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The brain is the 21st century battlefield and we learn about the weapons and methods of attack in this video about Remote Neural Monitoring, Neuro Weapons, Directed Energy Weapons and Mind Control.

The video features William Binney, Ex-NSA Technical Director; Dr. James Giordano, DARPA neurologist and Weapons Expert; Jacob Appelbaum, Cryptographer and Cybersecurity Expert; Barry Trower, Ex-MI5 Microwave Scientist; Edward Snowden, NSA Whistleblower and former CIA Employee; Nick Begich, Author and Mind Control Science Researcher and Dr. John Hall, Practicing Physician.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Most targets are independent or conservative politically. Most have been activists or made public statements against the elitist socialism and the two forms of justice in America.

    Many have also blogged on the internet about these subjects, ESPECIALLY, about September 11th and the false war on terror, which Snowden speaks truth to.

    Most targets have commonality with one more topic. We are spiritual individuals who believe that they are targeted because we are effective in speaking to truth, empathy for others, and seen as a threat to their deceit.

    Great video. Dr John Hall is a hero and risked his own life to help a targeted friend. He is Blessed.

  • Well, that was scary. “There is no escape if you are targeted.”
    Not many options left after statements like that one.
    Welcome to the new cold war, I guess.

    • A bit dramatic on Binney’s behalf. I am targeted – now for 18 years…

      There is much more to the story and there is a spiritual aspect, so those who have no spiritual life will fare worse – as I had for years. Once one opens up to that aspect – spiritual – not religion – then the understanding gained can help one deal with what is happening. That said, they will one day kill us all.

      But you need to understand that we were simply guinea pigs for the coming harvest of humanity. They are committed to killing 95% of the earth’s population. The first stages are in full swing. Everyone will be chipped, surveilled 24/7/365 and subjected to social credit scoring within 10 years – conservatives first.

      The good news is that earth and the 3rd dimension ARE hell. It all gets better from here.

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