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    Jenifa Breeze, the daughter of January 6th defendant, Pamela Hemphill tweeted this video of her mother, as she arrived at FCI Dublin prison in California to surrender herself to federal authorities.

    “Mom, how do you feel?” she asked Hemphill.

    “Scared to death. I’m frightened, but I know God’s with me. Just going to take it five minutes at a time, one day at a time,” she replied.

    “Mom, what do you have to say to the American people as your last words before you go in?”

    “Just keep your faith no matter what’s going on in your life,” Hemphill said. “God’s with us no matter what’s happening to us. It’s gonna be OK in our lives if we just lean on God and trust — do what’s right and help make this country better again.

    “And support all those that are right now locked up in — the Jan. 6 people that are not getting any trials.

    “God bless you all.”

    Breeze says her mother pleaded guilty because of intimidation by the judge and asks that we use her mother’s story “As a catalyst to bring the darkness to light.”

    Last May, Senior Judge Royce Lambert of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia sentenced Pamela Hemphill for one misdemeanor count of demonstrating, parading or picketing in the U.S. Capitol Building. Three other counts were dropped under the plea agreement. In addition to jail time and 3 years of probation, the judge ordered Hemphill to pay $500 restitution.

    Hemphill had no prior criminal history and she is fighting breast cancer.

    Hemphill’s lawyer had asked for home confinement given her age and her recent bout with chemotherapy, but the judge said that despite it being “tempting” to be “lenient in this kind of situation,” he claimed January 6th was more severe and “didn’t equate to other demonstrations.”

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      • Indeed, and the heart of neoliberalism is the monetary system. It always has been.

        The financier ruling class consists of liars!

        See and scroll down for a proposed Constitutional Amendment wresting control of our monetary system from the craven hands of the financier class—the root of all Evil!

        Also, the best of revisionist history which will set your mind spinning:
        (Don’t believe the officially-sanctioned story of German National Socialism!)

        These are two ‘topics’ that are absolutely essential, imo, if we are to escape the vile neofeudalism being prepared for us by these disgusting elites!

    • Egregious and completely outrageous abuse of power. The so called corporate ‘judge’ will meet his ultimate judgement under a restored Republic. We the people of this great country are watching these crimes, and a swift and expeditious accounting will follow.
      God will protect the Grandmother.
      With great certainty, the so called ‘judge,’ the corporate entity, and evil creature that he is, will have his severe comeuppance.
      The American People are watching.

      • This can not be said LOUD ENOUGH. You are not a person; that is LEGAL FICTION. You are a woman or a man (girl or boy). Think before you sign any contract. ANY contract. The courts represent the corporation. Your attorney represents the corporation. You have no rights, no Constitution under their rules. Do the research.

    • I hope she’s NOT a ‘playa’!
      With the spooks being in ‘charge’ of this ‘theatric stunt’ she VERY well could be!!.. JS.

    • All my life I’ve had the strongest “feeling” that it is this time – my lifetime – that evil forces would fall upon not just the US, but the world. And when I would voice it, I would be told that this type of tyranny “cannot happen here”. Well, it IS happening here! This is what it looks like living under tyrannical rule and I am horrified by this insane injustice. It proves what Trump has said, “It is not me they are really after; it is YOU!”. The judge should hang for treason along with the entire Marxist Junta Biden Regime.

    • God bless you dear Grandma. You don’t deserve this. No one deserves to be treated worse than Antifa and BLM rioters who burned down Federal bldgs. The DOJ is corrupt as well as the CIA and FBI.

      • Has everyone noticed all these 3 letter Government Agencies are corrupted by the Deep State Democrats. These Agencies are the Deep State and are doing everything they can to keep power.

    • How could a sweet old grandmother be sentenced to a federal prison, for WHAT? This can only happen when evil has too much power.

    • What about protests at Lambert’s Home. I bet that would not be allowed. Lambert is a disgrace to America and the Justice system. If it was a BLM member being charged for something nothing would be done.

    • I hope the bastards– judges and commies– that are doing all this are the ones that end up spending the rest of their lives in jail. They are truly criminal and evil.

      This dear lady is a threat to no one, and these legislators are trashing the constitution, justice and our country.

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