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I’m running out the door to cast my vote!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • So it’s now being talked about openly. Good!
    But there is not just one “secret society” but the club is not that large. and may be mixtures of one or more memberships. They don’t always agree and that creates internal conflicts. There are some who are benevolent but most think of the people as “so many steaks of a plate to be consumed at their leisure and for their pleasure. The people are merely chattel.
    These are: not the 1% but the 0.00001%,We only see their “minions” such as George Sorros and J P Morgan. Like the vermin they are they inhabit the shadows and hide from the light of day and fear us, the people, knowing their names and faces.

  • I have no doubt that the GOP has been thrown off balance by the sight of the public’s apparent disgust with politics as usual, and are hoping for a candidate who isn’t afraid to stand up and say it like he believes it is, and I would not put it past them trying for a brokered convention where they hope for a Jeb Bush win. I believe they thought Bush would do much better than he did, and since he is part of the bloodline, he was their choice!

  • Not everyone is 100% correct. With the “Right To Issue” a medium of exchange “Money” the underlying cornerstone of Power to control a geographical boundary, the “United States”, the controllers are concerned over losing that authority.

    It is rampant in many locations on the planet. Having to deal with those who do not submit to forfeiture without equal consideration is messy. Those who seek to remove this right are dealt with mercilessly. These actions tend to have consequences from descendants. Is Mr. Trump “Read In” with this group? No.

    But they have made availability credit authority that has allowed his organization to grow to the level it has attained. HE WILL NOT BITE THE HAND WHO HAS FED HIM, and neither would you, it is human nature.

    William Calder

  • Rick Tufts: You are absolutely correct! I’m guessing the “Presidents are SE-lected, not E-lected” procedure has been in process since 1776 unless anyone “out there” can prove otherwise.
    Another quote from Stefan Molyneux: “No matter WHO you vote for, the GOVERNMENT stays in power!” Search for the word: kakistocracy to fully understand the never-ending status of the US Government and many other “high-powered” governments on this planet. 🙁

  • Hi Folks,

    With all due respect I think you have it backwards. I think Mr. Trump is working for the NWO and is being as outrageous as possible to throw the election in favour of Hillary. She is the choice of the Rothschilds who have been running America since the end of the Great Depression. As FDR once said, and I paraphrase, Presidents are not elected, but selected.

  • Right you are Mr. Mullally! Kennedy thought that he was the President and that he directed the path of the country! Trump, not being a high degreed Mason, will also think that he, as President, will direct the path of the country but all of his efforts will be frustrated by the powers that be. He will be done away with long before the three years that Kennedy enjoyed. That is reality that he will face soon enough and because we are all programmed and conditioned, nothing we do will change this!!

  • He puts his foot in his mouth regularly, he’s egotistical, a bit of a blowhard, but he is oddly loveable and has an actual chance to win the office of “president” which no other decent, ethical, and incorruptible man can do under the present corrupt system. Whatever his flaws the very fact that he is so heavily attacked and reviled by the “establishment” and their media is his highest recommendation. They already had to deal with one man who got in with his conscience intact and became uncontrollable, they should know perhaps better than we do who will disrupt their plans for us. May God bless Mr. Trump, perhaps he is the man of the hour prepared for a unique moment in US history.

  • Exactly right, Newt! Who are “The Secret Society?” Super wealthy (and probably Godless) people who translate their wealth into power and use it all to try to control nations and ultimately the world. In my opinion, that’s who “The Establishment” are. The last one who had the will to dethrone this Establishment was John F. Kennedy and we all remember what happened to him for trying.

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