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    Something fun is happening, for a change – that is, unless you enjoy the spectacle of the DNC’s implosion, along with that of Joe Biden’s cognitive function.

    Personally, I can’t bear to watch it. It’s beyond ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ and insanely cruel. It’s not just elder abuse, it’s national abuse. It is a Satanic demoralization campaign against all of us, as human beings.

    While Joe Biden might be one of the most corrupt politicians in US history who deserves to be brought to justice, no one deserves the sadistic infliction of this heap of misfiring neurons propped up as a presidential candidate, running interference on the prosecution of his crimes and those of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

    But I digress.

    Last week, I posted this excellent video by new YouTube phenom, Austin Steinbart, ‘Black Ops 101 – The Dark Truth About the 🀑’ . It had not yet sunken in for me that Steinbart had been implying that he is actually Q but yesterday morning, he left no doubt of this inΒ his most recent video, in which he makes the newsworthy claim that:

    “I’m not just associated with Q, I AM Q! Me, personally. This is my operation. The guy posting on the boards and running point on this whole operation is actually me in the future. Pretty crazy, right? Be on the lookout for ‘official confirmation’ from the Big Man upstairs, very soon…”

    He simultaneously posted this to his Facebook profile:

    “Today I am officially announcing that I have been working undercover for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) since they sent me to Cuba in High School.Β πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

    “And that things are about to get pretty wild!!πŸš€Β (in a good way)Β πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸΌ”

    The 29-year-old owner of a “point-of-sale IT business” gives us a mini-biopic, complete with baby pictures and Google Earth maps of several family homes where he grew up.

    He says his paternal grandfather, William (aka Bernard) Steinbart was a Project Paperclip Nazi, smuggled out of Russia by British Intelligence via their front operation, the Red Cross and given a new identity. He’d been “conscripted at gunpoint” and served as a tank commander on the Eastern Front.

    His son, Wilfred Max (Austin’s father) recently retired from a long career in the semi-conductor business, selling software to defense contractors, like Raytheon. His mother, Cindy Frei Steinbart is a martial arts and fitness trainer, according to her LinkedIn profile.

    His maternal grandfather, David J. Frei ran Mercury Refueling, Inc., a private contractor at the Marine Corps air Station in Yuma, Arizona, a company that he says, “smuggled drugs for the CIA” and his home was a “CIA drop site”.

    His maternal grandmother, Grace Aragon Frei was a Salvadoran refugee, who he claims was a bloodline descendant of the Spanish Throne. This claim is not insignificant, as he claims in Part 1 of this video, posted 6 weeks ago, that a big part of overthrowing the Satanic-pedophile “Medieval Death Cult” led by the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (aka Windsors) will involve enforcing the Tordesillas Treaty, which he says grants ownership of all the world’s territory to the rightful House of Aragon claimant. Is he referring to himself?

    Moreover, he claims that the DIA has several quantum computers networked together, forming a “Quantum Internet”, which is three decades ahead of Google’s that, itself is capable of being in 16 sextillion simultaneous states at once.

    Imagine something significantly more advanced! He says the DIA’s quantum Internet is so powerful that it has “time warping” capabilities.

    “If you subscribe, we’re gonna be doing a series on all of the fun, neat, exciting and very spooky things that this Quantum Internet can do, including one of my favorite features I like to call ‘instant messaging from the future’, a super helpful feature for IT guys trying not to get murdered by the Royal death racket…

    “I’m also rich as Hell because the DIA let me use those time-warping instant messages to tip myself off to this thing called Bitcoin, way back, when it was just starting out.” He says this 60,000 square foot compound on 160 acres, under construction in a Phoenix suburb belongs to him.

    “So, put that in your pipe and smoke it, because…I am going to be the new Commander of the Space Force – the real one, not that fake Air Force one. [Would be due to his bloodline claim?]

    “While I’m generally a cordial fella who plays nice with others, I will not hesitate to call out egotistical [Q] influencers when they are leading people astray.

    “We’ve got lots of stories to tell and we’re going to be doing so on this YouTube channel over the next few weeks.”

    (Does this mean there will be no more Q posts?)

    Obviously, this is craziness – but it’s my kind of fun craziness – and a delightful distraction, if nothing else from the relentless grind of our hybrid civil war.

    I certainly look forward to more about this “instant messaging from the future”!

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    • Once the wacko notion that Steinbart is as much Q as Elvis risen from the dead, then he can be fun to watch. As usual, the lamestream mockingbird media clowns are trying to deny the reality of QTeam by writing that Austin “Back to the Future” Steinbart is “tearing apart the Q movement.” Whether that’s his/their intentionnor not, anyone who has seriously followed Q posts all along the way would instantly know that the Patriots from Army Military Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) are the least likely of all to doxx themselves and announce that they were time travelers whose time had come. We all know that QTeam consists of 10 members of the Military along with 3 nonmilitary personnel – snd NOT 1 person who boldly goes where no man has gone before by arrogantly asserting, “I AM Q.”

    • I’m already getting smashed at YouTube on Austin’s page. Being told he’s a hack more or less lol. Here we go.

    • Decent actor and alot of production went into this total bullshit piece.
      Either a very sophisticated psyop / disinformation, or someones idea of humor.
      If forbidden knowledge had any insider information they would know this is definitely not Q.
      Not even close to what Q is.

    • Completely loved it. It has restored my faith in the millennials–such a relief that there are some capable of carrying on. With the defunct campaign of Bernie and his Bros, we need to better understand the kids because they are the future and I’m relieved all of them are not out on the streets pushing socialism and then not showing up on election day… huh?

    • Very interesting, now what was the “Q” again? LOL!
      This kind of reminds me of “Project Looking Glass”.
      Maybe something else will drop soon? Or before soon?
      Have a great one!

    • not sure this dude is Q lol and didnt really say much other than about himself and his dirty family .

    • This is an incredible turn of events. Just goes to show how essential public awareness is. I wonder if the internet was originally developed for this very purpose.


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