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John Mark Dougan joins Sarah Westall in this blockbuster interview.

Dougan is a Forrest Gump-like figure in our global corruption saga. He first appeared on our radar in connection with the murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich.

Dougan now says he has more than a terabyte’s worth of Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail videos!


Dougan is a former police officer at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. As a hobby, he published websites about police corruption in departments all over the US.

He says Seth Rich contacted him in February 2016, to help him publish the DNC emails that he’d stolen. Dougan set up the DCLeaks website on Rich’s behalf.

This contradicts the Mueller Report, which states Russian intelligence created the DCLeaks website to publish the DNC emails, which they had “hacked” before handing this content to WikiLeaks.

By early 2016, Dougan’s anti-corruption websites had earned him some powerful enemies. After his home was raided by the FBI in February, Dougan decided to flee the US. He had dated Russian women in the past so he chose to move to Moscow. He arrived in Russia in April 2016 and has since obtained political asylum.

Less than two weeks after his arrival in Moscow, Dougan set up the DCLeaks web domain on a Malaysian server. There, he uploaded the original dump of emails he’d received on Seth Rich’s thumb drive.

While monitoring the site’s users, he noticed that one of Rich’s associates had forgotten to use his Tor proxy while logging in. From the IP, Dougan saw that this individual was working from NSA headquarters at USCYBERCOM.


As a publisher of anti-corruption websites, Dougan received the video files for safekeeping from Joe Recarey, a detective on the Epstein case at the Palm Beach Police Department. This was in addition to evidence from many other cases.

Dougan was shocked to learn that Recarey had died in May 2018 after a brief illness at the age of 50.

He’d forgotten all about the videos until the London Times referred to them in an article about Prince Andrew, in which an MI6 source claimed Dougan had given the Epstein videos to the Russian government!

Reading this was a complete shock to Dougan. How would MI6 know about the videos? He then remembered the FBI raid of his house and deduced they’d informed MI6 about the videos they found on the computers they’d seized.

Dougan then wondered why the FBI would have even bothered to inform MI6 of the videos? He gleaned that the videos must contain compromising footage of Prince Andrew.

He doesn’t know this for certain, as he’s only watched seven of the 700 videos (a total 1.5 terabytes of media data).

Out of the seven videos he did watch, six were videos of older adults having sex with minors. The seventh video was surveillance footage of underage girls in a bathroom.

He says he recognized one man in the videos as a powerful person in media who “controlled MSNBC”.

Dougan has encrypted his copy of the hard drive and stored it hundreds of miles from where he lives in Moscow. He’s also made ten copies and distributed them to his friends all over the world, as part of his deadman’s switch.

Should anyone threaten or harm him, all the videos will become public.

Read the full transcript below!

* * *


JMD: I received a call from a journalist from The Times [of London] about what two months ago I think and he started asking me about Epstein and of course, I didn’t really have a lot to tell him because I don’t know much about his investigation and I wasn’t sure what he was asking for.

So, a few days later, when I read the story in The Times, it said that MI6 had been informed that I had some of the Epstein files and that I had given them to the Russian government, which was a shock to me, because I didn’t think anybody actually knew that I was possibly in possession of his files.

SW: So, what happened? You are in possession of these files and we want to talk about what these files are. You had a journalist come and confirm that. Can you explain that? How did they know that? I mean what happened?

JMD: Apparently, somebody with MI6 leaked this to the media and the only way that they could have ever known that I had these files is from the American FBI.

You remember in 2016, the FBI raided my home and they took all my computers and my server. So the FBI was in a position to know what I had on my computers and I’m guessing that the FBI assumed that once they took all my computers, that once he took all my computers they had all the files.

But in January of 2019, they discovered that I had a backup of all my files smuggled to me here, in Russia and the backup would have been anything that I had in early 2016 on my other computers.

So here’s where it gets a little dicey. In 2010, I was friends with Joe Recarey who was a detective on the Epstein case and he had come to me – this was after I started my whistleblower websites – and he had come to me with a bunch of boxes and said, ‘Hey, I need you to store this stuff for me.’ So, I did.

