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    Millions of Brazilians have taken to the streets, around that country, to demand the resignation or impeachment of their current President, Dilma Rousseff. Meanwhile, her Chief-of-Staff has been indicted on corruption charges, stemming from his stint a few years ago, at the state-owned petroleum company, Petrobras.
    Rousseff was the country’s Secretary of Energy at the time and must have known all about it, although this remains unproven as of yet. Her mentor and former President, Lula is facing charges of money laundering for his role in an elaborate kick-back scheme with Petrobras, totaling over 3 billion USD.
    Those under investigation and indicted are all exponents of the Worker’s Party (PT), which was finally able to get into power with the election of Lula in 2003. This followed the disjointed interregnum that occurred after the 1985 dissolution of the CIA-installed military dictatorship, starting in 1964, which destroyed the economy of Brazil, although it’d previously had a higher standard of living than most of Europe, at the time.
    The Worker’s Party ran on a populist platform and over the course of 12 years, it did raise 40M people out of poverty and eradicate hunger, in what has been described as the greatest transfer of wealth, of all time (or perhaps second to the offshoring of the US’ manufacturing base to China).
    This was made possible by the first-time ever discovery of crude petroleum in extremely deepwater reserves off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Despite this arguably good deed, much else that the Worker’s Party did was not in the interest of the nation, beating its own previously-set records of heretofore unimaginable graft.
    Dilma and Lula now find themselves trying to rapidly cobble together a scheme, where she can replace her Chief-of Staff with Lula, so that he might avoid prosecution except by a mighty effort of the Supreme Court. From the personal standpoints of Dilma and Lula and from the larger view, they’re both simultaneously fighting for their lives and against the NWO. But from a local perspective, everyone, except for the very poor (of which there are many) HATES THEM for being so unbelievably corrupt.

    What’s not getting enough play, in the local media or elsewhere are the right-wing, rich Brazilians, who own the media – and who are also on the take from the US and international corporations; THOSE corrupt people have also contributed mightily to the overall dysfunction of a country that should be extremely wealthy. Despite all of the robbery and the Socialist policies, which make it almost impossible to run a business there, the country still manages to have the 7th largest GDP of all nations. The elites are not getting the attention that they deserve for their part in this unholy mess because they own the media.
    It was heartening, however that the US lapdog candidate, Aecio Neves who lost his presidential bid against Dilma in November 2014, was booed loudly when he tried to get up and speak during the recent protests in Sao Paulo. It seems that he’s caught up in a coke-snorting scandal, on top of an even worse corruption scandal of his own, from his term as Governor of the large State of Minas Gerais.
    What’s REALLY great, is that Brazil’s version of the Department of Justice, in a massive investigation called “Operation Carwash”, is now investigating ALL of the rotten politicians – they’re not like the lousy, mobbed-up DOJ we have in the US – or at least, they’ve ceased to be, for now. The Curitiba branch of Brazil’s Federal Police are the only truly patriotic and democratic force currently in the Brazilian government, who along with the majority of the Brazilian people have totally had it with the entire political class and completely want to fire all the bums and toss them all out – which makes me really proud of them.
    If only Americans had the balls to do the same, considering that with almost double the population of Brazil, there are probably more people in the US who feel similarly about our own political class, the Emperors of Chaos, who daily sponsor needless carnage in the Middle East. The lives of people in the West become incrementally less secure, with every unjust, bloodthirsty act committed by ISIS, who have been fully financed, trained, equipped and maintained by the US and NATO, as has already been proven over and and is plainly seen, in this video shot by the Syrian Army, during a raid of an ISIS hideout in Palmyra.

    The Brazilian people are standing up and taking it to the streets. Americans are probably just as annoyed but instead, we vote for protest candidates who are totally bonkers – but possibly less bonkers than the “approved” line-up.

    The US only seems less corrupt because it is so much wealthier – but trust me, it’s not less corrupt. The wages of US corruption may soon be coming home to roost and somehow, I don’t think we have the experience of mass-partying that fosters the kind peaceful protests that we’re seeing in Brazil, if the relatively minor kerfuffle in Chicago is any indication.

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    • Etniks: I acknowledged what you’re referring to when I said that Dilma & Lula are not only in a fight for their political lives but also against the NWO. Middle Class Brazilians don’t see that far. They pay the highest taxes of any people & get the worst public services and all they can see, right now is the PT’s chart-topping corruption.

    • Etniks – I acknowledge what you’re saying, when I say that Dilma & Lula are in a fight not only for their political lives but against the NWO, from the larger perspective. Most Middle Class Brazilians (who have been the biggest losers in this whole situation) can’t see beyond the local reality of the PT’s chart-topping corruption. I’ll go into the broader view, that you’re talking about next. I truly think that what’s occurring there is evidence of a healthier democracy than what we have in the Empire of Chaos and Lies, that is the US. I’ll get to the issues you’re talking about in a separate post because they are extremely important, best-expressed, so far here: It’s about the BRICS, not UNASUR. Pepe Escobar champions Lula. Most Brazilians would rather see Lula rot in jail than to consider him a victim of the NWO, despite the latter being true. I’m not sure how Brazil’s going to work its way out of this.

    • I know you Alex are well grounded in Brazil, but PLEASE realize what it’s actually happening!
      UNASUR (the South American Block) was about to be launched and this attack against those who are promoting it in Argentina and now in Brazil are being destroyed!!!!
      This “corruption” digging strategy IS LEGENDARY!! it has been done over and over again from the 1952 Motzadegh coup by the CIA, to what happened to Allende in Chile, to Arbenz in Guatemala and to Yakunovitch in Ukraine recently.

      You’re stating it yourself in your piece, THE OLIGARCHS OWN THE MEDIA THAT HAS BEEN FEEDING YOU ALL THE ALLEGATIONS OF CORRUPTION, which doesn’t mean Brazil is the only country in the planet with no corruption of course, BUT LOOK AT THE BIG, LONG-TERM PICTURE!!!

      The UNASUR block is being destroyed BY THE INTERNATIONAL OLIGARCHY and YOU are HELPING THEM!!!

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