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Millie Weaver’s stunning new documentary about the January 6th Capitol Riot has just been released, showing how what happened on January 6, 2021 was part of a well-prepared contingency plan to prevent the contesting and the overturning the fraudulent election results by any means necessary.

On January 6th, both houses of Congress were just about to deliberate the objections to certifying the Electoral College vote, when as if on cue, the Capitol building was breached and Congress moved to recess, disrupting one of the most historic moments in election history.

When they reconvened after the “storming”, the volumes of election fraud no longer mattered. Representatives who had publicly stated that they would contest the Electoral College results had magically changed their minds. Everything now became about the “siege” and the fake impeachment that followed, in what Weaver describes as “Wag the dog on steroids.”

Many members of the Soros-backed radical environmentalist group, the Sunrise Movement are employed within the US Government’s bureaucracy. In a Zoom meeting recorded by an operative who infiltrated them, we see several Federal employees from places like the Department of Labor and the Department of Energy plotting an Election Day coup and “100 Days of Unrest”, with the help of the Democrat Party and intelligence contractors.

Their stated plan was to shut down and take over Washington DC, starting November 4th to force Trump out of the White House. Democrat members of Congress, like AOC and Chuck Schumer also attended these Sunrise Zoom meetings.

All were part of the coalition celebrated by Time magazine: The “Shadow Campaign” to “fortify” the election involved “a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.”

One key figure who subverted President Trump’s rally was Ali “Akbar” Alexander, a political dirty trickster, blackmailer, agent provocateur and associate of the Lincoln Project, who makes frequent appearances on InfoWars. Intelligence contractor, Tore Maras claims Alexander has compromising footage of himself having sex with Republican strategist, Karl Rove.

Pretending to be a Trump supporter, Alexander proceeded to hijack events organized by ‘Women For America First’ and to mislead donors into giving him money for January 6th, while dragging in innocent participants as fodder for eventual accusations.

As Millie says, “You become the face of your enemy, so that when the media demonizes you, they’re actually demonizing your enemy. Slick!”

Another prominent organizer was Antifa militant John Sullivan, who impersonated a Trump supporter while storming the building and was paid $70,000 by CNN and NBC, for his video of the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. He had previously been voted out of the Utah chapter of Black Lives Matter, because they viewed him to be violent and dangerous.

John’s brother, James Sullivan claims to be a “Patriot” Conservative activist and their father is retired US Air Force Major General Kevin J. Sullivan. In 2008, the latter was caught in a shady deal transferring nuclear fuses via Taiwan, which was hushed-up and sent him into early retirement from the military. He now has a lucrative job brokering military contracts.

Kevin Sullivan is exactly the kind of person who Catherine Austin Fitts saw as being contracted to organize the BLM/Antifa riots we saw over the past year. These riots were so incredibly illegal, the fact that they weren’t shut down suggested to her that those weren’t street revolts, they were an operation.

Fitts says that when Trump wanted to send in troops to Minnesota, the DoD went ballistic. “They behaved like people who had negotiated contracts with private firms for all of this and…had priced it on a very tight Scope of Work [which] did not include doing this in the face of soldiers with guns trying to stop them. That would have blown the price a hundred times and called for a different army…If you look at how Esper reacted, he looked to me like a man who was in on the deal.”

Millie Weaver validated these suspicions when she confirmed three sources who were able to separately identify Kevin Sullivan and claims of his involvement in psychological operations.

Private security contractor, Jason Funes was willing to go on the record to say that the brothers are working both sides of the Conservative a Liberal movements “For their own private agenda,” and that their father, Kevin Sullivan had been in charge of getting Antifa members trained by Syrian rebels and Kurds to commit militant-style attacks on domestic soil.

Another source who chose to remain anonymous said that Kevin wanted to integrate a PSYOP team into his son’s political rallies. A third source recorded a conversation, played here, in which he confronted John, telling him he believes that he was an agent provocateur on January 6th *because* of the fact that his father was involved in psychological operations.

John and James Sullivan are reportedly working on a Netflix movie directed by Bryan Fogel about two brothers on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

Seasoned war correspondent, Michael Yon then analyzes John Sullivan’s video and shows how one agent provocateur, Zachary Alam changed clothes right after Ashli Babbitt was shot. He has since been criminally charged.

Yon analyzes footage taken outside of the Capitol, clearly showing a cell of agent provocateurs using what he calls “Hong Kong tactics”, walkie-talkies and earpieces to coordinate. He calls the people seen at the Capitol the “A-Team of Antifa”, as opposed to the meth heads one normally sees being rounded up in Portland.

Things got even more confusing, when Proud Boy Chairman, Enrique Tarrio instructed his members to dress up like Antifa. After his arrest in DC for transporting two high-capacity magazines, it emerged that he is a “prolific cooperator” with the FBI.

Assets and informants from both sides of the political spectrum, as well as a well-known Ukrainian provocateurs who participated in the 2014 Euromaidan collaborated to create chaos at the Capitol.