I scanned everything and I burned a bunch of DVDs into an encrypted container and I stored everything for him. I never actually looked through the contents of everything…I worked for a different agency than Recarey. I worked for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and he worked down at Palm Beach. So, I didn’t actually have anything to do with this investigation. I didn’t know exactly what I was storing for him.

So the FBI, knowing that I had a backup of these files now, alerted MI6 and the only reason they would alert MI6 is because, 1) They knew what was in the files that I now possessed and 2) They know who was in the files, because if that Prince Andrew guy, he wasn’t in the video that I had, then the FBI would have never gone to MI6 and told them, ‘Hey, you need to be concerned, you know. He has a copy.’ ‘Cause why would they, right?

SW: Okay. This is a big deal! Because, essentially what you’re telling me is you could mess up their cover-up, because you have all this video evidence and now that’s why they care. They thought they had it and they could clean it up, keep it under the rug or do whatever. Now, oh my God, ‘There’s these videos that are out there that we don’t have control of,’ is that essentially what’s going on?

JMD: That’s correct.

SW: So, now after you realized, ‘Oh, this is a big deal,’ there was a journalist, was it from The Times that came or a different journalist?

JMD: No actually the journalist was here. He owns a crime radio program and he was here, interviewing me. We had been speaking for about a year and he made his plan about seven or eight months ago to come to Moscow, to meet with me about a project. So, he was here when The Times published that story and it was it was really a mess, because well number one it screwed up his schedule and number two, well he sitting in my kitchen when this story comes out and he says, ‘Hey do you do you really have these videos from Epstein?’

I walked into my closet and I grabbed the hard drive and I came back out and I gave it to him and he’s like, ‘What’s this?’ I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s the Epstein file,’ and he’s like, ‘Oh!’ and he gave it back to me, ‘I don’t want anything to do with this!’

So, after a few days – because this is just dangerous stuff that I have, you know, it is very dangerous for me, cuz I don’t want to wind up Arkancided or Epstein-cided, so I went nine dispersed ten copies of this around the world. Actually, more now.

SW: Excellent! Excellent! So, you have a deadman’s switch.

JMD: I do.

SW: Good for you.

JMD: And it and it’s foolproof.

SW: Good for you.

JMD: We decided that we wanted to take a look. He didn’t want to identify anybody but he wanted to pick some videos at random and we could just kind of see what the contents are, like scroll to the middle and see what was happening and so we did. We decrypted my hard drive and we watched seven videos, seven out of over 700.

There’s a lot of material. It’s a 1.5 terabyte hard drive and it’s full.

SW: And what what are on these videos? What are you watching? Are you watching people being interviewed or you actually watching assaults?

JMD: Out of the seven videos, six of them were six people having sex with juveniles.

I mean, they don’t show their identification but I’m pretty sure they’re juveniles and…the seventh one was strange, because he had cameras set up in the rooms that the kids would use, like surveillance cameras and he would record them taking showers and getting dressed…

One of the seven that we watched was some girl coming out of shower, putting on lotion and getting ready for whatever.

SW: And she looked like she was 14 or something?

JMD: …She wasn’t over 18, that’s for sure. One of them, in one of the videos, she was probably about 14, yeah…they all looked under 18.

SW: And what about the men?

JMD: Oh. They were old. Jesus. One one looked like he was probably 50.

SW: Did the girl look like she was distraught or did she just kind of sit there or what?

JMD: I feel weird saying this.

SW: I know it’s hard. I know it’s really hard. We’re talking about a sexual abuse and a rape, essentially but I’m trying to get to what’s on these videos. So I’m sorry, everybody that it’s so disgusting.

JMD: So I don’t want to minimize having sex with somebody under 18 but nothing looked to forced. Everything looked consensual, as much as somebody under 18 can consent…there was no violence.

SW: Of the six videos you saw – out of hundreds – there wasn’t violence and we know that he was prepping these girls and training them for this purpose. So, he was prepping them to not fight back and they got paid well for this. Are you assuming these – did they all look like powerful men, more than likely or men who had money? I mean, it’s hard to tell, I guess but is that the assumption?

