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    The Provinces in Canada are drawing the line, defining their exclusive jurisdictions according to the constitution, theirs and Canada’s. Saskatchewan and Alberta lead the charge.

    Alberta’s new premier, Danielle Smith is the Mack!

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    • For crying out loud, would you guys get up to speed on our History and get it through your heads… CANADA DOES NOT HAVE A CONSTITUTION! The Constitution Act 1982 was NEVER ratified NOR enacted! The Meech Lake Accord and the Charlottetown Accord were the two attempts made to get ALL provinces on board so they could get it enacted, but BOTH of those attempts Failed. That means The Constitution Act 1982 is of NO FORCE OR EFFECT. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is an integral part of the Constitution Act… it is NOT a separate document. Therefore IT IS ALSO OF NO FORCE OR EFFECT, and thank God it isn’t. Once everyone comprehends this FACT, we as a nation can then get on with the task of writing our OWN Constitution and put the piece of crap the Trudeau cabal gave us in the shredder, and then use it for asswipe. BTW… that cretin just took the old BNA act, dusted if off, put it in modern language and presented that to us as “our” constitution. It’s Monarchial garbage from start to finish.

      The Federal corporation that is running Canada knows this and just doesn’t care whether we think we have a constitution or not. As long as the masses are in delusion, those criminals can do whatever they want without accountability. We need to step out in the dominion that God gave each man and woman, write our own constitution and arrest every last crook that has participated in defrauding we the people. Treason has been committed against each and every man, woman and child and it’s long past time y’all stopped pretending we have a Constitution and an honest government. We don’t have a government… we have a corporation.

    • Canadians don’t seem to mind romancing communists and other top down ideologues using Canada as kind of toilet for globalist’s sociological experiments.

      If they have an identity, I don’t know what it is anymore. Montreal apparently rules Canada through Ottawa, and I need not remind that the Trudeau family are fundamentally French libertarians with a deep affection for Fidel Castro.

      Justin first attended a French Canadian Jesuit college, then graduated from a French Canadian college with connections to the WEF and Claus Schwab.

      Justin can’t help being who he is, the product of the old world top down dynasties, hostile to the Reformation and religious liberty.

      Americans are hardly any wiser.

      Them as ignores history are doomed to repeat it!

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