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    Jimmy Dore probes the complete disconnect between US Government propaganda about Syria and the reality of the situation with investigative reporter, Eva Bartlett, who has been in the Middle East for years and now in Syria. From her observations, all reports that events on Syria are anything resembling a “civil war” are false.

    What she is seeing are are foreign combatants from neighboring countries being armed, trained and financed by the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel to oust the duly-elected President Bashar al-Assad, who the vast majority of Syrians do not wish to see out of power.

    This is a rare interview of Dore’s where he doesn’t hurl non-stop F-bombs, so for those who don’t go in for that sort of thing, worry not.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Every once in a while Jimmy Dore gets his head out his ass and hits it out of the park. This interview is one of those times. It is outstanding!! Thank you, Alexandra, for airing this most critical and important information. It may be available elsewhere, but I have no idea where that might be.

      Please note that in the interview, Dore describes what the US policy in S. America has been in the past, i.e. put a “US-friendly strongman” (as Jean Kirkpatrick used to call dictators) in power by predetermining election results or simple coups, e.g. Chile in 1973 and prop them up for the purpose of corporate exploitation of their national resources.

      For example, Allende wanted to nationalize the Chilean copper mines. Mossadech wanted to nationalize Iran’s oil. We know what happened to them.

      What Dore fails to recognize was that the so-called “{deep state”, aka the US MI Fascist Corporate MI Complex did that exact same thing in the US in 2016 by installing the Trump Trojan Horse, who in his cabinet’s first 100 days has virtually stripped all government regulation of corporate restraint in the US to poison the land, air and water and exploit federal land reserves. This is the same formula Dore referred to in S. America. The only difference was that this time the targeted nation was the US.

      To that end, there are at least three key methods that ware publicly exposed:

      1) Chis Brownback (sp?) from Kansas successfully removed somewhere between 1.1M to 7.0M minorities from the voter roles in the “swing states” before the election, as reported by Greg Palast (see Lee Camp’s interviews before and after the election with Palast @ Redacted tonight) with Operation Crosscheck, a system that ostensibly prevented voter fraud. Ergo, if one of the 217 persons on the list in these 5 states was named James Brown and that person had committed a felony, all 217 persons with the same name were removed from the voter roles.

      2) Dr. Steve Piezenick, a retired high level CIA officer who goes so far back in the CIA’s dirty tricks and regime changes that he actually coordinated the Allende overthrow with Kissinger in 1973, stated in an 11/4/2017 YouTube video that he and his “patriot” associates in the NSA, CIA, FBI, and NYPD had staged a “counter silent coup” against an alleged Clinton silent coup which the Clinton camp had staged on 11/1. Dr. Pieczenick did not elaborate on the details of either coup. However, he clearly stated in that video that he and his associates had released literally ALL the intercepted emails about the DNC, Hilary, and Podesta (including all the references to Pizzagate) to Wikileaks – from Day 1, I believe he said July of 2016. I have looked back over that video and it appears Dr. Pieczenick has edited out the Wikileaks claim, i.e. the smoking gun about just who released the docs to Wikileaks. It wasn’t the Russians “hacking” anything. It was the CIA (MI Complex – “Deep State”) up to their old tricks of predetermining election results by nefarious slander from confidential and illegally released NSA surveillance documents, which allegedly cost Hillary upwards of 3M votes. Dr. Pieczenik sees these activities as those of patriot whistle blowers. Of course, that position is understandable, just as Edward Snowden’s position is understandable.

      3) Once again, Greg Palast investigated the election fraud count as he had in the 2000 stolen election in FLA (which Pieczenik proudly alluded to in his 11/4/16 video). In MI alone, the Republicans made sure voting was made difficult for minorities in Flint and Detroit by typical Jim Crowe tactics just short of poll taxes, but perhaps more imp[importantly, by making sure the oldest and least effective optical scanners were in use in both those cities. This means that these scanners failed to record votes if there was the slightest stray mark on the paper. The scanners simply rejected 70,000 of those votes and they were never included in the vote. Because a “recount” was blocked in court these 70,000 votes remained uncounted. As the reader may recall, MI was called before the count was officially completed. Trump “{won” by 10,000 votes in MI. It is safe to assume the same methods were used in the other states where Hillary’s polling numbers indicated she did not need to spend time in them. In other words, the claim that Hillary “failed” to pay adequate attention to these states with hurting white males was merely part of the right wing and official MI Complex narrative.

      The point here is that the so-called Deep State PUT Trump and his Goldman Sachs cabinet into the White House. Trump is simply the golden glitter on the real Trojan Horse – his cabinet.

      These are the very same “neocons” who allegedly (and I agree, probably did) pull Hillary’s strings.

      The bottom line here is that what we got was an MI Complex puppet on steroids, i.e. Donald Trump as the 82nd regime change by the private army of the Capitalist banksters in the 70 year history of the CIA. It was very well orchestrated and executed and has people like Jimmy Dore shaking his head wondering what happened to the nationalistic idealism of Donald Trump.

      Too late now, Jimmy. You’ve been conned by the carnival-barking con man from NYC. The horse has left the barn.

      As Sid Haddad told me in 1970, “Germany was the dress rehearsal for the United States (hegemony).” It is here. It is now. It is Trump. It is exactly what Trump decried during his campaign and that those who failed to see through his lies believed. It is US hegemony in the Middle East, as described by Gen Wesley Clark back on track. That said, Hillary and Kerry were calling for nuclear weapons to be used in Syria. Thank God for that reprieve, but don’t hold your breath thinking that the “boys with their toys” are not planning to use them, or that N. Korea won’t supply them to US supported ISIS troops, which will give the US reason to use our own.

      The Humans of this planet have so far demonstrated little concern for their own survival, and instead, have displayed all the characteristics of the inhabitants of a planet ripe for enslavement by the Capitalists and or any other entities who may profit from our enslavement.

    • yes, the host is doing way too much preaching, and not enough probing questions of a very able reporter.

    • The loud mouth host should learn to stop lecturing his more knowledgeable guest and let them speak.

    • Wonderful reporting from Bartlett–truth for a change. Of course, the critical thinkers are already in the know on the Syrian lies pouring forth from the MSM, ad nauseum. Be safe Eva and keep reporting the truth.

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