JMD: It’s hard to tell. Out of the 6 videos, one I recognized and [another] looks familiar but I can’t place him.

SW: I’m assuming you don’t want to say the name of the person you recognized or are you willing to?

JMD: No, I don’t have to tell you why. Because once they start releasing names, there goes my insurance policy.

SW: Okay. Can you just give us a hint? Is he a powerful person in politics or business?

JMD: He’s a powerful person in media.

SW: In media. Okay, that’s good to know…why did your guy have all this evidence and videos? How did he get hold of them? Did you ever ask him that? How did he have all this?

JMD: I don’t know. It wasn’t my business to ask. He asked me to keep it safe and I did.

SW: Okay, so basically, if they decide they want to go after these people, they have to be pretty full proof, to be able to take down – even if Epstein’s dead – they should have proof, to be able to –

JMD: The FBI has everything that I have.

SW: The FBI –  they do not need Epstein. If Epstein was “suicided”, which a lot of people think that’s the farce and don’t believe it. But even if he was and he’s gone, they don’t need him, because they have all these videos.

JMD: They do. And I know they have the videos. I know they have access to the videos, because they told MI6.

SW: And you believe they told MI6 because Prince Andrew is likely in one of those 700 videos.

JMD: Yeah.

SW: But you haven’t seen it?

JMD: No.

SW: Okay. Is there anything else you want to tell us about the Epstein situation that we may not know? I mean, has anybody called called you? I mean…they haven’t called to talk to you about the Seth Rich case, which blows me away. People need to watch that original interview that I interviewed you. But they’re there’s so much information here they could get from you and they just aren’t talking to you but go ahead.

JMD: Oh, I have a lot more than the Epstein stuff –

SW: – and I want to ask you about that. Let’s dive into…a couple of topics…what else do you have that is important for our country to heal and to to bring to justice?

JMD: I don’t know…First of all, when I was asked to keep these files, Recarey was alive and kicking. He was in perfect health. And even in 2017, when I talked to him the last time, he was a good heath. So I was really shocked to learn that he was dead.

SW: They thought, once he was gone they thought they could bury it for good, until they realized you were there.

JMD: I don’t know…I don’t know the circumstances under which he died, other than a brief illness and I don’t know who the big players are but I suspect there’s some top-level people from the FBI that are probably on those tapes.

If I was Epstein, I would have made friends with high-ranking law enforcement officials from the local, state and federal governments. I would have enticed them into my little web, because then who’s going to arrest him?

SW: So, what else do you have besides Epstein, ’cause I know you had a whistleblower site. You have the Seth Rich tapes or files, you had the Epstein files. I’m just blown away by what you all have.

What else did you have on that that incredible useful computer of yours?

JMD: I’ve got hundreds of different cases from from all over the place. Hundreds…when the town of Palm Beach, when the State Attorney’s Office, the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office and they basically let him go in 2008 or ’07 or whatever, it happened to be, when they gave him carte blanche to come out of jail on work release and rape more girls, I mean, the Town of Palm Beach, they lost complete confidence in the State Attorney’s Office and in the Sheriff. You know, Sheriff Rick Bradshaw.

So…every month, they’d come over with boxes of stuff for me to scan, not just related to Epstein but for all sorts of different things they thought were important.

SW: So, you’re essentially a treasure trove of all the corruption that’s been going on in Florida over the last 15 years.

JMD: Not Florida but Palm Beach okay, Palm Beach is filled with really really powerful people.

SW: Palm Beach…is there a lot of the trafficking going on there? Is there – what would you say is –

JMD: I don’t know. I haven’t looked at it. I just know that I have it.

It’s like you going into a bank and getting a safety deposit box and the bank gives you the key and they say, ‘Okay, go ahead and stick this in your box, if you don’t want to know what’s in it. I was the same thing but on a digital level.

SW: But once you realize that you have the files, that’s when you’re going in and looking and saying, ‘Oh, Man.’ s

So, you could have a lot more. Haven’t you curiosity to go into some of these files to see what they are?

JMD:  Uh-uh, yeah. I have been curious but you know what they say about curiosity? Killed the cat.