Weaver asks, “What are Ukrainians, that participated in an armed revolution in Ukraine doing inside the United States Capitol? You have to ask yourself, is it because the same people that were behind the Ukrainian Revolution are ALSO behind the ‘storming’ of the Capitol?”

Patrick Bergy, a PSYOP veteran of the War in Iraq and a developer of Social Media Psychological Warfare micro-targeting weapon called ShadowNet gives a rundown of what he saw on the ground on January 6th, where saw members of the 91st Cyber Brigade – the same unit with which he was deployed in Iraq and which developed ShadowNet – deployed throughout the area surrounding the Capitol.

He says in 2019, members of this same unit were deployed throughout all of the same states where we saw the worst riots and election fraud in 2020. “This is the exact same weapon I helped develop to destroy the integrity of elections through social media psychological warfare and hacking the voting machines – the exact same capabilities [Robert Mueller] indicted the 13 Russians for, I pioneered and sold commercially for General James Jones, Obama’s National Security Adviser.”

Bergy describes how ShadowNet was used to coordinate assets at the Capitol: “On the 6th, you have a lot of assets that are on the ground and what this does is it provides a common operational picture, allowing you to control the narrative that’s going out to the media – because media are also assets – and it allows you to time out everything on the ground, from the anarchists that are running around, which you are stirring-up, using your social media posts.

“People that you’ve already formed predictive behavior models on, you got them there, they’ve been predictively selected, based on their profiles and their social media, their criminal backgrounds, their medical, their financial – all of those go into making the profiles, where they pick out the particular people on the ground that they want to target and then they just manipulate them in whatever way is necessary. It’s called ‘Reflexive Control.’

“So, you have eyes on the ground, and that information is also being fed into the ShadowNet and instructions can be pushed out, through the ShadowNet to the people down below…

“They took the Taxpayer-funded weapon I helped develop, that was designed to destroy the integrity of an election and then commercialized it, they trademarked it under the name ShadowNet and sold it in the US to influence US elections.

Being interviewed at a hotel in DC on January 6th, Bergy says, “My background’s in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, also. Everything that I’m seeing here are operatives from multiple different countries. They’re looking at this as being huge exposure for us, a vulnerability for us right now that I feel they’ve largely helped create, along with threat actors from our own country…

“So, this whole thing right now, it’s just a big intelligence operation, there’s no two ways about it. Pretty sure that 91st Cyber’s involved with this, which if POTUS hasn’t got that message yet, that’s gonna be a big problem…

According to Bergy, Ali Alexander and the Lincoln Project are assets of the same psychological warfare operation, recognized through their tactics, personas and deconfliction.

As Weaver says, “I don’t think the First Amendment gives protections to military-grade psychological warfare to be used against US citizens, let alone the President of the United States, to influence an election.

General Jim Jones’ Dynology was contracted to use ShadowNet for the McCain campaign and Jones then went on to be Obama’s National Security Adviser, revealing the bipartisan nature of the Military Industrial Complex’s influence over elections.

Weaver says, “With these new revelations, one thing is clear: This same syndicate of corruption is behind the coup against President Trump…So, when the Lincoln Project, founded by 2008 John McCain Campaign managers and advisers called out Ali Alexander, a McCain 2008 staffer by name for organizing the storming of the US Capitol on January 6th before the smoke had even cleared…they demonstrated foreknowledge of a scripted narrative.”

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  • Treason !!!!when someone who was a Lt General in the Air Force directs his sons to deliberately act against our country. All three are responsible for their crimes this is disgusting and sad for all who participated.
    Evil has surfaced and it comes in many forms-WE are also not hearing about our worlds ills because the press is silent. Media forms like this and the Epoch news are the only way to find out what is really happening.
    Well documented information please keep it up!!

  • This is awesome work. You need to make sure you are physically secure because the truth is not friendly to those you expose.

  • Hey, the spiritual folks who elected this ticket are happy now that we have 125k refugees annually, open borders and a cessation of all pending pedophilia cases! Great stuff Uncle Joey.

  • These people are just crazed!In a call for Democracy they became fascist,they have a mass MENTAL disease or just plain-0 psychopaths!Their 1st problem is they think they’re the smartest in the room and we are all to stupid to decide,but this will never be investigated,why would one investigate their own criminal acts.In the end it won’t matter because Demockrocy will prevail/more of US than you and your games up.. #nastyfreaks

  • Alexandra,

    Has my Ancient Druid been targetted as well for the message I left yesterday disappeared immediately?

  • Now if we can get this information out (with supporting documentation) to as many people as possible and as quickly as possible, maybe we can recover something from this dreadful mess the Deep State has left us. Can the legitimate Trump presidency be restored in time? I hope so!

    • The election is over so certain criminals could be “eliminated”and the chain of command used..defiantly get rid of all these little player because they know who they are.Eventually they will throw some of the gang under the bus🙌but that’s the most🎉

  • Check out Miles Mathis’ website under The January 6 “Attack on the Capitol” WAS STAGED. The Sullivan brothers are sons of a former Lieutenant General in the Air Force.

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