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    Late last week, the Trump Administration banned air travel between the US and Europe. Over the weekend, the UK and Ireland were added to this list. Public sports events have been cancelled and businesses have been asked to make their employees work from home, when possible.

    Several states (all notably battleground states for the Trump campaign) announced they are closing their public schools.

    California has ordered all people over the age of 65 to shelter in place. Restaurants and bars in Los Angeles and New York City have been ordered closed, allowing only take-out and delivery service.

    On Sunday, Federal Reserve Bank Chairman, Jerome Powell slashed interest rates to near zero.

    The scale of this global shutdown is unprecedented in my lifetime. Am I dumb or does this response to a virus, that has killed 69 people seem a bit overblown? During the same period, tens of thousands have died of the flu with nary a peep. Does any of this jibe?

    It would seem that this coronavirus pandemic is the latest attack by the Globalists on national sovereignty and individual freedom. Yet Trump appears to be all-in.

    This video is Amazing Polly’s latest, where she covers the Event201 global pandemic exercise held last October in New York City, sponsored by Michael Bloomberg’s Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was videotaped, so we get to see 15 globalist control freak minions fantasize about manipulative methods for achieving Full Spectrum Dominance. It is really gross.

    On the Event201 website, they’re gloating that, “Most airlines in the world will be bankrupt by end of May” and that “Many airlines have probably already been driven into technical bankruptcy.”

    One is reminded of the UN’s Green New Deal, which aims to phase out air travel. At this rate, they may succeed.

    It’s a playbook for the Fascist sweep that we’re witnessing now and it’s truly revolting. Polly’s commentary is excellent.

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    • Yeah, like the cowboy riding in from the west didn’t just order all grocery distribution through federal hands.

      Meanwhile, China threatening to withhold shipping of OUR big pharma companies orders.WHAT???

      Nobody here OR there…is in charge of anything. But a 2 to 3% batting average so far on covid-19. I hear the pitching in the US league is such that it may actually hit 5% or higher. There IS no other sport to watch.

      But, where will the children play and what is that stuff falling from the sky?

      AND, how did covid-19 get into a Russian submarine to infect a commander on an Arctic Ocean run with nuke tips?

      All hail the central one-world-big gov yellow balloon.

    • You are so spot-on, Wonderer why such a big percentage are unable to see what is going. I’ have written about this for the longest, but only on a small scale Blogs, etc. Thanks, just love a lady with Brains.

    • The bad guys thought they had this all sewn up, and then came along John Wayne and Co. messed up all of their plans. Oops!

      As my colleague wrote a couple of days ago: ” Things are beginning to move fast and this virus is but a part of a system to bring down all that is wrong in our world.”

      So hold onto your hats guys and gals and have faith in Trump and dear Boris here in the UK. They both know what they are doing. They have both been briefed by OFOT aka Our Friends Out There!

      Thus you have nothing to fear!

    • Yes. . It is becoming clear. The massive influx of immigrants into europe to diffuse national sovereignty, then the corona quarantine to try anf make a copy of the european union on a glibal scale. It will not succeed. It will fail just like the eu failed. Thank god we have trump fighting for us. . Even tho half or the country is a bunch fukwits that have TDS.
      This will be a great awakening for the sheep.

    • Awesome! Finally some true journalism to combat the flood of fake news.
      I’ve sent your vid link to the few Trump Derangement Syndrome liberals still remaining on my friend email list. LOL.

      I love the way the Alliance has turned this false flag event into the perfect storm to take down the Deep State Bankster/Globalists. Only 148,000 more arrests to go. A lot of patriots are pretty depressed about winning the war… the plan, these people are dead zombies walking around clueless.

      • Strange, but I’ smelled a rat from day one, because if you go back in time, every election year, some pandemic comes up, newer fails, it is like a predictable pattern

    • Thank-you Amazing Polly–very interesting video! What I heard under the 201 panel’s words was a kind bleating complaint of how helpless they are to influence opinions because of the other enemy voices. Sitting around that table without the proper six feet distance required now, trying to sound smart and make a contribution. I can’t imagine they have THAT much influence. I noticed everything changed when the Italians came down with the virus. And a lot of people watched those cell phone videos smuggled out of China at the beginning in January. So the first wave came from the raw footage from China, and then the hospitals in Italy… I am stuck thinking about some lab (where ever) concocting chimeras of viruses hooked together with HIV interceptors that have “gain of function” capacity, then oops, they are loose. And forget about fading out into old and older age. Are these dimwits aware of all this?

    • Thank you Miss Polly. Your assertive reveal of truth (as always) combined with your calm and courageous, eagle-eyed confrontation of wicked powers that be, are far more infectious than this ridiculous, unpurified “virus”.
      If the manufactured panic was proven legitimate, people might frantically seek to accumulate antiviral and relief for pulmonary conditions…..NOT TOILET PAPER!!!! IT’S NOT BEING SOLD AS AN INTESTINAL VIRUS….WHY THE BEAR RUN ON TP? BECAUSE IT’S ALL JUST A CHARADE-A PRACTICE OR DRILL TO MIND MASSAGE THE POPULATION.
      As the useful idiots at Walmart clutch their precious packages of TP to their unvaccinated (another horror story, in itself) chests, wouldn’t it be ironic if they’d actually been programmed to buy TP because: they treated the product and packaging with some twisted little microbes. That would sure give them some credibility and a baby step head start on depopulation.
      God bless you, the President and patriots everywhere.

    • And I think these old words from the KINKS are appropriate,
      “Paranoia, Big Destroyer, and it Goes Like This!”
      I have been laughing at this BS for a week or so, it just does not add up.
      Got any T.P.?

    • Thank you, some things make a little more sense now.
      Have a great one, regardless, of propaganda.

    • Thank you Polly. I am amazed by your insights. You are truly amazing and I am now a huge fan. Your intuition sparkles. Your overstanding is astronomical. Your knowledge is a library. Your courage is inspiring. Your social skills are highly tuned. Your worship is evident and your wisdom is sublime. May you live long and prosper, dear Polly. As soon as my new book, Satan’s Children comes out and royalties accrue once again, (six of my novels have been stolen by a former publisher = no royalties) I will contribute to your agenda since it is a very good and righteous one. You are a paragon of your sex and I pray more women take note of your videos and begin to be like you. AMAZING! A huge hug. I want to be your friend and fellow collaborator. BTW I was a regular columnist on Rense until he dropped me for exposing his BS. Andy Carrington Hitchcock and I did a regular radio show on EuroFolk until he dropped me for having testicular fortitude. The last international radio program I did was with an Irish chap named Brizer on Dec 30th. It’s was the Graham Hart show on Cornwall Radio. I was joined by Monika Schaefer, Alison Chabloz, John Kaminski was supposed to be on, and several other luminaries. Shortly after that program PayPal cut me off and Rueters began bugging me. I laugh. Just wait until my book Satan’ Children comes out, it will pack a huge punch in the service of Our Father.

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