruption at the State Department and kickbacks from USAID and anyone connected with the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, Burisma and the billions of dollars stolen from Ukraine and other countries. The vast majority are Democrats, several of whom were introduced to us during the fake impeachment last Fall.

    Then there are the high-level Federal agents involved Crossfire Hurricane, aka Spygate aka Obamagate, 35+ of whom are about to be subpoenaed by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Then there are the Big Pharma Globalists who authored the #Coronahoax and now the riots, desperate to take down the US and desperate to force-vaccinate everyone with their bioweapons.


    Then I get into a working model of the two battling Globalist factions, based on my conversations with a retired Marine Spec Ops Captain who went on to become a successful currency trader and investor. After studying the situation for years he’s told me the following:

    There are two main factions of the New World Order: The original central bankers, who I call the “Basel Globalists” and the breakaway Bush-Clinton cabal, who decided they should be in charge, who I call the “China Globalists”.

    George Bush Senior set up a massive parallel economy through the Black Projects that the CIA couldn’t get funding for. The goal was to replace the SWIFT financial processing system and to take over the emission of the US dollar from the Basel-based controllers of the global central banking system.

    The Nazis had previously attempted to usurp control of the right to issue currency and Bush Senior continued their work. The Clintons became involved with Bush’s cocaine-and-weapons trafficking operation through the air field at Mena, Arkansas and grew the crime syndicate via the Clinton Foundation, stealing millions in relief funds from Haiti, taking millions in kickbacks from USAID, selling 80% of the US production of uranium to Russia and too many other epic scams to list here.

    Starting in the early ’70s, China started being set up by Basel to replace the US as the dominant superpower. Recall that Bush Senior was the first US envoy to the People’s Republic of China in 1974 before his stint as Director of Central Intelligence starting in 1976. The Bush-Clinton Cabal planned to build up China to take over everything for themselves, starting with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would have nullified US national sovereignty similarly to the way the European Union supersedes the sovereignty of its member nations.

    For those leery of Trump’s relationship with Israel and who believe that he is also a “Deep Stater”, my source agrees that Trump is not attempting to end the central banking system, as claimed by Dave from the X22 Report and others. Trump is working to dismantle everything the Bush-Clinton-Obama crime family did and he’s renegotiating Basel’s deal to one of earning a small percentage on all transaction processing, instead of controlling dollar emission.

    Tentatively, allies of the two sides look like this:


    Bill Gates
    Chinese Communist Party
    Political Left
    Big Tech
    Big Pharma
    “Woke” corporations (Nike, Gillette, etc.)
    World Economic Forum
    Agenda 21
    Pope Francis
    Teacher’s Unions


    Central Banks – including Central Bank of China
    Saudi Arabia
    Big Oil
    US Military
    Trucker’s Union
    (other Labor Unions are starting to move into this camp)
    Steve Mnuchin


    Wall Street
    British Royals
    Russia – anti-Basel but would choose it over China
    Big US Banks:
    • JPMorgan Chase
    • Bank of America
    • Citigroup
    • Wells Fargo
    • Goldman Sachs Group
    • Morgan Stanley
    • Bank of New York Mellon
    • State Street
    • U.S. Bancorp
    • Truist Financial
    • PNC Financial Services Group
    • Capital One Financial
    • Northern Trust
    • Ally Financial
    • American Express
    • Citizens Financial Group
    • Discover Financial Services
    • Fifth Third Bancorp
    • Huntington Bancshares
    • KeyCorp
    • Regions Financial

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