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Spiro Skouras has been doing a great job reporting on the agendas being advanced via the Wuhan coronavirus.

He’s joined in this video today by Ryan Cristián from the Last American Vagabond blog for this bombshell interview, discussing the scenario and supporting evidence that the coronavirus may have originated at Fort Detrick, in the United States, as suggested by multiple sources, both within and outside the US.


In early February, I reported on Sam Parker, who challenged Mitt Romney for Utah’s senatorial seat and who has a biotech background and had asserted that the Wuhan coronavirus is an engineered bioweapon.

Parker said that the Mockingbird media will not tell us this because the US Government has a $100-200 billion stake in the global bioweapons arms race, which was spawned after 9/11.

“The swine flu, hoof and mouth and western Africa Ebola outbreaks, etc., were all bioweapon development accidents.

“The WHO, CDC, Fort Detrick, NIH and Big Pharma all know what’s going on. Their corporate media allies are not going to spill the beans…

“The likely scenario is that China has done this to itself accidentally. But it’s always possible that sabotage was involved. In other words, the pathway out of the Wuhan BSL4 lab isn’t precisely known, yet. But that it came from there is almost certainly the case.”

He says, “We know this is a weapon for a few reasons:

– The Coronavirus it is most closely related to is SARS. This tells us that SARS was used as the base pathogen. (Was SARS an earlier phase of the program? Maybe).

– It contains HIV gp120 and gag protein receptor sequences.

– These receptor sequences allow the virus to bind to human CD4 (T type white blood) cells.

– There is high homology between SARS and 2019-nCoV. Furthermore, only 4 HIV sequences–perfectly and precisely placed–are present.

“If this were due to random mutation/recombination, we’d expect to see other HIV sequences randomly distributed in the Wuhan virus’s genome. But we don’t.

“The HIV sequences are found ONLY in critical binding sites, which is a mark of parsimonious intentionality.

“Finally, this virus is both more contagious and deadly than SARS.

Together all these ‘upgrades’ are referred to as ‘enhanced properties’ and ‘gain of function.’

“The US Government doesn’t want the American public to know these truths, nor does it want us to know that ‘accidental’ bionuking is possible here, too.

“Why would China need to steal dangerous pathogenic material from US and Canadian labs (and who knows from wherever else) if it was conducting legitimate BSL4 research?

“Ask yourself further: What kind of pathogenic materials need to be *stolen* rather than acquired through legitimate means?

“This tells you something not only about China, but also about the US and Canada.

“Whether China stole actual biological materials from Harvard through its agents (which includes Dr. Charles Lieber) is irrelevant:

“It stole the fungible critical knowledge and technology.”

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