This shocking video released by Syrian Girl with excellent commentary by Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange was shot by the Syrian Army, when they discovered an ISIS base in Palmyra. 

It was packed with expensive hospital equipment from Germany, armaments from the US and other necessities from Turkey and Saudi Arabia, totally exposing the massive foreign policy lie of the West, that we are fighting ISIS, when in fact, we have been arming, financing and sustaining them.

The lives of people in the West become incrementally less secure, with every unjust, bloodthirsty act committed by ISIS, who have been fully financed, trained, equipped and maintained by the US and NATO, as has already been proven over and and is plainly seen, in this video.

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  • How sad that the west who are supposed to be a showcase for democracy ( another big lie) have turned out to be the worst and biggest two faced hippocrits in our world. As Jesus said you may? Gain the world but you will loose your soul , theUSA and its sychofants have lost their soul already..


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