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Sean of the SGT Report interviews Jeff Nielsen from Canada’s about the worldwide devaluations of fiat currency and the upward pressure on precious metals, despite price manipulation that is making their prices cheaper that their extraction costs…

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  • Which is where Bit coin fits in. I believe that if we ever implement a full credit system now we finally have Bit coin type algorithms to buy and sell on the black market silently, because in a credit system every penny is accounted for, thus making it hard or impossible to buy and sell weapons, drugs or anything under the radar. This maybe why this phase of money manipulation has been in pause for so long. That may even be why we still have paper money, Just an idea. Anyhow I feel the subject of the gold standard goes hand and hand with the Birth Certificate Bonds and with sovereignty. You really can’t discuss one without understanding and disscusing the others. Aloha thanks for the emails…

  • The info put out here is very true and I completely understand where its focus is. Yet I personally find it very frustrating that, we hear people talk about currency and banking very often and no one ever gets into the Birth Certificate Bonds which is what I hear floats the US Bankruptcy. Some say we are still in a state of bankruptcy and I can’t disagree. The fact that analysts can speak educatedly about precious medals, stocks, inflation, and yet somehow leave out the fact that money isn’t even what banks use, and that it’s essentially a debt note, and the American people are the backing for those original huge US bail out loans??? Yeah read that again. The only thing out there with any tradeable value is what they call anegotiable instrument and of course Gold and Silver etc. Along with drugs and most likely some things in the black market.

  • All Paper Money and or plastic money is FIAT Money is also Funny Money but certainly not proper money. Proper money is coins that have actual gold in them and or proper pure silver. Alan Greenspan is not clever, but I allege a CRIMINAL, he needs to be locked up in Gaol for the term of his natural life and his I also allege to be criminal ILK !

  • “prices cheaper than extraction costs” NOT A CHANCE
    In the year 2003/4 when gold was under $400/oz, mining experts claimed they could continue operations, at a profit, at $240/oz. After a dozen or so years, what caused this inflated new number the speaker refers to?
    No higher taxes, wages stagnant, untapped reserves remain huge, no there there.
    All this quack about under valued gold is coming from ‘vested interests’. What are these vested interests having to gain by beating that cooking pot so loudly?
    Fear, fear, fear, be careful economically for sure, but don’t fall for obvious manipulations by TPTB, they have been physically and psychologically manipulating all of us for far too many decades to put faith in _any_ of their views.
    Be moderate, be frugal, be careful with whom you deal and do not be greedy!

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