SW: Well let me ask you, people are saying that Epstein was much more than a blackmail operation, although six out of the seven files that you saw sure looked like a blackmail operation, potentially. Did you have any evidence that he he might have been…a pilot for drug trafficking or anything? Arms trafficking or anything like that?

JMD: Not that I know of, no.

SW: Okay and what would you say is the most important thing, to go forward with these files? I mean, what what should the FBI do? What should law enforcement do? What should Bill Barr do? What should they do, to take care of our country? What’s the right thing to do?

JMD: The FBI should have done what they should have done in 2006 and they should have done what they should have done when he got the files from me in 2016 and go after these people and prosecute them.

But they won’t because I don’t think they can. Because, I think, really the people involved they’re so powerful, it would lead to crumbling the foundation of our country’s framework.

SW: That’s the argument I’ve heard. But people like that in power – it’s crumbled and destroyed, already.

JMD: I’m on that same page. I get it.

SW: When you have a psychopath who hurts little children in power, what are we doing? We’re gonna protect them? Yeah, it might crumble down our infrastructure but we need to figure out how to rebuild that infrastructure pretty quick, without those kinds of people.

JMD: But but nothing’s ever gonna happen because, well like, for instance the one person I recognize who…was controlling, at least several years ago, he was in control of NBC. I’m not gonna name names but this is a very powerful guy…

I never bothered to look to see if he’s still involved in NBC or the media – but this was a guy – I’m sorry, MSNBC – I don’t know if there’s a big difference –

SW: Who cares? He’s a media guy…he’s just a scum that has money, that runs a media company. He’s not relevant for the country. I’m sorry, Dude, whoever you are. You’re not that important. He thinks he’s important. Go ahead.

JMD: No, I agree. Well, the problem is, these media companies they control what’s let out. Have you ever noticed, that everything is being reported out of Europe and nothing’s being reported out of the US?

SW: Because we’re completely silenced and blacked-out, here and the censorship is incredible.

JMD: That’s because, I think that there are a lot more media people on the tapes and I think they’re controlling the narrative. If they want this quashed, it’s gonna be quashed. The people need to be shouting at the FBI to do something.

And I think the FBI is under a lot of pressure, if they know what I have. And I think they’re scared that I’m gonna leak it.

SW: Who cares? We already know the media is a bunch of fakes. We know that they’re lying. We know they’re making crap up. They’re not that important to our country, especially if they’re doing that. They’re actually a net negative to our country.

JMD: You’re right but they control the flow of information and that’s the problem.

SW: They do right now and it needs to stop, because if that’s what’s on top that needs to come down, I know my listeners agree with me, I know that most of the country agrees with me. Anybody with a brain or anybody with a brain who actually cares about our country agrees with me.

So you are a hero you are in the asylum in Russia you’re in exile, essentially you’re a hero to our to our country. No one’s reached out to you other than now you’re still afraid for your life.

JMD: Yeah, well I’ve had a weird week, a weird month. I’ve had my car sabotaged. I’ve been followed. Wait. I’ve been followed and then have my car sabotaged and then I wound up getting poisoned.

SW: That’s the point of a Deadman’s switch. It gets out there. You kill ’em and it gets released.

So, is there anything else that you want to tell our audience? And as the next big story comes out and I realize that Jon over there in Russia has the tape,s how are the files I’ll be doing another interview with you!

Is there anything else that you want to share with the audience and anything that you, with all your insight and everything you’ve gone through?

JMD: It’s interesting, because the files range from 1994 to 2005, I think is what I had. Who knows? Who knows what’s on ’em?

SW: Okay, well, you know what’s on seven of them, which is pretty good indication. Six out of that seven were the same thing, that you randomly picked. It’s a pretty good indication…what you don’t know, is there could be other random files of something else, which would be really interesting to see.

JMD: Well, seven out of 700, I’ve only touched 1%. So, the other 99%, probably…but I don’t have access now, you know?

SW: I’d say the majority, six out of the seven is probably the majority and the rest are random files. So, why don’t you have access now?

JMD: Because I don’t want access.

