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    Errol Morris is the Academy Award-winning director of the documentaries, ‘The Thin Blue Line’ and ‘The Fog of War’.

    He has caught total Hell for his latest documentary, ‘American Dharma’ about Steve Bannon, a person who he finds disturbing and who he doesn’t like, yet he thinks this film is his finest work.

    ‘American Dharma’ was released last year but outrage mobs kept the film out of theaters until its limited release this week.

    It was the first time in decades that the acclaimed director couldn’t get a movie into theaters. “The experience was so damn weird,” Morris says. “People became so angry with me and with the movie, they certainly wanted to deplatform not just Bannon, but they wanted to deplatform me.”

    Morris says, “I want people to see the movie and to think about it; to think about the issues that are expressed in the movie, to think about what’s happening in this country and ask why it’s happening and to think really seriously about what to do about it.

    “What to do about it is not avoiding it. What to do about it is not pretending that nothing is really happening or that it was an accident or it was some implacable conspiracy imposed on us by the ‘Russians’ or whoever.

    “I think we need to actually confront what’s going on in this country and try to work as hard as we possibly can to changing things.”

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    • You know what would be great? Is if someone made a movie about the truth movement itself including a deep dive into alternative media . Really showcasing the important publishers and their message.

    • I’ll watch the documentary just to maybe learn something about how the other half thinks, although I probably won’t be surprised since I live in the middle of practically everyone who thinks that Trump supporters are racist, deplorable, homophobic, fascists. This is a very old division that goes back at least as far as the French Revolution when the nihilists began taking over. It’s fear and loathing of Latin civilization, that is Western Civilization–practically everything that came before secular nihilism. The so called Age of Enlightenment is ending and the forces of darkness are taking over from their perspective.

    • Not becoming a trigger bot of any sort and becoming a fully awakened human is my goal in life.
      I am sick of that right/left paradigm, that is not what it is about.

      Truth be told, in this day and age I settle by holding on being human when I depart this world and draw my last breath. That alone is a feat in this crazy loony world gone completely bonkers.

      • American films usually don’t become available on home video or in foreign markets until after their theatrical run is complete.

        The film was only just released theatrically in the US and probably won’t see a theatrical release outside the US. I’m guessing it might be 6 months or a year until it’s available for download.

        Here’s the film’s website:

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