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Betsy and Thomas from reveal their knowledge of the true identity of the entity known as “Q” who they say has been replaced. They expose the fake Q now running a disinformation campaign online and wasting the time of several Alt Media creators and their followers.

Mavens of Alternative Media, regardless of whether or not they ever followed the Q posts (I always thought they were fake) may want to listen to what AIM has uncovered on Q because it’s instructive of how disinformation campaigns are being waged today.

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Q makes people ask questions they should’ve been asked 50 yrs ago , after JFK got his head blown off. Excuse me if we don’t trust you to think for us. We have a lot of catching up to do.

  • It is actually a journey of the unfolding of intelligence. How can someone be on an ‘ego trip’ without ever gaining recognition outside of their own realm of burgeoning expertise? You make no sense.

  • LOL. These people are hilarious. Q was fake from the beginning. These people are on an ego trip (similar to David Wilcock).

  • I don’t think you understand the ‘Qthing’. Even if ‘Q’ is not real, a lot of people have suddenly learned the basis of Western Education which is the Socratic/Zetetic (most will probably have to look up that word)/Trivium/Quadrivium way of learning. Personally, I don’t care who ‘Q’ is, the unfolding of knowledge I have had (I’ve been around since the start) is startling in and of itself. I’m sorry the maker of this video didn’t ‘get it’. 18600+ sealed indictments plus 5000+ pedos being caught isn’t a ‘psy-op’ it is reality.

  • America/Israel/NATO has been Invading & Regime Changing Oil &
    Pipeline Countries to Control the World’s Oil Supply Under the Guise of
    Spreading Democracy since their 911 Coup/War of Terror.

  • “Betsy and Thomas from ”

    They replace one Psyop with Another Psyop when their Cover is Blown.!!!!!

  • This planet is the evil sh*t hole of the galaxy. Too many people love greed, hatred, violence and death.

    Your only hope is the everlasting Kingdom ruled by Jesus the Son of Father God. The Bible is true, read it, the New Testament at least.

  • Whenever a “truther” suddenly appears on the scene with lots of followers, ie Milo Yianopoulus, you should assume they are controlled opposition. In the real world, it doesn’t work that way.

    • A salient comment and spot on. Truth comes out slowly and with lots of struggling, not with a shout and a large crowd of sign bearing believers.

  • Trump is an open Zionist.
    and the Demon Rats wanted to control the people that pushed Trump(Trolled Trump to be Elected through 4chan) you even saw Hillary getting involved in this.
    Then all of the sudden this Q shows up.
    honestly do you want to know the world? I will tell you the world it’s split in two through Duality. Dark and Light.
    The Dark controls all the damn Banks with BIS at the Top, all the events all the wars everything is the Flow of money to the BIS.

    The Light wants people to raise there Vibration to there full Divine Grace and opposes those Jewish Banks. See as one wanting to slave the world and one wanting to allow people to live at a higher vibration.

    This is why Zionism is such a threat it’s part of slaving the world.
    Who is Zionist? Yes Trump is a Zionist. He talks big makes a lot of promises but in the end he is all for Israel.

  • One of the more confusing interviews you’ve posted, Alexandra. Presenters enterupting each other, vying it seemed at times for attention, shifting subjects. Left with little understanding, much frustration!

  • I keep on wondering why people are made this way.
    Who is responsible for the DNA of all people on the globe?

    Where is human intelligence of love?

  • Besides undermining Corsi, Sessions, Webb and how much smarter Douglass is than anyone else, what did you learn here from Douglass who claims a history with the secret government?

    Who ever heard of Douglass until last year? Suddenly AIM is all over the place publishing other’s research as if AIM was the source . Corsi and Sessions have well known long verifiable reliable track records.

    It’s just too slick and arrogant. Well, we will soon see if IG Horowitz is the stinker Douglass says he is; the IG report is likely to be given to congress before the end of the month.

  • Why is she continuing to interupt him??? It is very distracting and
    splits up the continued thought of what the man is trying to say very
    condesending. I’d rather listen to him talk than her she too bossy and
    she herself is distracting. But other than that the information when not
    interrupted is good As a result of her interrupting I had to go back and
    re listen to the video 3 times just let him talk I want to learn and hear
    what he is actually trying to tell us Thanks not trying to be rude just
    want to learn

  • OK…… Trump is not – in the very least – helpless ……. If “Q is real”, he, Q, would be “totally supporting Trumps Agenda” – (like a thunderbolt)? If “Q now is fake” he, Q, would be “totally (like a toxic ramrod) destructive of Trumps Agenda”. Think about it? Wouldn’t Trump, himself, be fully aware of this “without – question – difference”? Wouldn’t Trump himself do something “VERY QUICKLY” about correcting it?

    Thomas Paine – you may be only exposing “Who it is – that you truly support”……. And you’ve also done a lot of “good work” at exposing the truth!
    Shame on you!!!

  • Q has been an obvious fake since Day 1. While Russian diplomats being evicted- PRELUDE to WAR- Syria being destroyed, Trump wrecking the economy and betraying every promise he made? Moron Truthers are sent down rabbit holes, spinning and diverted away from ACTION to stop the mess we are in.
    Now we have two “snopes”-type fakers debunking this mess- but they dont just enlighten activists so they can get it and move on, in such an urgent time… They give you MORE riddles to debunk Qpiss’ riddles and thus waste MORE time. Assange pulls this crap too- recall Vault 7 etc? Cock teasers like a campaign ad.
    Kick them to the curb folks and move onto real RESEARCH, w/ concrete facts, data and evidence and stop wasting your time getting addicted to some TAVISTOCK/intell agency honey trap mind game.REAL whistleblowers dont play these distraction mind games. Scott Ritter, William Binney, Bill Cooper, James Bamford, Gary Webb- these are GENUINE watchdogs and they tell it straight so you can then move on to awareness, not chasing outdated Sorcha Faal articles packaged as clues, hints and “breaking expose’s”

    • Fake Whistleblowers,

      Man O Man, it’s such a bloody relief to see others pointing it out.
      Rarely do I see anyone mention Tavistock Syndrome.

      Assangwhich. It’s tough to see how long these psy-ops can carry on but it’s precisely because of the dupes they continue to roll.

      Stellar advice, let’s hope the dupes don’t remain dupes.

    • The “education” that is fascinating you has been easily available to anyone who had interest in history. All deceivers will mix some truth, something intriguing, to string people along! Come on, wake up. You can learn whatever you want without a “Q”. “Q” is dragging so many people into a dark hole where they can’t see the reality of what is happening and therefore will be no threat to the NWO. How easily Americans are led into the darkness, thinking it is light. All a liar has to do is be entertaining and secret, and millions will be hooked.

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