I mean, I have the drive but I changed the encryption key and the encryption key is being kept in South Russia for this particular drive.

SW: The encryption – that’s the Epstein files. Okay and the encryption key…each one has its own encryption key and it’s spread out around the world.

Who wants to watch a bunch of underage girls having sex, right? I mean, that’s probably part of why you don’t want to watch it.

JMD: There are some sick-ass people out there. Obviously, somebody wanted to watch them because they exist.

SW: Okay, so anything else you want to say to our listening audience? I think it’s important that you get your voice and say what you want to say to people before we end this?

JMD: That’s pretty much it. Take a look at my book. By the way, I get like 50 cents a book, so it’s not like I’m plugging it for money but if they want to see exactly why I’m in Russia, my book is called ‘Bad Volf’ and it’s on Amazon.

It’s an interesting tale of what I faced when I was at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and the retaliation that I had to go through and and the antics that I had to pull to try to get some exposure to some of the stuff that was happening.

I guess they can look at that

SW: And we covered some of that in the first interview, so I really highly recommend people listen to that one. We also talked about how you came in contact with Seth Rich and how the FBI raided your place and how you skipped over to Russia and got asylum it’s a really very interesting case that deserves national attention, so I just thank you so much for joining the program.

JMD: Well, you’re welcome. Have a great day.

SW: You, too!

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  • Maybe this guy needs to get whacked so his deadman’s trigger gets pulled. Once we can see the guilty, the people can go kill them, since the lying ass crooked cops and corrupt judges won’t do shit.


    Enough perversion, greed and corruption. Fix it, our we should blow up the planet because none of us deserve to live if we won’t start doing the right thing.

    • I have to agree with you. This same dog and pony show replays every time someone has “evidence” that they hold from release. ( ie. Assange, Snowden, Deep Throat, Wiener laptop, darkweb videos, etc.,etc. ) The truth will set you free only if the truth is uncovered ! Good Grief … I am tired of being strung along by altruistic charlatans ! It makes you wonder what the motive is for non disclosure and moves you closer to the real circumstances we are in.

  • What’s the point of these files if the public cannot see it? After all, the legal system is so corrupt, THE PEOPLE are going to need to take the law into our own hands.

    When a government becomes so corrupt its institutions cannot be trusted because of a systemic infection of evil greed, then we’d best blow the whole thing up, just like the Declaration of Independence tells us to.

    Personally, I’m sick of all the talk. Talk talk talk. It’s all talk.


    • It’s because they don’t exist! He’s lied about that, just like he lied about being a victim in the States. Why he fled is there are warrants for his arrest!
      He lied about the Epstein tapes, stating he received them from the detective who worked the case. This is of course after the detective died of natural causes at his home.
      He also claimed to have met with Seth Rich, the employee of the DNC who was killed on the streets of Washington DC. and received a thumb drive with the information that had already been released by WikiLeaks. Of course Dougan’s claim was after Seth’s death.
      Check the archives for his website, It was a site where he bragged he could disseminate false information to destroy opponents, personally, corporations and governments. (Gee, how interesting with what he is doing with his U-tube videos!)

  • and the impeachment goes on……plenty of videos between epstein and weiner and nothing to stop them….is trump in these videos?
    this country is crashing into a heap of corruption, lies, deceit and depravity.

  • Keep safe and alive both Sarah and JMD. May Michael and Gabriel keep watch over you while exposing the crimes against the country, it’s people and the world governments!

  • Life’s like a box of chocolates.
    I believe he does not know what he has, and does not want to know either.
    He has a conscience. Which is good, but in this case bad.
    Forrest Gump, is an understatement..
    Now, that he has looked at some of what hes got, I hope he does not fall in the shower.
    FBI, NSA, CIA, MOSSAD, all most likely have the same files.
    And can most assuredly can break his encryption……So….
    Maybe, just maybe, something will come of this…

  • This guy CLAIMS to have evidence that would hurt the Deep State which we all rail against. But so far it only serves to polish his rep. If he doesn’t release the tapes, he aids and abets those criminals.
    He ought to release half, keep the rest for his Deadman’s switch.

    Otherwise this is USELESS “news.”

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