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    Such times call for a little levity. YouTuber, King of Gorillas delivers with this remix of K-Pop crossover worldwide hit, “Gangnam Style” by South Korean artist, Psy.

    Audio and video from American flag-waving Hong Kong protests are dropped into the dance track from Australian activist, Avi Yemini.

    Yemini asks a Hong Kong street protestor, “Have you seen Donald Trump? Should he step in?”

    The protestor responds, “Donald Trump: Don’t trust China! China is asshoe [sic]!”

    This statement is looped with the Electronica beats, while drone footage of the high-turn-out protests is spliced into the big-budget K-Pop choreographies.

    The result is at times catchy, humorous and exalting.


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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • “The result is at times catchy, humorous and exalting” but at the cost of downgrading the quality of music and culture!

    • It’s 11:45
      awaiting juvenation, still alive
      despite bullshit spook jive
      thoughts, dark noise; incoming hive
      deep breath re-taken, now time for dive

      Eggs easy upon chili replace popcorn vent
      what say you? re: happen-stance
      political impeachment, suicide tent
      Trump’s landslide: causal-effective lance

      Sensored natures, xylem and phloem
      detect broad, shallow leaving affairs
      water-plumbed into tyranny plan,
      dark forces felt, yet unseen
      back page plans; networked glee
      visualeyes, our horrifying screams

      Free speech burden; considered
      joker’s suit; eye-psy-riddle
      removes the middle
      dividing circus; Fema tent
      uncooperative, neuro- murder-bent

      Johnny’s basement, Dylan’s medicine
      detailed state loss, Hill win
      genetically remove poetry,
      uncontrolled oppo-freedom
      in-tolerated; abate before too late
      OOtube, twatter, faceplant,
      in-q-telematic seeds
      deniers expect nosebleeds

      have you seen Yoda?
      hippies now old
      many long ago sold
      corporate-military-tech load
      are you still bold
      or is the sky above too old
      neck measured; cellphone left cold?

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