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Quintessential Canadian patriot, SonofEnos has put together this great presentation about the Great Awakening being triggered by the Fascist antics of the Liberal World Order and their fake war in Ukraine.

SonofEnos’ friend, Freedom Convoy leader Tamara Lich languishes in jail and was denied bail after being arrested at an awards gala in Toronto, for being in the presence of another convoy organizer, which violated the conditions of her release.

He warns that a people who have, “No path forward, whose legal system is so completely corrupted that we have no possibility of justice, that…we’re so fallen of a country that our charter’s gone, our bill of rights is gone, you’re going to leave us with no option. Take a look at what’s happening in the rest of the world!”

The pushback against governments enforcing ‘green’ policies has become a global phenomenon but SonofEnos observes that the Libtards appear to be operating from a script from which they cannot seem to deviate, at all.

“They have to go forward, even when they know the results will be disastrous for them,” he says – almost as if they’d made a pact with Satan.

For example, Justin Trudeau is about to inflict the same anti-nitrogen regulations that the Dutch government is attempting to use as a ruse to collapse independent farmers and wrest their land away from them.

SonofEnos says, “We the People know. It’s not gonna work. I’ll tell ya what’s gonna happen: the same thing that is happening in the Netherlands and in many other places…when you put someone’s livelihood under the axe like that, they got nothing to lose anymore. So what’s coming is a full-on revolt.”

This is the plan, of course.

He plays a clips of Vladimir Putin and of mass uprisings all over the world, saying “These people know what’s going on, Man. They know that they’re ruled by Globalist puppets, World Economic Forum puppets. This is not a game. These people are playing for keeps.”

While speaking before the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin not only declared the inevitable defeat of the New World Order, but also encouraged a worldwide revolution against the totalitarian tyranny of the so-called “Rules Based Order”.

Putin said (paraphrasing) that the world is transitioning away from the Globalist, World Economic Forum order into one where people and nations have sovereignty, values and traditions are respected, based on democracy, justice and equality.

SonofEnos runs a strong presentation on Ukraine by John Mark Dougan, a former Palm Beach County cop who sought political asylum in Russia after his exposure of police corruption threatened his life in the US.

SonofEnos says, “We, The People of the World are reaching the precipice and are not going to suffer this absolute despotism we are living under any longer. It is clear, that the worldwide revolution has begun.”

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  • please teach this to everyone greeting a royal member of great britain.
    Germs Debunk Corona –
    Cov-19 Immunity Fraud.-
    When Will We Finally Admit Covid Is Fake? 2 More Weeks? –
    Published Admission From CDC And FDA Re: Nonexistence Of COVID-19 –
    Laboratories In Germany Publish Evidence That There Is No Virus And That COVID Does Not Exist –
    the british court.
    The Covid-19 vaccinations are now under criminal investigation. –

  • The people need to wake themselves up and stand up on their own instead of being led by another shill.
    Look at RT as an example of another Fox alike controlled opposition fake news media.
    I remember RT being effective eliminating antivax opinion by fooling them.
    My President of Russia, who is in charge of your state media news agency???

  • You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

  • We don’t need to set them straight. We need to eliminate their offices of trust, along with them, personally, if they get too uppity about it.

    Not a single one of them has a right to rule anybody except themselves. All of these ‘rulers’ are just the gang that happens to be in charge at the moment, even in so-called “democratic” countries. The rulers long ago renounced any allegiance to any Constitutions or fundamental rights of their citizens.

    The war will not be easy, nor the outcome assured, but I will not be a slave in their system, so help me God.

  • I don’t care what Putin says as I don’t trust him anyways.

    But I am definitely hoping for the day when people get together and throw the F**kers out of the power, globally!

  • The awakening is many-faceted, but the primary aspect of our culture that becomes apparent is how many of the institutions are predicated on taking advantage of others for one’s own advancement and aggrandizement. The monetary system is literally at its root theft. Democracy another term for mob rule. A system of government that put into power not the best of us, but the worst of us. Do people who are truly awake even need government as thought of in the traditional sense?

    • Correct! and that also includes the rigged publishing Best Seller business, all rigged for certain so called elite, (not) children and bloodlines.


  • You may not believe this, but I’ve been sounding the alarm now for over 50 years since I was released from prison. They said that I just have an axe to grind. That’s all true, but the fact still remains that the “Royal Families”, have slated America and the western world for de industrialization and depopulation back in the 1960’s. Turn off your TV and don’t listen to another word of governmental propaganda and lies. Americans used to be the smartest people on the block. But the “powers that be” have used America to overthrow governments, murder innocent people and steal all of their gold and convince them to use printed toilet paper as money. Today it’s not safe for a sailor to get off a ship in a foreign port and visit a local bar. The people used to crowd around Americans. Now they move away. The dumbing down affect and effects of the fluoride is working. Thank God, I drank beer all of my life and avoided water. Thirty years ago when I “got on the wagon” and quit alcohol, I knew about fluoride and drank most iced tea. Now it’s my turn to lmao at you as you wait for a hero, like Trump, or the bullshit military, or crooked cops, or another phony election. One day you’ll find out that the only true heroes are those that get up rain or shine or in freezing miserably cold weather and collect your garbage. Certainly not those that put handcuffs on children. But in God’s, world, you can be as stupid as you want to be. Capt Joe Kelley.

  • Mob rule is exactly what America’s founders labored to avoid with the republican form of government they founded!

    But we must understand that just government cannot stand in the absence of a free press and honest elections. That should the press be consolidated under the control of the same people who count the votes, PEOPLE LOSE THEIR FREEDOM!

    What do we mean by the word “press”? Any means of informing the population concerning anything that is either a benefit or a detriment to them. Freedom of speech means all are free to express themselves in language and all are free to listen or read… period!

    As a freeborn American I have witnessed in astonishment, the fall of the nation to the north into the hands of a totalitarian government. Whatever in the world were those people thinking when a well known Communist family was elected to rule over them? It has been plain to see where they are headed – for decades!

    But it has been just as plain to see where America is headed under a fascistic government brutally determinedtp rule the world if possible. Both governments have forfeited their right to rule because they have routinely disrespected other nations sovereignty, violating the sovereignty of their people even violating the rights of American people to life, liberty and the peaceful pursuit of happiness always under a cunningly preplanned pretext.

    I am eyewitness to the fall of America from the form of government guaranteed by our constitution which is a representative republic, to an authoritarian government run by a permanent ruling class in near total control of of everything, much to numerous to name here. This has happened many times before in the history of nations and it has always been doomed to failure because it violates human nature and even nature itself; and nature’s Creator who also created the family of nations for the preservation of their respective tribal families without which those poor people are unhappy.

    This idiotic phrase, “you will own nothing and you will be happy”, is the mother of all lies! It is not possible to be happy if one is insecure in their person! A propertyless person is slave to the property owner! Slaves do as their masters tell them or they will suffer the consequences for disobedience. This is not new.

    The only thing left for these global collectivists, albeit they are communists or fascists or potentates, is to gain total control over our individual flesh bodies, which they are desperately attempting to take over with scare tactics, bio-weapons and mandates.

    Collectivist Utopians of whatever stripe are doomed to failure according to the Book of Prophesy, because at the end of time the nations remain as testimony to their Creator’s love for them.

    Meanwhile those of us who are faithful to the principles of liberty…. we will persevere!

  • ALL of Congress is busy writing Red Flag Laws to nulify the 2nd Amendment, but why?
    Are they concerned for the people or the Nation? NO! Are they proposing Impeachment for Biden to stop him from giving the Country over to the CCP?
    Congress wants guns banned for “their” protection: they believe the people will come after them when they understand whose behind their misery, Congress fears for their Treason! May they be repaid!

  • we know all this stuff is criminal for there is no shred of evidence any of it is based on sound science.

    banning nitrogen?

    these imbeciles may as well ban air itself.

    and for this thy will indeed pay

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